Car Maintenance Schedule by Mileage or Time [A complete Guide]

Car Maintenance Schedule by Mileage or Time

Most of us run our vehicles in different situations every week, and they frequently ask about car maintenance schedule by mileage or time. Therefore, I provide this guide as additional information so that your car is always in the best performance and lasts a long time. Is driving through a worksite during a highway construction …

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Ram 1500 8 Speed Transmission Problems [How To Fix It]


Some people are looking for ways to solve Ram 1500 8 Speed transmission problems, and you might be one of them. ZF 8HP is a very reliable automatic transmission. In many ways, it is pretty revolutionary. About Ram 1500 8 Speed Transmission By introducing extra gears to a gearbox, the goal is to make it …

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Problems With the Dodge 6 Speed Automatic 68RFE Transmission

Today we’ll talk about problems with the dodge 6-speed automatic 68RFE transmission and how to fix it. With 68 RFE transmissions, you can get confused if you have a problem with them as there are many different codes you can get. Some of them are catastrophic codes where you will need to get a new …

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P0123 Dodge Ram 1500 [How To Fix It]


P0123 Dodge Ram 1500 codes are generated via onboard diagnostics when the powertrain computer system gets a signal through the throttle position sensor above the highest threshold for a certain length of time. Whenever the vehicle’s computer gets input through the throttle position sensor that surpasses the maximal point during a certain length of time, …

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