Honda Key Fob Not Working After Battery Replacement [How To Fix It]

Hi guys, I will tell you how to solve the Honda key fob not working after battery replacement and the causes.

A key fob is a handheld electronic device that allows the driver to unlock and start the vehicle from a range.

However, though the battery inside a keyfob is entirely fresh, it is still potential that it might discontinue working in the future.

Why is a Honda key fob that recently had a battery replacement inserted in it still not functioning correctly?

Is battery replacement done correctly for each key fob?

Under certain situations, the program is restarted whenever they transition to a newer digital process.

It occurs pretty regularly. If such a key fob starts losing communication with the car, it may be required to reprogramme it.

It is not challenging to change a battery yourself. First, however, you need to be sure that the batteries you choose are the real deal. Furthermore, be sure to follow every single reasonable step before implementing the changes.

Reprogramming your Honda key fob may be an option if every other solution is unsuccessful; nevertheless, it may not generally be the situation.

It is reasonable to think that perhaps the issue was caused by an improper setup, a malfunctioning key fob, or another cause altogether.

7 Factors That Caused Your Honda Key Fob Not Working After Battery Replacement

Honda is a famous brand in automobile manufacturing, particularly notable for the luxurious SUVs and sedans that reflect the trademark.

Regardless of the reality that every Honda car has a standard key fob, the remote start functionality was introduced to several versions for the 2019 generation.

Modern Honda cars are among the greatest in the business because of their consistency and excellent radius of 400 feet.

Getting a keyfob that does not function is a bad headache due to the many alternatives available.

It’s not the current battery fault, for the most sense, and many of these issues are elsewhere.

It’s possible that once you change out the battery, a key fob will continue not to work.

Within the context of this scenario, there seem to be different things to consider, as follows.

1. Your Honda Key Fob is Broken

There is also the possibility that now your key fob also is just not operating as it should be.

Once you tried to replace the battery on your own, there is a high possibility that you caused harm to either the circuits or even the key.

Everything from the battery connections to the exterior shell, keypad, and so on is a device component. In certain conditions, the issue potentially lies with the unlock button.

In the situation that it is required, either unlock the trunk, or you can push the panic button. If you know that it isn’t working, it is also likely that your key fob’s unlock mechanism is already broken.

If this is the issue, you’ll have to buy a new one.

If no function is given to the keyfob response, that could be a problem.

While you had the battery replaced in the Honda key fob, have you noticed any issues with it? Unfortunately, there is a significant possibility that you have permanently damaged the circuit board.

It would be best if you operate the remote only with proper attention and care at all times. Protecting yourselves from said electronics requires that you use gloves since bare hands are still not safe.

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I’m willing to assume that you are entirely uninformed of how simple it can be to crack your keyfob casing.

It is essential to follow the steps in the operating manual as a general guide worth knowing.

Also, tiny differences can harm the durability of the device’s casing, electrical connections, or circuit boards.

2. Your Key Fob Has Been Reset

To take advantage of your key fob, you need to connect it to your car.

The transmitter, mainly on the key fob, can connect through the receiver device in a car.

Due to such dependence, nobody other than you will be able to access your vehicle, again, not somebody familiar with the make and type of an automobile.

Because of the increased safety qualification, you could find that you are free to sit back and remain safe while in your car.

After you replace the key fob or its battery from a car, connectivity may be reconfigured, which may cause your vehicle not to recognize you.

To enable a keyfob to operate properly well with the car again, you will have to reset it.

If you do not reprogramme the car, you may probably be unable to start it without doing so.

Just one more thing to check: does the key fob for your Honda get a red light that does not function? You’ll likely need to reset the key fob on the car one more time.

This issue is not present in the key fobs that came with the vehicle. However, it is frequent in generic key fobs.

Many of the same challenges face car buyers who purchase used vehicles.

It is an uncomplicated procedure to reprogram a key fob.

You can perform this task with older versions. However, for later types, you will require specific tools and software.

As a result of the above, you could want to get the service of a technician or a Honda dealership to progress. But when opposed to the previous alternative, this will cost you more money.

3. The Transmitter On the Key Fob is Not working

Two parts of the keyfob must be capable of connecting each other to be functional. In this situation, the transmitter is inside the key fob, and its receiver will be in the car.

The pairing will only function if both units exchange signals with one another. When components contact one another, various events take place, such as locking and unlocking the door, starting the automobile, and more.

If either of the two main parts of the key fob gets damaged in whatsoever way, the key fob may no more operate properly.

The transmitter could also be damaged on its inside, for example, by having too weak connections.

A similar issue can also occur with a technical problem with the receiver.

It is therefore highly recommended that you avoid touching the key fob while in this condition.

You may get it repaired by a locksmith, a technician, or the dealership when you are ready to pay out its necessary money.

4. An Installation Error Occurred

Check to ensure that the battery is installed in the appropriate location.

In your owner’s handbook, you can learn every piece of detail that you want on the installation of the battery.

Have you checked to ensure the battery has been installed in the proper position when inserting it?

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There are no symbols on a battery’s positive (+), in contrast to the negative (-) part. Although the (+) side is typically positioned towards the bottom, it is not often the rule.

5. You Are Using Incompatible Batteries

As I suggested, you should refer to the owner’s manual before attempting to replace the battery.

It includes detailed instructions on where to find the correct battery and the procedure for changing it.

Key fobs can fail if they are given incorrect voltages, which would then leave them useless.

You risk damaging its terminals when you attempt to push the battery into the slot.

6. Bad Connection Or Contact On Key Fob

Since you use your keyfob frequently, it could experience significant damage and wears.

Because of this overuse, the interconnections get loose, the circuitry gets weak, and eventually, the buttons start to function strangely.

Gently open up the key fob, and look at the control system and connections within.

When you are not able to discover the issue, one possible solution is to re-solder any connections that are either damaged or loose.

However, if you lack previous expertise working with circuitry, you shouldn’t try this.

Examine the buttons to observe whether or not there’s any problem with the functionality of any of them.

Sometimes, they may require to be moved again into their proper positions.

7. Electrical Problems

In much more extraordinary situations, electrical systems failure in the car could be the source of a key fob stopping functioning following a battery replacement.

It may also occur during maintenance on the vehicle, during which the sides panels and dash have to be taken off and put back on.

Cables become visible as panels are uninstalled.

Unintentionally, throughout maintenance or while the panels are getting placed back on, they may be unplugged or broken.

Inspect for even more electrical issues if this maintenance was recently completed before the key fob began to perform poorly.

The vehicle horn is no longer functioning, the headlights won’t turn on, and various electrical problems might also be associated with key fob problems.

I think the auto locksmith service cannot resolve this issue.

An auto technician is better qualified and equipped to address common electrical issues.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Honda Key Fob?

The price of a key fob for your newest Honda will be around $250. However, it can go up to $500 in some conditions.

But it is also not always the case because it depends on the car’s type, manufacturer, and production year.

In contrast, the cost of an aftermarket key fob is significantly lower. So it shouldn’t cost over 35 dollars.

Conclusion Regarding Troubleshooting Honda Key Fob After Replacing Batteries

A typical individual can change a key fob battery without too much difficulty.

However, key fob reset issues may be brought on by non-OEM parts key fobs.

If any, you might want to get the Honda keyless entry reset. Users can accomplish this in early Honda versions.

However, it cannot be with newer ones.

You might need to contact a Honda dealership or a specialist for additional explanations.

Nevertheless, anyone can attempt to resolve it alone if they understand how to disassemble a Honda key fob well.

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