Tesla Model Y Is the Best EV in 2022

The first-ever Best Electric Vehicle award comes at a time when the availability of mass-market electric vehicles is more on the cusp of a turning point than ever before.

However, new electric cars appear left and right, including several late additions that weren’t available for this year’s voting.

General adoption is still a way off because of the obstacles limiting accessibility, such as affordability, fast public charging, education about range, and more. These problems haven’t been solved, so general adoption is still far away. There are dozens of other models waiting in the wings.

Tesla Model Y: The Best EV For 2022

Our research led us to conclude that the Tesla Model Y is the best electric vehicle currently on the market in 2022. In addition to being a spacious SUV that can tow up to 3,500 pounds, the Tesla Model Y shines as an electric vehicle that is user-friendly to consumers.

It is one of the most successful in easing range anxiety through a surplus of range, an EPA-rated 326 miles for the Long Range All-Wheel Drive version, and practical information on efficiency to advise drivers how to maximize the remaining capacity.

Tesla makes it one of the most effective EVs today. In our experience, Tesla’s Supercharger DC fast chargers network is more remarkable than its competitors. It has also been shown to be more dependable and consistently more rapid than its competitors.

While charging, the effectiveness of the Model Y corresponds to a more excellent range of mph at a comparable power compared to many other electric vehicles. Also, the Model Y can accurately throttle charging to be compatible with various electrical wiring in homes.

It includes a cellular charger that operates at 120 – 240 volts for reasonable charging rates. Additionally, Tesla includes a J1772 adaptor so that anyone may use its unique connector with chargers that are not manufactured by Tesla.

Riding the Model Y seems likely to divide opinions even more: A typical instrument cluster is not there; instead, anything, such as the speedometer, is displayed on a touchscreen in the middle of the dash and measures 15 inches in diameter.

But also, its ride hardness seems more comparable to that of a sports car, in addition to its dynamism; it’s pleasant to drive, which at least makes up for the rough ride. Since the Model Y can receive substantial upgrades wirelessly, faster performance can also be unleashed at the touch of a button for a price of 2000 dollars, thanks to the flexibility of this vehicle.

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We have complemented a few newer electric vehicles to exceed what Tesla has done for years in addition to selling in all fifty states, a condition we did not adhere to when selecting this newest EV winner.

Despite the existence of certain states that don’t do direct marketing, it isn’t preventing Tesla purchasers. We anticipate that it would not end other comparable Electric vehicle manufacturers, who may qualify for this honor in the future.

During the first nine months of 2021, Tesla delivered over 130,000 Model Ys, almost the same number of cars as Subaru Foresters.

As a result, Tesla was able to usher in the introduction of EVs more quickly than any rival models.

I have not yet seen anything that comes near to Tesla’s proven record of leveraging its capabilities to enhance and develop its products, even though most newer electric vehicles have the knowledge and technology for over-the-air upgrades, and several need quick adjustment.

So, many of them are simply endeavoring to catch up to Tesla. For me, Tesla  Model Y is still the best EV of 2022, according to Nice Car, and here is another reason.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E: First Alternative Choice

Since it is primarily physical beauty except for the newest GT models, the Ford Mustang Mach-E borrows influence from among the most legendary emblems in the car industry to inject the EV with a feeling of pleasure.


This inspiration comes from the classic Mustang nameplate.

Becoming a 5-seat, 4-door SUV with adequate passenger and luggage capacity hits the core of the expanding electric vehicle (EV) sport utility vehicle (SUV) industry, and it is offered in different pricing, range, and horsepower variants.

Although the Mach-lowest E’s typical distance of 211 miles stands on the lower end when matched to other electric vehicles’ minimum standard ranges, the Mach-highest E’s anticipated performance of 305 miles is outstanding. Ford claims that non-GT models of the Mach-E take between 4.8-6.1 seconds to achieve 60 miles per hour, while GT models with 480 hp and AWD can reach that speed in as little as 3.5 s.

Despite this, each variant has a unique riding characteristic that makes them seesaw as they travel down the highway. In the cabin, the operations center is a touchscreen measuring 15.5 inches that store most of the functions and operate quite well.

In contrast to the Tesla Model Y, it has an instrument panel in front of the driver that displays the speedometer and various vitals.

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The inside design of the Mach-E is straightforward, and the manufacturing is adequate to make it seem suitable at any price point within its price bracket, which includes the destination charge and ranges from $45,000 to $66,000.

Ford anticipates that 80 percent of Mach-E’s will be outfitted with its BlueCruise scheme, which enables motorists to keep driving hands-free on specific lengths of roadways when both the vehicle and the motorist fulfill the entire standards.

It is significantly different from Tesla’s Autopilot, which is technologically hands-on for the motorist.

2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin: Second Alternative Choice

The first generation of the gas-only Volvo XC40 was introduced for the 2019 design year, and it became a fantastic choice almost immediately.


It emerged as a contestant for our Best of 2019 honors because of its room optimization, straightforwardness, and intelligent functionalities, such as usable integrated trash in the center storage console.

Our commitment to the small Volvo SUV has only grown more substantial due to installing a highly potent electric engine with a pair of motors.

Based on Volvo, the XC40 Recharge Twin would be an awesomely speedy subcompact Crossover that can sprint from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.7 s.

It is made possible by 402 horsepower generated by a 78-kWh battery plus two excellent motors (front and back) for AWD. The EPA-rated range is not the greatest at 223 miles, but it is not entirely efficient, whether in 85 miles to the gallon vs. a Model Y’s 125 mpg-e.

It means it will take other battery juice to commute the identical path length and much longer to recover miles while going to charge. However, the XC40 rolls well, which several other electric vehicles can not do.

The Mach-E or Model Y each has characteristics in the driving dynamics that are oriented towards the stiff side, but the driving experience of the XC40 is quiet and pleasant.

The only candidate not conceived from the beginning to be an exclusively electric vehicle is the Volvo XC40, which also comes in a gas-only configuration.

However, the switch from fuel to electric retains characteristics that made us loves the XC40 in the first place.

The total volume of cargo space has not altered; in fact, it has a little more room now that there is a trunk up front in which the engine used to be.

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