What Is A Quick Order Package On a Dodge Ram?

If you’re asking about the quick order package on a Dodge Ram, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve ever shopped for trucks or seen people talking about swapping different interiors, chances are you’ve come across an additional trim level or package.

Today there are more than just a few different options; it can get wild trying to figure out which one is right for you.

Now we’re going to dive into the dodge and Ram trim levels and what you can expect from the early 2000s because that’s when trim levels start to become relevant to know when shopping for your ram truck.

But before we started about the quick order package on a Dodge Ram, I already knew there would be a bunch of people who would be angry because their base model had a V8 from the factory and not the V6 that all the other work trucks have.

So I’m also just reminding you that I can’t possibly cover every available option regarding Dodge Ram.

Many vehicles can have certain accessories or engine options bespoke from the factory with extras that your base trim level won’t have. So yes, there are a lot of variables, and you get that too.

So take the values ​​as the basis for each trim level. So if you’re looking for one of these trucks and come across one with a few other options, then what I’m talking about is excellent and marvelous; I’m not lying to you.

It’s just that there are plenty out there, and everyone wants a custom option. I think that’s the beauty of it when you can customize your vehicle.

3rd Gen Rams

Now we start with the third-gen Ram. Again, I don’t know which body style or interior is most desirable, but be patient; you should start here for history’s sake.


The third-gen Ram only has a few trim levels, and you’ll be pretty easy to spot the difference.

At the bottom is your ST Ram, which like most base models, will do little more than a work truck. ST has very few comforts, and they only have rear-wheel-drive.

But either way, you’ll get the basics like a vinyl bench, stereo, rubber flooring, excellent air conditioning, and 17-inch steel.

The SXT’s Trim Level

The SXT is the next trim level from the ST and gets a much more standard look as far as the truck goes.

Electrical upgrades on carpets and upholstery, such as power locks, windows, and mirrors.

So if you want what I would consider a standard or typical tier that isn’t too expensive but isn’t a work truck, you’ll want to have the next SLT.

SLT’s Trim Level

The SLT has all the same things as the SXT plus the standard V8 engine option, 17 chrome aluminum accents instead of steel heated mirrors, and an upgraded stereo.

You get things like fog lights and steering wheel control too.

If that’s still not enough for you, and you want the best of the best 2008 offers, you need a Laramie Dodge Ram 1500; that’s all the SLT has.

But waiting with more only in the crew cab or the large cab option, the crop level trim also has leather upholstery and dual climate control.

Sport Package

There is one more trim to talk about in this third-generation era, and it is the appearance package. So I think it’s a bit confusing because it’s more or less an addition to SLT and Laramie.

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It’s a good old sports pack, anyway. But that doesn’t mean you will have the giant racing lines and massive spoilers that will be your SRT-10 ram 1500s.

All Sports packages include bumpers painted to match the grille and lower bumper valence.

Hemi Sports also has a hood scoop, but it’s not as real and functional.

While it’s still not quite as cool as the SRT-10s, you also have other unique edition options.

The Laramie with Sports package will be a step for you with all the amenities, and it also has been painted to match the body parts.

A lot has happened in the technology that had evolved since 2008 when the third-gen went out of style.

The 4th gen expands on what the 3rd gen introduced and gives everyone options for convenience ranging from $22,000 to $46,000 in 2012 for half a ton.

Ram is available with the base model ST for your fleet pickup workhorse with the basics.

Tradesman Trim

The new Trim Tradesman is a work truck but only slightly better for your independent contractor who doesn’t need a super excellent vehicle as it will look second-hand and abused.

However, Tradesman still wants a little more than what ST gives you.

The Express trim is next, and it’s more or less a new version of the XST trim with upgrades to SD trim, including 20-inch aluminum wheels and carpet.

The SLT has cloth seats, excellent radio cruise control, and keyless entry.

SLT also introduces many options for add-ons such as better seat navigation, rear camera, Alpine sound system, towing upgrade, and more.

Next is the Outdoorsman, a truck built to use a rubber floor mat and a 32-gallon gas tank.

You have the Ram Bighorn and the following unique Lone Star that only comes in crew cabs with 20-inches and special badges.

