Changing the Honda Key Fob Battery [Simple Steps]

Changing the Honda key fob battery isn’t hard as you think.

However, first, make sure you have a new essential fob battery to replace it.

Easy Steps to Replace Your Honda Key Fob Battery

In this simple tutorial, I’ll give you quick steps on how you can replace it quickly, as follows:

1. Find the small latch on the side of your key fob


2. Press the small latch with your thumb and then pull and remove the key (If you’ve got a more recent model of the Honda car, you need to take out the metal key housed inside the casing).

3. When you look inside, you will find two plastic nubs. 


Press the part between the two plastic nubs by using the end of the key.

Then you can turn the key to get a little slit open from your key fob.

Next, use both your hands to open the key fob easily.

4. You will find your key fob battery. Remove the battery using your thumb and forefinger.

5. After that, you can replace it with a new one.

CR2025 is a Honda battery key fob

Make sure the battery’s positive (+) mark is facing up when you install it.

6. Replace the two parts of the key fob cover and press with your hands until it closes completely.

7. Finally, re-enter the key fob key that you previously removed.

If you accidentally drop that part of the key fob when you remove the battery of your old Honda key fob, then some pieces will come off.

But don’t worry because you can easily reassemble the parts. The order of installation from top to bottom is:

  • Lock button
  • Unlock button
  • Trunk button
  • horn button

After that, attach the button holder with the longer side facing down and the curved side facing the button.

Then, you can install the rubber cover and install it snugly and easily.

Do This After You Replace Your Key Fob Battery

After successfully replacing the battery in your key fob for your Honda, you will need to check it to help ensure that it is still functioning correctly.

So, if your Honda doesn’t respond to the instructions from the remote, try opening your key fob again. Double-check, is the battery pointing in the right direction?

Check to see whether each connector also establishes the connection to the battery. If the problem persists, you will likely need to re-program the key fob to the Honda vehicle.

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Programming the Honda Key Fob Is Also Quite Easy

You will be glad to learn that re-programming the Honda key is just a simple job. However, sometimes you need it in the situation following changing your old battery in your key fob.

Try reading these steps below first. Once you understand that, you are ready to program your Honda key fob.

  1. Step inside your Honda, and make sure that you close all the doors perfectly. Ensure that you have the key and remote fob nearby so that they can be programmed.
  2. After inserting your key, turn until it stops at the ON state. After that, for 1 second, hold and press your Lock button.
  3. After releasing the button, you can turn your key until it reaches the OFF state. Then, do the same procedure two more times.
  4. After that, the doors of your car will be locked and then open automatically. Finally, the vehicle will enter the configuration for remote programming once the locks have completed their rotation.
  5.  Again, for 1 second, hold and press your Lock button. Your key fob is correctly connected with the car when the locks go through their cycle. It is necessary to redo the step for each extra fob that has to be programmed.
  6. To be the last step, terminate the condition for remote programming by switching the key inside the starter to the OFF setting.

Also, read how to program the Ram key fob.

Key Fob Batteries Are Cheap and Easy For You To Get

It won’t cost you more than a couple of bucks to get a CR2025 battery, regardless of whether you look for it at a retailer specializing in automotive components, an equipment retailer, or others in your nearby area.

It is always best to be prepared for the worst if your key fob battery runs out while you are out and about. So you always want to carry a stock of flat round batteries that operate at 3 volts.

Why Your Key Fob Still Doesn’t Work After You Replaced The Battery?

Replacing the battery in the key fob is perhaps the simplest thing to do if it fails to work.

But, depending on the situation, changing the batteries isn’t always the best answer to the issue.

Therefore, although following battery replacement in the key fob, it’s possible that the problem lies elsewhere.

Take extra precautions when working with the key fob circuits because this is the initial stage in correcting the issue.

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Mostly don’t put your fingers anywhere near the circuits of your key fob when you aren’t experienced in working with electrical equipment.

The pushbutton on a vehicle key will eventually wear down as time goes on, which is inevitable.

When you press the button, the interactions transmit signals to the circuit boards so they may follow the instructions.

The key fob buttons will eventually wear out, leaving a space between them and the contacts.

Frequently pushing the buttons on your fob is among the quickest processes to tell whether the key fob buttons are still functioning or not.

Examine the following scenarios to see if one of them relates:

  1. Some buttons, or even all, can only be activated by pressing them in a particular sequence.
  2. Only one of the buttons is active, while the others are not.

If somehow the material (plastic) that protected your key fob is broken off, you likely have an issue with your vehicle remote.

You can try to open your key fob with simple equipment and inspect it for damage on contacts or buttons that aren’t oriented correctly.

But, when it doesn’t succeed, you will need to change your key fob.

Following replacing the battery in your vehicle remote, there is a chance that it will no longer operate because of the lock issue.

Examine the vehicle regarding any of such symptoms to determine whether or not the locks or doors have problems.

Several things, such as moisture and fractures, can harm your key fob.

The key fob may be broken if it stops operating after you accidentally dropped it in liquids or when you try to open it.

You can check using a spare key or check whether the keyfob button can be pressed or not.

The remote will likely reset when you replace the key fob battery.

If you push particular icons on your key fob, it is also possible to reset it.

Therefore, the inability of the key fob to function correctly is also a clear indication that your key fob has been reset.


You can replace the Honda key fob battery quickly and easily.

Apart from that, you can also get key fob batteries for cheap, which are almost everywhere.

You’ll need to program your key fob after replacing the battery, and it’s not that hard either.

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