Dodge Ram Door Lock Actuator Repair

Today I’ll tell you about Dodge Ram door lock actuator repair. For those of you who have a 2009 – 20018 Dodge Ram 1500, here is a guide for you.

The Tools You Must Prepare for Repairing the Dodge Ram Door Lock Actuator

  • Trim clip removal equipment
  • painters tape or masking
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Small screwdriver (flat-blade)
  • T20 Torx driver
  • T30 Torx bit
  • Rachets, extension, and sockets 5-10 mm

Steps to Fix Dodge Ram Door Lock Actuator Problem

Before you can repair the door lock actuator on your Dodge Ram, you may need to remove the door panel and replace or repair the actuator.


How to remove the Dodge Ram door panel

Here’s how to remove the door panels from your Dodge Ram truck.

  1. So you’re going to open the door and remove the cover from the two little hooks that connect to the door panel itself. You can put your hand behind it and pull it up, and see two push pins.
  2. Around the door panel are six Torx t20 bolts, made of a rather odd plastic material. But you’re going to unscrew all those bolts and pull them out. So it doesn’t come out like a regular screw; you must be very gentle and pull it out slowly as the bolt starts to loosen.
  3. Behind the door panel, you’ll see a secret cover. You can remove it with a small flat blade screwdriver, pry it from the top, and it will come off quickly.
  4. Then you will see the Philips head screw once you open the cover. So you will use a Philips screwdriver to remove the Phillips head screw.
  5. To remove the power window switch, you need to use a small screwdriver, slightly pry, and slide it, which will come off very quickly. You will see a small red safety pin, and you can press the tab down and then pull the connector out.
  6. Pull out the panel door to remove it, ensuring you have removed all the bolts around it. Then, all you need to do is lift it straight up on the door panel, and it will come off.
  7. Around the inner plastic door panel, you will find 12 screws or 10-millimeter bolts that you will need to remove. So you will use a 10-millimeter socket and a ratchet. Once you’ve started, you can also pull the bolts by hand.
  8. At the bottom, you’ll also see a speaker with four five-millimeter screws that hold it. So you will use a five-millimeter socket, extension, and quarter rachet to remove those screws. Next, you can pull out your speaker. On the back of the speaker, you have one connector. Just press down on the tab and pull it out and your speaker is now completely detached from the door of your Dodge Ram.
  9. Underneath a secret cover, you’ll find a window regulator that attaches to the glass with clips. All you need to do is connect your power window switch and adjust your window up or down so you can get the clips. Next, you need the ignition and adjust the window up or down. Finally, you want to be able to push those little clips and remove the glass from the window regulator.
  10. The same applies to the speaker hole. So again, you want to move the window regulator down until the glass is directly in front of the speaker opening.
  11. Your Dodge Ram door glass is held in place by two small clip tabs. You can push the two small tabs with a flat tip screwdriver, and the glass will be released from the regulator. You can also do it the same way on the front of the speaker hole. You’d better have a second person hold the glass, so it doesn’t fall and break on the door and could hurt you.
  12. Now you can lift the door glass. After that, you can take enough tape and stick it on both sides of the top of the glass to hold the glass in place. Another option is to remove some of the trim at the top, and you can pull the entire glass out of the door. But that means more work than you want to do. So better get some good tape and put a lot of it all over the windows.
  13. Remove your power window switch to prevent your window regulator from moving unexpectedly, and put your key out of the ignition.
  14. Now you’ll start unplugging all the cables from the plastic panel connected to the door panel. You can use needle nose pliers to get it or the trim panel tool, or you may be able to pull it out directly. First, by pressing their respective tabs, you must remove the trim tabs from the windows, speakers, sensors, power window motors, and three connectors on the module. Next, remove all the blocking cable connections because you will be pulling the door panel out later.
  15. Inside the access panel, you can see two small clips that attach your door handle and key to your Dodge Ram door latch. So you need to remove which works the same way as door handle clips where you pull it, and you can see it locked. You can use a T30 Torx bit to remove the door latch from the door. Once you loosen the bolts, you can quickly turn them by hand. Now you can pull the door panel out, but it’s not entirely detached yet.
  16. The connector for your door lock actuator is at the top of your door latch. It would help if you pushed the red tab, which is the safety, and then pulled it to release it from the actuator. Next, you must remove the rubber grommets before the door panels. Finally, you can separate the entire door panel from your Dodge Ram truck.
  17. The door latch has one of the clips you can press to release. Then if you turn the door panel, you can see there’s another one, and it’s a cable that goes up to the inside of the door handle, so you also need to disconnect it. You can pull the cable out with a small screwdriver, so you need to pry it slightly to pull it out. The door latch is a plastic mechanism with two small clips securing it to the door panel. So you’re going to pull it out by releasing those clips. Once detached, it is completely disconnected from the door panel. Next, If you want to remove the latch from the plastic mounting part, you can slide this little tab up. Then at the bottom, you can bend the tab up and slide it out.
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How to Replace the Door Lock Actuator on Your Dodge Ram

Before you replace it, you will need to purchase the same connector as the old one on your truck, with the same clips, latch, and mounting locations. The following is a guide for the 2003-2008 Dodge Ram 1500 and how to replace the door actuator is not much different from other Dodge Ram.

  1. Reconnect your connector, and screw your actuator back into the door.
  2. Align your bolt holes and install your T30 Torx screws.
  3. Reinstall your interior door handle actuator rod. Reconnect the outer door lock rod, the outer door handle bar, and the inner lock rod.
  4. Move your lower window guides back into place, align, and install your two Torx t30 screws. Next, reinsert the wire harness through the hole and the water dam, and align the corners.
  5. Insert your interior door handle through the water dam, and press all the adhesive back into the door. Next, reconnect the mirror motor connector and harness holder to the inside of the door, replace the speakers, and reconnect the connectors.
  6. Replace your four Phillips head screws, reattach your interior hook rods, clamp the retainers, and replace your two ten-millimeter nuts.
  7. Remove the door lock bezel by pushing from behind, replace the two window switch connectors, align the tabs on the door panel, slide the door panel into place, and snap the door lock bezel back into place.
  8. Replace your four-door panel screws. Hold your screws in place for interior grips, straighten, and tighten.
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That’s how to remove the door panel and how to replace and repair the door lock actuator on your Dodge Ram.

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