2017 Nissan Maxima Windshield Pillar Trim

The 2017 Nissan Maxima windshield pillar trim adds a touch of luxury and aggressiveness to a sporty and elegant car.

It is available in two different styles: chrome and gloss black.

The chrome-style gives the car a more luxurious look, while the gloss black style gives it a more aggressive and bold appearance.

The two trim pieces on either side of the windshield are made of a resilient acoustical material intended to absorb road noise and create a more serene driving experience.

In addition, the trim is textured to improve the car’s appearance from the outside and match the look of the other exterior accents.

What is The Windshield Pillar Trim?

The windshield pillar trim is a plastic or chrome strip that goes around the front and sometimes sides of the windshield pillars on a car.

It is used to cover up and protect the car’s metal frame, between the windshield and door, and add a touch of style or color to the vehicle.

Most cars have windshield pillar trim, although some models do not.

On the marketplace, you can choose from various kinds of trim for the windshield pillars.

Many of them are constructed out of metal, but some are made of plastic.

There are also a variety of designs and colors to choose from.

Nissan Maxima Windshield Pillar Trim

One of the most distinctive features of the Nissan Maxima is the pillars that run along the sides of the windshield.

These pillars are trimmed in a shiny, chrome material that pops against the dark paint job of the car.

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The pillars on the Nissan are an essential component of the car’s structural architecture.

It maintains the balance of the windows and helps the structure’s overall stability, particularly of the roof.

The windshield is kept in position by the A-pillars, located on each side of a vehicle.

These pillars also link the top to the frame.

The left and front exterior A-Pillar trim panel is a stylistic component attached to the outer frame and extends around the dash to the upper end of the windshield.

The piece contributes to the overall look of the Nissan.

It is in sightline while users are driving, so they will be aware of any deterioration in its appearance.

The beautiful appearance of your Nissan may be diminished if the A-Pillar Trim Panel is broken, discolored, dented, or scraped.

If you decide that the way it looks is no more appealing to you, it is probably better to get a new one.

Taking off and putting back on the A-Pillar trim piece on your own might be challenging if you are not very experienced with automotive.

You can bring your Nissan Maxima to the nearest service shop to ensure that the replacement is carried out correctly.

You are worried about how your Nissan looks in a broad sense.

Maintaining the outstanding aesthetic of your car may be as simple as giving it a refresh with a stylish, unique exterior trim panel that is color-matched to the body.

Dealing with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components built specifically for a Nissan Maxima is an excellent process.

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So, you can discover the proper suitability and design for an appearance that flows together.

Nissan has come out with a new trim covering the windshield pillar for the Maxima.

It is an excellent feature because it makes the car look sleeker and more aerodynamic. It also provides more privacy for the driver and passengers.

The new trim is made from a very high-quality plastic that is strong and lightweight.

It is also effortless to install and can be done in just a few minutes.

The Nissan Maxima windshield pillar trim is a great way to add style and personality to your car.

It’s available in various colors to match your car’s paint job, and it installs easily with no tools required.

The Maxima windshield pillar trim is the perfect way to customize your car and make it stand out from the crowd.


The 2017 Nissan Maxima windshield pillar trim is around $170 – $220, but also you can get a good discount for this purchase.

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