2004 Pontiac Grand Am Key Fob Programming

How To Do 2004 Pontiac Grand Am Key Fob Programming

Following this 2004 Pontiac Grand Am key fob programming, it is essential to remember that any previously used transmitters will need reprogramming.

  1. Ensure all of your car’s doors are closed
  2. Place your key inside the ignition.
  3. While holding down the button, press the UNLOCK button on the panel of the driver-side entrance. You must maintain pressure on the button until step 9 instructs depressing it.
  4. Next, move quickly through processes 5 to 8 in order, starting with step 5.
  5. Ensure your ignition switch is ON, and don’t start your car engine.
  6. Set the switch that controls your engine ignition to the OFF setting.
  7. Next, place the ignition control in the ON mode, but don’t start the engine now.
  8. Set the switch that controls your engine’s ignition to the OFF state.
  9. Depress the button on the entrance panel that locks and unlocks the door. The doors of the car must lock and unlock themselves.
  10. To validate the settings, keep pressing the lock and unlock controls on the transmitter simultaneously until the entrances lock and unlock. You may need to keep holding the lock and unlock buttons for up to a minute.
  11. Perform step 10 again for each extra transmitter, consisting of installed transmitters.
  12. To escape the transmitter configuration setting, turn the key on the ignition into the ON setting so that it reads “ON.”

These directions are given to configure the key fob remote with a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am.

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Before starting the programming setting, ensure that you possess every one of the remotes that you want to use with the car in your control.

Therefore, after you have programmed the new remote, whatever of the previously coded remotes will be removed from stored memory and replaced with the newly configured remote.

If you do not reprogram each of your remotes following the steps provided here, they will remain inoperable unless you do so.

If you have a 2004 Pontiac Montana, here are the key fob remote programming instructions:

  1. Take out the key from your engine ignition.
  2. Take the MALL /BCM PGM fuse out of your fuse box. The suffix MALL or BCM is going to be given to the fuse. To find your “MALL/BCM PGM” fuse in the correct location, consult your owner’s handbook or the explanation printed on the fuse board.
  3. Ensure that all doors are shut, and then place the key inside the vehicle’s ignition. To restart the engine, turn the ignition switch to ACC, first OFF, and finally CC. You will appear in the ACC setting if you quickly through this stage. It would be best to remember that the ACC configuration is where the steering wheel is directed back toward your location and that the OFF setting is where your key can be removed from the ignition.
  4. When you open and shut the door on the driver’s side, the car will sound an alert to indicate that the programming option is active.
  5. Program your remote by holding down the LOCK & UNLOCK controls simultaneously. After successfully programming your car, you will hear a double chime. If you want to connect more remotes to this car, perform this process for each one. A sound could be heard after seven seconds to indicate that the synchronization process was completed. The subsequent sound that follows complete programming will be heard in approximately fourteen seconds.
  6. Take the key out of the car’s ignition.
  7. Place its “MALL/BCM PGM” fuse again into the appropriate place in the fuse board, and then activate your remote.
  8. All of the remote programmings has been finished.

The Programming Procedures for the Keyless Entry Remote Fob for the 1999 Pontiac Grand Am

Many customers are unaware of how they may buy a replacement keyless entry remote for their car, save as much as 70 percent of the excessive rates that dealerships charge, and configure the spare remote to function properly with their car. We realize how satisfying it is to cut costs and complete a project on your own, and our goal is to make this experience as pleasant as practical for you.

Tutorials on In how to Programming Keyless Entry Remote Fob for Your ’99 Pontiac Grand Am

  1. Figure out where the cable is connected that does the programming.
    Find your connector for programming on your trunk’s motorist side. To gain accessibility, you could have needed to take off particular trim. Two ports plus a black and white cable make up the system’s programming connection.
  2. A connector for programming can be jumped to get into the programming option.
    You may “Jump” the programming connection by linking the two ports with a clip or another conductive grounding cable of comparable design. You must ensure that you stay in touch with the metal surface located within every connection port.
  3. Now that you’ve successfully entered Programming Mode, your car will loop through locking and unlocking the doors and will open your trunk.
  4. Hold down the LOCK & UNLOCK controls on the initial remote for fifteen secs during the programming process. Since your remote has been successfully programmed, the mechanism will automatically cycle through locking and unlocking car doors and opening your trunk.
  5. Setup Extra Remote Controls
    If there are more remote controls to be configured, along with functional ones, return to Process 3.
  6. Close the Programming Session
    DISCONNECT the jumper cable from the Connection for Programming to get out of Programming Status.
  7. Try Out Your Remotes
    Every remote SHOULD BE TESTED. The programming of the system has been completed.
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Notices Regarding the Pontiac Key Fob Programming

Before proceeding with these steps, please make sure the:

  • Your car has a keyless entry, and you own another entry keyfob remote that also works with that.
  • Acquire any, including the whole transmitters, for your car’s remotes. Every earlier remote will now be deleted when this operation is completed.
  • Any old and latest remotes used with your automobile must be programmed at this stage.
  • After accessing the programming settings on the keyless entry mechanism, you can delete all stored data by the instructions previously.

How to Program Remote Key Fobs with a Tech 2 Scan Tool

If you want to program your vehicle’s remote key fobs, you may use a Tech 2 Scan Tool. It’s important to note that no customer programming is available, so you’ll need to follow these instructions carefully.

