Does Nissan Provide Loaner Cars?


Does Nissan provide loaner cars? The acquisition of entitlement is conditioned upon eligibility; thus, lacking entitlement precludes one from obtaining the desired outcome. Some dealerships or repair facilities may provide loaner cars, while others may not. Some have location-specific rules that are always flexible, such as if the repair takes more than a few hours, you …

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5 Used Pickup Trucks You Should and Shouldn’t Buy


Today, I will talk about used pickup trucks you should and shouldn’t buy. I will describe the trucks as small, medium, and full-sized. I’m not going to talk about giant trucks like the F250 or any higher-end model. I’m talking about the typical pickup truck that ordinary people would love to own. Five Best Used …

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10 Best New Electric Vehicles In 2021


You’ve probably paid a lot of attention to electric vehicles lately and seem to confirm what a lot of people have been saying for a while because 2021 really is an EV year. It’s still OK to say that Tesla is currently the leader in the EV space. But even though Tesla is superior in …

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