Custom Painted Headlights [A Complete Guide]

Custom-painted headlights are an affordable way to improve the look of your car. They’re also a great way to show off your personality.

Why You Need Custom Painted Headlights

There are several reasons you might want to customize your headlights, such as:

You’re tired of looking at those boring factory lights.

If you’ve ever looked at the stock headlights on your car, you’ll notice that they’re not very attractive.

They’re often quite bland and uninteresting. That’s why custom-painted headlights are such a popular option.

Unfortunately, they don’t match your car’s exterior color.

Stock headlights are usually white or silver. Unfortunately, they don’t blend with the rest of your vehicle’s paint job.

As a result, they tend to stand out more than they should.

Custom-painted headlights, however, come in a variety of colors. These include:

  • black
  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • yellow
  • orange
  • purple
  • pink
  • gold

Your headlights look cheap.

If you’ve seen a car with stock headlights, you’ll understand why custom-painted headlights are so much better.

They look classy and professional and also make your vehicle look unique.

You won’t find another car with these lights anywhere else.

Your headlights make your car look old

Stock headlights are dull and outdated.

They’re not very attractive and don’t fit well with modern cars.

That’s why custom-painted headlights are such an improvement.

They give your car a more stylish appearance, and they stand out.

The headlights are just plain ugly.

You’ll understand how bad they look if you’ve seen stock headlights.

They’re usually white, grey, silver, or black.

They’re also often too small and too close together. It makes them hard to see at night and blend into the background.

Different Types Of Headlights Bulbs Explained

There are many different types of headlight bulbs available on the market today.

Knowing what type of bulb you need for your vehicle is essential, so you don’t buy one that doesn’t fit your car.

Headlights bulbs come in many different shapes and sizes.

Some lights use halogen bulbs, while others use xenon bulbs. The most popular bulbs are those used in high beams.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID)

HID bulbs are more potent than halogens and xenons. As a result, they produce much brighter light and last longer.

However, they also cost more. If you’re looking for a bright, long-lasting headlight, then an HID bulb might be correct.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider using halogen bulbs.


Halogen bulbs use less electricity than HID bulbs but aren’t as efficient at producing light.

They are typically used in older vehicles with low power consumption requirements.

HID bulbs are more expensive than halogens, but they provide better performance.

HID are typically used on newer vehicles with high power consumption requirements.

Halogen bulbs are the least expensive option, typically found on older vehicles.


Xenon bulbs are the most energy-efficient bulbs available.

They are typically used only on luxury cars because they require a lot of power.

Xenon bulbs are slightly more expensive than halogens but produce much brighter light.

Xenon is typically only found on luxury vehicles.

LED Bulbs

LEDs are the newest option for headlight bulbs.

They are incredibly bright, last longer than any other bulb, and are inexpensive.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)

CFL bulbs are made with a compact fluorescent lamp inside.

It allows them to produce a lot of light while using little energy.

However, CFL bulbs are still relatively new, with some concerns about their safety.

In addition, CFL bulbs tend to break easily.

How To Choose Custom Painted Headlights For Your Car

Choosing the proper paint-matched headlights for a vehicle is an important decision.

Read on to learn more about what to consider when choosing the perfect set of lights for your ride.

Choosing the proper custom headlights is essential to any car owner’s routine maintenance.

The suitable headlight bulbs will improve visibility in low light situations and safety by making it easier to see other vehicles and pedestrians at night.

The Style of Headlights You Want.

There are two main styles of headlights available – halogen and HID (high-intensity discharge).

Halogen headlights use a filament bulb that emits a bright white light. They are inexpensive and easy to install but do not offer much brightness.

On the other hand, high-intensity discharge headlights use a xenon gas tube that produces a brighter light than halogens.

These headlights are expensive and require professional installation.

The Color of Lights You Want

If you are looking for a new set of headlights, there are several things to keep in mind before making a purchase.

First, you should determine whether you want a clear or tinted lens.

Clear lenses allow you to see through them, while tinted lenses block out some of the light emitted by the bulbs.

Next, you need to decide between halogen and HID lighting.

Halogen headlights use a tungsten filament bulb that emits a very bright light but are also very inefficient.