Next up is Sport, which is similar to the third generation. However, it has looks upgrades for the SLT, the 5.7 liter Hemi, and some plush gray seats with contrast stitching that make these things look pretty.

Laramie and 4th Gen Ram

The Laramie, with many of the same features as the third-gen, is one of the best trim levels the Ram offers.


But with the introduction of the 4th gen body style, a new king will be crowned for the top trim level among the Ram, which is the Laramie Limited.

Pre-cab is just feeding off everything Laramie has but better.

Laramie Limited includes custom piping in the seats, french stitched leather seats, dashboard leather, heated rear seats, and all the little details to make you feel like you’re driving a quality truck.

As time goes through the gen 4th Ram, you see the trim levels split a bit, and it becomes almost what the gen 5 Ram is today.

Laramie Limited split up and introduced Laramie, Laramie Longhorn, and now the Limited.

5th Gen Ram

However, the 5th gen Ram base model got away from the ST, and the Tradesman became their new base model.


You’ll love the base model trucks in 2021 because they come with a five-inch touchscreen and rear camera.

I think it’s a legality issue now or something I’m not sure of, but it looks like they have Bluetooth and remote keyless entry too.

I’m pretty sure Bluetooth didn’t even exist when the 3rd gen Dodge went into production.

But after that, there are Bighorns with bumpers, grilles, and chrome wheels.

It also has upholstery with a mix of fabric and vinyl for a slightly more high-end feel and an 8.4-inch touchscreen.

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These things remind you of the SLTs you had in previous generations.

Laramie’s next highest trim, with the sad story of her interior fall. The Ram Laramie is no longer number one but simply an introduction to the luxury you can expect with a new Ram truck.

You already know you’re getting a giant 12-inch touchscreen; that’s cool.

You have an iPad Pro Tesla display installed in your pickup truck. You also have full-screen navigation, 10-speaker audio, a 12-inch display, and 20-inch wheels.

Ram has been using that wheel size since the mid-2000s.

The Sports Appearance package also makes a good style with the Laramie trim level, which has leather-accented seats, black interior accents, plenty of paint to match the body panels like the previous generation, and classic sports decals.

That’s a $2600 package if you’re interested.

After the Laramie continued to improve, the Ram Rebel was introduced in 2015 with a significant overhaul of the face of the Ram to give people a more aggressive option for their trucks.

The Gen 5 is no different with a unique grille and performance hood, and this truck is designed for off-road and equipped with Goodyear’s DuraTrac; those are excellent tires.

You’ve got a smaller touchscreen on the Rebel, but this truck also has things like electronic locking rear depth.

You can see that this trim is meant for some off-road use, and the price of this trim is only a few thousand over the Laramie.

While you have fewer fancy features, you have more usability features that give you functionality. So Ram makes you pay a little more for it.

The Laramie Longhorn delivers more visuals than the Laramie has with its two-tone color options and harsh chrome accents.

Laramie Longhorn is all about the little details and premium genuine barn wood leather.

The Ram 1500 Limited has everything other trims have for their best option but includes a few significant differences to make it stand out.

Ram loves to talk about authentic wood accents, leather, and other stuff.

But I’m more focused on the all-around air suspension, which introduces many opportunities to do anything you could want with a truck.

You lowered it for a lower street look, maximized it for a lifted look, or as needed if you’re off-roading your $60,000 truck for some reason.

I want to see people modify this and put up a 12-inch Kelderman kit adapted into a factory air system or something crazy.

The Limited also has a 12-inch touchscreen and a 19-speaker 900-watt sound system. Although the fifth-gen looks pretty good, and they’re probably my favorite Dodge or Ram body style, you know what I mean.


I finished talking about a quick order package on a Dodge Ram and some trim levels 20 years ago until now. I thought it was pretty cool and crazy to see the Dodge Ram have progress and transitions throughout the years.

The Laramie has gone up and down as new trim levels have been introduced, which shows how much they’ve changed and expanded their trim level options while still maintaining the quality.

Ram stayed true to what they made then.

I’m missing a few options like the TRX, the Power Wagon, and others. But, there are so many options out there, so many special editions.

So if you own a particular truck brand and want to look at the trim level options, let me know in the comments below.

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