Ram 1500 Throttle Body Upgrade is Worth It! (2003-2012, 5.7L Hemi)

Today I will talk about the Ram 1500 throttle body upgrade and why you deserve it. But of course, you want more performance from your truck. So I will also tell you how to increase your Ram horsepower.

Ok, let’s go, so the BBK is a 90mm throttle body that you can opt for as the best way to get bolt-on power without tune requirements, especially if you have a 2003-2012 Ram 1500 equipped with a 5.7 liter Hemi.

Now, if you’ve shopped for bolts on upgrades, you’ve probably seen the BBK is the 85 mm option.

I would recommend that if your truck is currently bone-stock and you don’t plan on doing a lot of mods in the future.

However, if you want to get the most out of your throttle body or do some future mods, and you’re already planning on tuning your truck, you’ll want to stick with 90 mm.

As you can see on the BBK site, they advertise horsepower gains from 12-24 horsepower, which is honestly quite impressive, considering there are no tuned requirements with this throttle body.

Another reason I love the throttle body so much is as a pure bolt-on on the job.

You don’t need to make any special modifications or use any special hardware. It reuses default factory bolts and your factory o-rings if they are in good condition.

Ram 1500 Throttle Body Upgrade Installation

Now I will explain the straightforward installation of the Ram 1500 throttle body upgrade.

So if you want some easy bolts on power, keep reading, I’ll show you guys how to get your new throttle body installed, and I’ll also show you what tools you’ll need.

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The Equipment You Need

To install a new throttle body, you will need the following tools:

  • ratchet standard drive
  • 8 mm socket
  • 10 mm socket
  • long extension
  • air impact
  • spray lubricant 

Steps to install the throttle body on your truck

You’ll need to remove some of your truck’s induction components to get to the throttle body. Here I’m talking about the air assembly.

In this case, you will remove your factory air box.

You don’t need any tools to do that because you need to remove a few metal clips.

Once you’ve done that, you can loosen the intake tube using the 8mm socket and pull it out of the engine cover.

Once you have the air box in the air tube, you can also remove the small engine cover from the air box.

Two 10 mm bolts secure it, one at the front and another just behind the oil fill cap.

Once you’ve done that, remove your air intake temperature sensor.

You can remove the box, expose your throttle body, and work.

Now you can access your throttle body and remove it from your truck.

You will remove the sensor for the stepper motor, and after that, you will remove the four bolts using the 8mm socket.

You’ve removed your factory throttle body and will reuse the gasket that seals it to the intake system.

Now it’s a bit squeezed, so you’ll want to unplug it, spray it down, clean it up a bit, and throw it back in the resonator box before you put a new one in.

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You can spray a bit of a PB blaster or WD-40, as the larger 90mm throttle body makes it a bit of a squeeze.

After that, you can now reassemble your new throttle body.

You also want to ensure that the o-ring on the intake manifold is in reasonably good condition.

Even though yours is a bit old, it won’t be a problem if it’s still clean and well sealed.

You can reuse the four bolts you removed earlier, so you need to use the 8mm socket.

Finally, your new throttle body is in place.

Ensure you install the stepper motor sensor, and then you can put the resonator box back into place.

So you need to tighten the two 10mm bolts you loosened earlier.

You need to tighten your resonator box and make sure you install your air intake temperature sensor.

Once you’ve tightened the resonator case and your temperature sensor back in, you’ll need to reassemble the air tube and top of your air filter. You’ll need an 8mm socket to secure the clamps.

Alright, once you’ve got your intake tubes and screwed up the box, you’re done installing and completing the Ram 1500 throttle body upgrade.

I hope this guide was helpful. Feel free to comment on your experience with your Ram truck or if you have any issues with the throttle body.

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