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2022 Ram Tow Assist Kit Option


The 2022 Ram tow assist kit is a new option for the truck.

You can have an innovative and excellent system designed to help drivers tow large loads quickly.

The tow assist kit includes a rear-view camera, sensors, and a controller that work together to help drivers make tight turns and navigate around obstacles while towing.

Therefore this new option is sure to be popular with Ram truck owners.

Now you have the perfect solution for anyone who needs to tow a large load but feels uncomfortable doing so.

With the help of this system, drivers can feel confident and in control while towing their load.

The 2022 Ram tow assist kit is a new product designed for the latest model year Ram truck that will provide an extra measure of safety for drivers in emergency towing situations.

In addition, the system provides an audible warning to the driver when it is activated.

So, this new product is just one more example of how Ram trucks are committed to safety, and this new product is just one more example.

Initially, Fiat Chrysler (FCA) announced it in May of 2019 as a solution to the problem of vehicle fires caused by towing.

According to FCA, tow truck drivers are at an increased risk for fire when using traditional methods of towing a car, such as using a chain or strap.

FCA’s Ram Tow Assist Kit is designed to help tow truck drivers avoid these fires by using electric power to tow vehicles instead.

The kit is available on all Ram 1500 pickups, Ram 2500, and 3500 heavy-duty pickups.

Ram Tow Assist kit includes a Class-4 hitch receiver, a 6.5-foot electrical cable, an on/off switch, an LED light bar, and a vehicle wiring harness.

The kit provides a 500 amp current draw to the towed vehicle’s battery, enough current to start the engine.

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Tow Assist Kit Specs

The 2022 Ram tow assist kit is the most advanced towing system.

It is a completely integrated system that uses cameras and sensors to help drivers maneuver large trailers and RVs.

All Ram pickups come with the technology as a factory-installed optional.

Ram tow assist kits are available in three different weight ratings: 2,000 lbs., 4,000 lbs., and 7,500 lbs.

A rear-view cam is included in the tow assist system, giving the driver an excellent vision of the trailer or RV behind them.

Sensors are also used by the device to identify objects and assist the driver in avoiding them.

In addition, the exclusive trailer brake controller provides more consistent braking when towing a trailer.

While we cannot be sure what the 2022 Ram Tow Assist Kit will entail, we can make some educated guesses.

Ram has been releasing updated tow assist kits every few years, and the trend has been towards more and more automation.

We can expect the 2022 kit to include features like:

  • Automatic brake activation based on sensing obstacles in the path of the towed vehicle
  • Remote steering to help navigate the towed vehicle around tight corners or in windy conditions
  • An automatic system that adjusts the braking and steering of the towed vehicle in real-time

Advantages of Using the 2022 Ram Tow Assist Kit

The kit is available as a factory-installed option or a dealer-installed option as a new technology introduced for the 2022 model year.

So, drivers will have a system that aids them in towing and helps to make the process easier and safer. 

Therefore, it will enhance the rear-view camera and becomes active when the vehicle is in tow mode.

Ram tow assist kit is a device attached to the front of a truck that pulls vehicles out of tough spots.

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It’s perfect for people who don’t have the time or money to call a tow truck.

You can use this device to pull cars out of ditches, snow, and mud, which is easy to use.

You need to attach it to your truck and then use the remote control to pull the car out of the spot.

The kit comes with wireless remote control, so you don’t have to worry about getting close to

How does it Work?

The Ram Tow Assist Kit consists of sensors placed on the bumper of the towed vehicle.

Sensors communicate with the Ram truck and send information to the truck’s computer.

So, based on this information, allow the Ram truck’s computer to control the towed vehicle’s steering.

The kit will include a pair of side-view cameras, mirrors, and sensors to detect other vehicles on either side of the truck and automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

The kit consists of four sensors mounted on the corners of the trailer.

These sensors send information to a central processor, sending instructions to the truck’s steering wheel to help the driver keep the trailer in line.

Prices of Ram Tow Assist Kit

Ram has announced the pricing for the Tow Assist kit for the 2022 model year.

The kit, designed to help drivers tow heavy loads, will be available for $995.

The 2022 Ram tow assist kit is an excellent option for anyone who wants an easy-to-use and reliable towing kit.

It can be installed in minutes and makes towing a breeze.

The kit includes a tow bar, safety chains, electrical connector, and storage bag, and the price of the equipment will vary depending on the weight.


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