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2004 Dodge Durango Front Control Module


The 2004 Dodge Durango front control module is a component that contains the functions of the steering wheel, the turn signal, and the horn.

The module is also responsible for controlling the high beams and fog lights.

It has an integrated memory that stores information about when to turn on headlights or taillights or activate the windshield wipers in case of rain.

It is a standard OBD II module, which means you can read it with a scanner.

The good news is that the problem is easy to fix, and you need to replace the front control module.

The 2004 Dodge Durango is a great car. It’s stylish, comfortable, and perfect for a family.

On the other hand, you may face a couple of situations that potentially go wrong with it.

The front control module is responsible for among the top frequent issues.

The module controls things like the power windows, locks, and sunroof.

It can be difficult or even impossible to open those features when it goes out.

What Is a Car Front Control Module?

The car front control module is a system that manages the various controls in the car.

It can include the steering wheel, pedals, and other controls in the car.

Also, front control modules are an essential part of a car’s electrical system, a computer responsible for controlling the front of the vehicle.

It will be responsible for managing and distributing power to all of the other electrical components in the car.

Overall, it includes the engine, air conditioning, radio, and other features.

The module is usually located in front of the dashboard and can be accessed by removing a panel.

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Symptoms of a Bad Front Control Module

The 2004 Dodge Durango comes with a front control module responsible for various vehicle tasks.

Moisture can damage your car’s front control module, including when water gets into it, an electrical short, or when it experiences a power surge.

When this happens, the following symptoms may occur:

  • Your headlights will not turn on
  • There is a problem with the windshield wipers
  • It’s possible that your engine won’t start
  • The parking brake may not release

If your car’s front control module is not working correctly, it can cause many problems.

You may not be able to start the engine, the air conditioning may not work, or the radio may not function.

It is crucial to have your front control module checked and repaired if it is not working correctly.

The car front control module will manage section headlights, windshield wipers, and power steering.

Since it contributes to your safety while driving, it is among the essential components found in a vehicle.

If it fails, you may be unable to see clearly or correctly maneuver your vehicle.

Do You Need a 2004 Dodge Durango Front Control Module?

The Durango front control module provides power to the electronic components in the vehicle.

It is responsible for braking, steering, and other functions.

Unfortunately, the front control module also controls the engine and transmission, so it is crucial to replace it if it fails.

If you are experiencing any of these problems:

  • The vehicle will not start or will stall after starting
  • The brake pedal feels different
  • There is not a single caution light anywhere on the instrument cluster.
  • The engine will not rev up when accelerating
  • You hear a clicking noise when turning the steering wheel
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What is the Lifetime of the Front Control Module?

Many people will be surprised to hear this, but your car’s control modules need to be replaced every few years.

It is because front control modules are made of silicon, a material that degrades over time.

The average lifespan of a car’s control module is anywhere from 3 to 8 years.

However, it can also depend on the quality of the module and the general condition of your vehicle.

For example, live in a colder climate or drive in dirtier conditions more often than others. As a result, it might be necessary to replace your Dodge Durango FCM more often.

The front control module of the Dodge Durango is one of the most critical parts of the car.

It is responsible for controlling many different functions, and if it malfunctions, it can cause severe problems for drivers.

One of the most expensive components in this module is the airbag system. If there are any problems with this component, you could pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get it fixed.

To avoid paying these high prices, you should always ensure that your Dodge Durango’s front control module functions correctly.


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