  1. First, ensure the ignition is turned on with the engine off, and install the scan tool. Select “Remote Function Actuation” and then “Special Functions.”
  2. From there, choose “Program Key Fobs” and indicate the number of fobs you want to program. Programing all the transmitters in a single sequence is crucial to ensure they’re recognized by the remote control door lock receiver (RCDLR). If the system is in program mode, all previously programmed transmitters will be erased once it receives the programming signal from the first transmitter. Therefore, ensure you’re not operating or programming the transmitters near other vehicles in the keyless entry program mode. Press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons together on the first transmitter for around 15 seconds. You’ll know the programming is complete when the Power Locks cycle. If you’re programming multiple transmitters, repeat this process for each, up to a maximum of four.
  3. After programming all the transmitters, remove the scan tool and exit the vehicle. Test the programming by attempting to lock and unlock the doors using the transmitters. To ensure correct system operation, operate the transmitter functions in order.

Programming your remote key fobs using a Tech 2 Scan Tool can be done quickly and easily if you follow these steps.

Remember to program all the transmitters in a single sequence, and don’t operate or program them near other vehicles in keyless entry program mode.

Doing so ensures that your key fobs are programmed correctly and that your vehicle’s remote control door lock receiver recognizes them.

Is It Possible for Me to Change the Key Fob Myself?

It may be a very stressful experience if you misplace your vehicle keys or your key fob is thieved. In addition to it as well, the cost of having it replaced or fixed might be relatively high. You have undoubtedly walked by the keyfobs displayed in the nearby store and questioned whether or not they are effective or whether you can remedy the problem on your own.

The key fob can be replaced by utilizing the do-it-yourselves approach. You may pick up a replacement key fob at local retailers or auto supply shops in your area. After that, you may finish configuring the remote by following the instructions for the universal keyless entry programming method.

A Guide to Changing Out Your Key Fob

The next is the simplest way to replace a misplaced vital fob when you still have access to the key for the door.

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The first thing you need to do is go out and get a key fob that is compatible with your vehicle. You may get one of these through your local automobile dealerships (this will be the most costly option) or an automotive parts maintenance shop, or you can buy it online to help save dollars.

The next thing you need to finish is configuring the key fob for your car. Many of the earlier models of automobiles included directions for programming the key fob by yourself, yet most of the latest ones required the assistance of a skilled specialist. Numerous services provide expert programming of automobile keys, including dealerships, car maintenance centers, and locksmithing services.

When you inquire, “May I reprogramme the key fob on my own? ” The correct response is “probably.” But, sometimes, things aren’t as simple as that. While self-programming seems to be an option, sequencing the moment you hit the controls needs to be precise to achieve the desired results. The programming occasionally fails to work correctly on the initial try, and in other instances, it fails even to work well the following time.

This whole process may eat up an extensive amount of time and lead to a lot of frustration. It’s possible that the effort won’t be fair to certain people.

Is It Possible to obtain a New Key Fob?

A new key fob is readily available to you. Programming the key fob has proven to be problematic. Your best bet is to visit a local auto dealership to eliminate the difficulty of manually programing the key fob or paying another person to do the task. They can assist you in obtaining a new key fob for your automobile.

Even while certain automobile service providers may have a reputation for charging increased expenses on such products, verifying with the automobile dealership from whom you got your vehicle is a good idea. Many of them value their customers’ continued support and will offer you a substantial price reduction on an item, such as a replacement key fob if you are one of those customers.

Is it possible for a Locksmith to Create a Replacement Key Fob?

You have to call a car locksmith if you’d like experts to create an entirely new key fob for you and request to set up a time with them. Locksmiths are highly trained specialists who can assist you with the key fob issue. However, if you want assistance immediately, remember that 24/7 locksmiths exist. However, the cost of their assistance would be higher.

Fixing on Key Fobs

Fixing your key fob is often not worth the time or money, so you’ll be better off changing it with a new one. Nonetheless, as you go to the bother of changing a key fob, you should be sure that the issue doesn’t involve the batteries first.

Changing your battery inside a keyfob is simple and inexpensive. That is far less complicated than any of the alternatives!

What Should Be Done with Old Key Fobs

If you are the type of person who routinely misplaces your keys, you probably still have a couple of old keys lying about, even though you may have since replaced them all. You can think about discarding outdated key fobs now occupying empty spaces in a desk or storage.

Recycling remotes should be prioritized mainly if your line of work involves interacting with key fobs regularly, such as if you work in the automotive industry or own a commercial shop that offers key fobs.

Earning profit off of keyfob recycling is possible.
You may trade your key fobs, but at minimum, get a little money out from them rather than letting them rot away on a shelf if you wind up with a lot of extra keys, and otherwise, if, for some reason, you get to accumulate a lot of key fobs.

Recycling Key Fobs Is a Great Way to Help Save Money

By recycling key fobs, you are doing your part to keep the expense of replacing lost keys to a minimum for everybody. In the modern economy, whatever we can accomplish to assist in limiting the growth in prices is something that we should do!

You may even use the additional revenue from a significant recycling program or push to provide savings and freebies or to contribute to a worthwhile purpose if you own a company. These options are all viable options.

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