Honda Smart Key System Warning Light Reset [Fix It 100%]

Honda Smart Key System Warning Light Reset

When the warning light for your Honda Smart Key is ON, there are two possible causes, namely:

  1. Problem with your remote key
  2. Problem with your Engine Start/Stop button.

How to Solve the Warning Light Problem From the Honda Smart Key

I will explain how you can solve the warning light indicator of your Honda Smart key.

You can try the first method by resetting the remote key first.

But if you already reset the Smart Key and it doesn’t work (the warning light is still there), you need to repair or replace your engine Start/Stop Button.

Reset the Honda Smart Key System to Fix the Warning Light

Following are the steps to reset Honda Smart First, make

  1. Make sure the condition of your car engine is OFF. Then, using your hand, hold or place your remote key on the engine’s START/STOP button.
  2. Press the engine START/STOP button once to enter ACC mode.
  3. Press the engine START/STOP button again, hold for about 5 seconds, and release.
  4. After that, press your brakes, start the car engine, and your Smart Key warning light indicator disappears.

But if in this way, you have not succeeded in solving the warning light problem from the Smart Key, then you need to check the START/STOP button of your engine.

Fix or Replace Your Engine Start/Stop Button

To repair or clean the Honda engine’s Start/Stop button, you must first remove it from the vehicle.

So if you are not sure to do it, you better leave this task to a professional technician.

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But if you have experience doing so, you can clean your engine’s START/STOP button.

Here’s how to do it:

    1. Remove the START/STOP engine button from your vehicle (I assume you already know how to do it).
    2. Use a small flathead screwdriver to open the back of your START/STOP button, and you’ll get the connector.
    3. Clean the connector part by scrubbing it carefully with a rubber eraser.
      part of start-stop button
      clean round metal parts
      Clean the round part


    4. Reassemble the parts and replace your car’s START/STOP button. Then you can check whether the warning light key has disappeared? If yes, then you have successfully fixed it. But if the warning light has not disappeared, you can consider replacing your Honda car engine’s START/STOP button.

Besides how to replace the battery, I hope the information on how to solve the warning light problem on the Honda Smart Key can be helpful for you. If you have a similar experience, please comment!

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  1. Hi. I’ve made how you recommended and reset the key (1-st method). But the car is not starting the engine now. What do I need to do? How is roll it back?
    It is a big problem for me now. Help pls


  2. Hi. I’ve done all manipulation according to the first approach. But the car isn’t starting the engine now. What have I to do? How can I roll back it? Or reprogramming?
    The car doesn’t work after this


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