How to Clean a Car For Spring Quickly and Easily


Do you want to clean a car for spring? Well, are there biotopes under the hood and in the back of your car? This is natural, where the fungus sprouts, rust also appears.  Now is the right time to get rid of the dirt. You will anticipate and prepare everything before starting vehicle painting if … Read more

How To Fix a Squeaky Belt With Soap [100% Works]


How to fix a squeaky belt with soap is not that complicated, this is not a severe problem, but it takes knowledge to fix it. What is a Car Fan Belt? It is a rubber fan to cool the car engine made of imitation rubber and steel. Fan belts serve to rotate various engine components, … Read more

2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Battery Replacement

Today we’ll tell you about the old 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 battery replacement.  So, you’re doing a relatively simple job.  You’re going to replace up the battery in it.  Maybe your battery is more than five or seven years old, and you’re having a problem where the truck sits for days or even weeks while … Read more

What Would Cause the Alternator To Not Charge the Battery?


This time I will explain what would cause the alternator to not charge the battery. So you’ll understand about repair, faulty signs, check the components, and maintain your alternator. The alternator or car dynamo ampere is one of the essential components in a car engine. Sometimes car owners do not care about the feasibility of … Read more

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine Oil Type

Engine Oil Type For 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee With 3.7L, 4.7L, and 5.7L If you have a Jeep Cherokee with a 3.7L or 4.7L engine, the recommended oil type is the SAE 5W-30 viscosity. As for the 5.7L engine, you must use the SAE 5W-20. Both types of oil viscosity will help fuel efficiency and … Read more

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Oil Type For 3.6L and 5.7L Engines

This time we will provide information about the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee oil type for the 3.7L and 5.7L engines. As you know, mistakes in choosing oil can result in sub-optimal engine performance and even damage. So selecting the ideal lubricant for your vehicle is crucial. Oil Type for the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee The first … Read more

How to Diagnose Car Problems and Assess Repair Risks

Is there something wrong with your car but you don’t know where the problem is? This time, I will tell you how to diagnose vehicle problems and risk assessment when repairing. As you know, the automotive system is very complex. But finding faults and fixing them is not a difficult task if you have enough … Read more

Car Cooling System Maintenance Guide

Every car has a cooling system. Some foreign cars, such as rear-engine VW’s, have an air-cooled system that is relatively trouble-free, but most American-made cars and many foreign cars have a combination of liquid and air cooling systems.  Unfortunately, all the heat produced by an internal-combustion engine cannot be utilized as energy. The excess heat … Read more

Medium Task Guide for Car Maintenance

You need to have the proper tools before you attempt most of these car maintenance medium tasks.    However, you can occasionally substitute an all-purpose tool, e.g., a small adjustable wrench, for specific equipment.  I recommend that you buy a set of metric auto wrenches if you have a foreign car or an American car … Read more

Car Care and Maintenance Tips for Winter and Cold Weather

Drivers in northern states where temperatures frequently go as low as 0°F or colder have particular problems. This article will help those drivers recognize and overcome the difficulties.    Car care in cold weather is especially urgent. Check to see that the heater-defroster, windshield sprayer, and windshield wipers are working before cold weather starts.    … Read more