Front AC Blows Cold But The Rear AC Blows Hot

If you notice that your front AC blows cold, but the rear AC blows hot, then probably one of its systems is not functioning as it should be.

You have two main components: an evaporator and a condenser. Both rely on air to flow through them.

Either of them may be blocked, preventing adequate ventilation.

Inspect the back of your car for any debris, ensure the engine’s cooling fan is working correctly, and inspect the cabin air filter for any dirt.

Additionally, the system’s refrigerant should be allowed to move freely throughout it to function correctly.

Ensure that your compressor is working correctly and that there are no obstructions in your system.

Also, check whether you have the appropriate amount of refrigerant.

Keeping track of the pressure within the system before and after the compressor and the rest of the components is the best way to verify the issue.

If you notice that the pressure is unusually high before a given component but then drops to a deficient level after that component, there is a decent possibility that the element in question has a blockage.

In this scenario, you will likely find a clog in either the accumulator or the condenser.

If your compressor does not have sufficient pressure, you may require a new air conditioning compressor.

If somehow the pressure on the low-pressure part of the system is lower than what would be predicted, the problem is usually simply that the refrigerant volume is too low.

Suppose you don’t have a sufficient amount of refrigerant in the air conditioning system of your car.

In that case, the compressor might not be capable of raising the system’s pressure to a high enough level for the expansion valve to cool the refrigerant effectively, given the increased pressure in your system’s air conditioner and the volatile character of the R-134a refrigerant that is utilized.

It’s common for your system to experience low pressure from time to time due to some refrigerant leaking at unexpected times.

If you discover that this is the cause of your air conditioner blowing hot air, you should install a Red Angel AC Stop Leak in the air conditioning system of your car before you recharge the system. So you can prevent minor leaks in your cooling system.

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How to Fix Front AC Blows Cold But The Rear AC Blows Hot

This solution suits those currently experiencing problems with the car’s air conditioner.

Keep Your Car’s AC Always in Good Operating Condition With Routine Servicing

If driven often, car air conditioners should be serviced once a year or every six months.

Keeping up with routine maintenance for your car’s air conditioning helps extend the life of its components and save money on costly repairs.

Also, it will ensure that you always have clean, healthy air to breathe inside your vehicle.

Always Ensure the Inside of Your Car is Free of Dust and Debris

It would be helpful if you could clean the carpet so that we may use it as flooring in front of the driver and behind the passenger.

When you switch on the air conditioner for the first time, it will emit an awful odor if it is unclean and dusty.

If this process is allowed to continue unchecked, dirt will be sucked further into the evaporator, which will then aggravate mold and small sizes grains to stick to the surface of the evaporator.

This is bad for human lung health and speeds up the rate at which the evaporator leaks.

Use a vacuum cleaner regularly to clean the length of the carpet, or remove it entirely and clean it.

Spray Hard Water Into the Condenser Part of Your AC

The part often sits in front of the radiator and has a form similar to a radiator.

Suppose the dirt or dust that accumulates on the condenser is not removed. In that case, it will continue to harden and eventually create corrosion or porous parts, resulting in a leaking condenser.

If your condenser starts to leak, you must purchase a brand-new unit to take its place.

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Park Your Car in the Shade If You Aren’t Going To Use It For A Long Time

Parking your vehicle for an extended period will require the air conditioner more time to reach the desired temperature.

Additionally, the level of work that the compressor has to do to provide cooling is increasing.

If this occurs repeatedly, the compressor’s pressure will drop fast, and the worst-case scenario is that it will be damaged.

Check the Extra Fan Located in Front of the Condenser

If the fan doesn’t function or runs with poor movement, you should consider taking it to a car AC repair shop as soon as possible so that they may inspect for electrical problems.

If it is broken, you should switch it out with a brand new one right away. Without an extra fan, your condenser will have to work extra hard, accelerating the period at which it breaks down.

If Your AC is Turned ON, You Shouldn’t Smoke Inside The Car

The evaporator may be contaminated by cigarette smoke.

The sticky nicotine of cigarette smoke makes the evaporator grille dirty and difficult to clean.

It also makes it difficult to get rid of unpleasant odors.

When You Use the Air Conditioner, It’ll be Better To Avoid Setting It To The Maximum

Setting your AC to the max dial will keep the compressor running continuously at high RPM. As a result, your car will consume more fuel, and the compressor life will be shorter.

Turn Off Your Car AC first, Then Turn Off the Engine After Driving.

If you don’t do it right, the car battery will quickly run out because it has to power two loads simultaneously, namely the engine and the air conditioner.

That’s how to prevent and fix the problem of a cold front air conditioner but a hot rear air conditioner on your car.

If you have problems with your car’s air conditioner or have other experiences, please share them in the comments.

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