High-intensity discharge headlights use a Xenon gas tube that produces a much brighter light, but they are more expensive and require professional installation to work correctly.

Finally, it would be best to think about how much light you want to emit.

For example, do you want to ensure you can see it at night? Or would you prefer a lot of light to see better during the day?

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The Size of Lights You Need.

There are two main sizes of headlights available – small and large.

Small headlights are typically used for cars with smaller engines, such as those in compact vehicles.

Large headlights are usually used for larger vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs.

The Shape of Lights You Want. (Round or Square)

Drivers often prefer round headlights because they provide better visibility than square ones.

However, round headlights also tend to cast shadows onto the road, making them less desirable for night driving.

Are Custom Headlights Worth Buying?

The answer to this question is yes.

Custom headlights are worth buying! They provide better illumination of the road ahead and give your car or truck a unique look sure to turn heads.

Whether you are looking for a new set of headlights for your daily driver or want to add some style to your show car, custom headlights are a great way to do it.

Some believe custom headlights are worth buying because they offer better illumination than factory headlights.

Others believe that custom headlights give a vehicle a more unique and stylish look. But, ultimately, the decision to buy custom headlights is up to the individual buyer.

Custom Painted Headlights Maintenance

Custom-painted headlights are affordable, but with these tips, you can make them last a lifetime.

1. Clean your headlights regularly

It is always a good idea to clean your headlights. The build-up of debris on them can reduce the amount of light that gets through. However, this can be dangerous for you and other drivers.

2. Protect your headlights

If you live in an area with many trees, you might consider protecting your headlights.

You can do this by putting a clear film over them. It will help to keep it from getting scratched or cracked.

3. Don’t use harsh chemicals

When you are cleaning your headlights, don’t use any harsh chemicals. These can damage the coating on the headlights and make them less effective.

4. Check for cracks

If you notice any cracks in your headlights, you should get them fixed as soon as possible. Cracks can cause the light to scatter and make it difficult for you to see.

5. Replace your headlights

If your headlights are more than five years old, you should consider replacing them because the materials they are made of can degrade over time.

Easy Tips To Match Your Headlights With Paint

We all know that headlights are the first impression of your car. And headlights must be bright and spotless.

But, it can get dull, dirty, and yellowish with time. 

It is a prevalent problem. But, you must know that yellowish headlight means dim headlight and low visibility.

So. it is a threat to your and others’ safety.

We all know that many cars have different paint and headlight.

So, it isn’t easy to match the headlight with the car’s paint. But, it is not impossible.

You can match your headlight with the paint of your car.

But, you must know that it is not as easy as it seems.

You must know how to match the headlight with the car’s paint, so follow these tips.

Pick up the correct paint.

You must know that your headlight is made up of plastic.

So, you must pick up the correct paint.

You must pick up the paint, which is:

  • perfect for plastic and your headlight
  • has UV protection
  • durable
  • easy to apply
  • easy to remove

Apply primer

You must apply primer. We all know that primer is an essential part of the process of painting. It will help you use the paint evenly and smoothly without any problem.

Apply paint

You must apply the paint evenly and smoothly.

But also, you must remove your headlights paint if:

  • You think it is necessary
  • You are not satisfied with the results
  • It is not matching with the paint of the car
  • You have applied paint in the wrong way.

You need to use paint again if you have removed it.

We are sure you will be able to match your headlight with the car’s paint.

But, you must know that it is not an easy task and is very important for you.

Matching your headlight with the car’s paint will make your car look more attractive.

Steps to Customize Your Paint Headlights With Spray Paint

You can paint your headlights with spray paint.

Most headlights are made of polycarbonate plastic.

It is the same material that has been used to make bulletproof windshields for a long time.

Polycarbonate plastic is very durable, which is why it is used in bulletproof windshields.

Here are the steps:

  1. Paint the sealant
  2. Paint the lenses in your choice of color.
  3. Let the paint dry for about 5 minutes.
  4. Paint the lenses in your choice of color.
  5. Let the paint dry for about 5 minutes.
  6. Apply a second coat of paint (optional)

If the paint on your headlights is cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, restore them to glossy, bright glory with some headlight paint.

Headlight restoration is a simple process that anyone can learn, and the results are a set of headlights that will look just like new.

How to Open Your Headlights

Before we ever start anything on opening these lights, you need to preheat our oven.

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1. Preheat your oven to 104 Degree Celcius

Correct oven temperature is essential in this job.

So it would be best to preheat the oven until it reaches the specified temperature.

It would help if you had a good oven with good and stable temperature control.

Otherwise, it gets hot faster than your desired temperature at high levels and may melt your lamp.

It can be a costly stupid mistake when your expensive headlights melt.

Remember, you only need to heat the glue along the edges of the lights; you don’t want to melt anything.

Never use the oven for certain lamps or new lamps that have small circuit boards in them with solder and items that have lead in them.

You don’t want to put it in your regular family oven where you cook food because that’s not good.

So only use the oven if you have an older lamp, not the latest brand like a new BMW.

2. Remove every screw holding the lens

You will need to remove some of the screws holding the lens in place.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to remove the lens if you try to put it in the oven without removing it first.

Note that some of the suitable screws are hidden because they are sealed.

So be careful when you remove all the screws to make sure you remove them all.

3. Set the light on blocks of wood

Some people use metal cookie sheets instead of wooden blocks. Don’t do that. You risk melting the bottom of your lights and regret it.

4. You Don’t Have To Remove All Bulb and Wires

You don’t need to remove the bulbs on the inside, top, and bottom as they can operate at higher temperatures.

An oven temperature of 104 degrees Celsius will not cause the bulb to burst.

But make sure they don’t sit on metal. Instead, you want it to sit on wooden blocks.

Heat the headlights in the oven for 7 minutes at 104 degrees Celcius.

5. Can You Use a Heat Gun as an Alternative Tool?

Ovens are best, but you have options as you can use a heat gun.

But there are some downsides and pitfalls, even if you use a heat-adjustable gun.

The problem occurs when you try to heat the glue that holds the lens evenly together.

When you use a heat gun around a lamp, you never maintain consistent heat in each section.

As a result, the entire seal is not heated evenly.

It only gets a hot one spot at a time, which means later, when you start prying it, it won’t come off evenly.

There will be places that will fight you more challenging than others.

So I don’t recommend using a heat gun as it can cause more problems and be more difficult overall.

6. Use Heat Resistant Gloves

For safety reasons, you want to use heat-resistant gloves when taking out your oven headlights. 

Also, provide a pad as a base, so the surface is not slippery when you put the headlight on it.

7. Don’t Pry Butyl Sealed Lights With Tools Like Flathead Screwdriver

Never pry a sealed light with a tool like a flat head; that’s a big mistake.

What you’ll want once you’ve resealed it is that you want the inner lamp to seal back perfectly and without having a lot of marks and pry holes.

If there are a lot of prying marks or anything that could allow moisture to get in, it will cause condensation you don’t want.

You need to use the lens point where it is pushed into place on tiny taps, and you can separate it with your two hands.

8. Bend Up The Tabs While They Are Still Hot

Focus on all the little tabs, which will be a lot different than if you pryed it out with a few screwdrivers.

Find a spot with no tabs or something you can separate with your two hands.

Be careful; you don’t want the butyl rubber glue to get on the excellent shiny parts inside.

9. Slide The Lens Straight Forward

Remove the entire lens by pushing everything forward while keeping the back closer.

You can pull it towards you and ensure it doesn’t try to sit back down to its original position.

Be careful when doing this. You don’t want to damage anything from your headlights.

10. Catch The Butyl Glue String

Next, you must keep the butyl glue strings from sticking and contaminating the rest of your headlights. You can pick up the butyl glue strings using a screwdriver or whatever you find easy.

Tip for you: If you intend to leave your headlights open for a long time, you can put the lenses back in place after removing the insides.

But if the lamp has a big hole, it won’t completely cover everything.

You will need to wrap the lens to ensure it is completely covered. That way, no dust or anything crawls inside while modifying the lamp.


Custom-painted headlights can be an alternative to choose when you want an attractive appearance on your car or to overcome shortcomings in stock headlights.

You can paint your headlights yourself, or you can hire the services of a professional for this job.

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