Bentley Coupe Star Roof [It Looks Fantastic]

The Bentley coupe star roof is what many will love. The view of the starlight in the sky is presented in the car, and you can see it anytime.

Maybe you’re tired of the rooftop view of your car and want something new and attractive that you can enjoy in the car, especially at night or in dim lighting.

After doing some idea searching, you find that the headliner starlight brings something beautiful to your car.

However, installing the stars on the vehicle’s roof is not easy.

But you will be amazed at the results as in the Bentley Coupe star roof.

If you don’t do it right and are not an expert, you risk damaging your car’s headliner.

If that happens, you will have to spend a lot of money on repair costs.

So you’ll want to consider hiring a professional to do this job who will put up a fantastic starlight headliner.

Maybe you’re wondering how much it costs to hire a professional to put those stars in your headliner? It will depend on how much starlight you want.

So the more starlight in the headliner, the more expensive it will be. Say you want less starlight, then it will cost you around $900 to install.

But if you need more starlight in your headliner, you’ll be paying at least $2000 for the job.

However, several other factors, such as the quality of the work and the type of car you have, will also affect the price of installing starlight.

How Many “Stars” Do You Want In Your Headliner?

However, the number of stars on the roof of a Bentley or any other car will determine how much it costs to install it.

So this work needs to be done carefully because many fiber optic lights will be inserted into the top area of ​​your car.

Then they will be inserted by pressing so that it passes through the headliner cloth.

If you think this isn’t easy, just let the starlight installation professionals in the headliner do it.

In addition, installing the light of the stars on the headliner cannot be completed in a short time.

It will take several hours to complete and produce the beautiful glow of your car’s hundreds or thousands of beautiful stars.

So how much does this work cost? If you want lots of starlight on the roof of your car, say a thousand stars, then you’ll have to pay at least $2,200.

If you need less starlight, you’ll be paying at least $900 for about three hundred stars in your headliner.

How To Install Stars Headliner In Your Car

There are many ways to install stars on the roof of your car. So each worker can have their technique to do it.

Usually, if the installation of the stars headliner needs more time, then the results will look much better because they do it more carefully.

Perhaps the easiest and fastest way is to pierce the fabric of the car headliner with a cloth optical lamp.

After that, they will be cut off to align the lights with the headliner.

But this method has risks even though it can still produce a good display of starlight.

When doing so, the fabric may be damaged or torn when the optical lights are piercing.

Thus, it can cause damage to the interior of your car, and the value of your vehicle will decrease.

Another downside of this technique is that you’ll see the light and the eyelet when you turn it off, even in the daytime.

So, of course, you don’t want that; that’s why you want a different way of installing star headliners with better results.

Meanwhile, another technique is better without inserting optical lights through the headliner cloth.

As a result, you don’t risk damaging the headliner because no optical light penetrates the fabric.

Also, when you look at it during the day, you won’t see any lights or light holes when you turn off the system.

You won’t have to worry about the resale value of your car because you can easily uninstall the stars headliner.

This way, you can regain the look of your car’s original headliner.

It’s good to look for information on how it will work to put starlight in your headliner.

Of course, you will pay a lot more for the sophisticated way of installing the stars on the roof of your car.

But, the advantage is that you will not lose thousands of dollars when you want to resell your vehicle.

If you have a larger vehicle, the cost of installing a star headliner can also be more expensive.

The reason is that you need more stars to fill the area on your car’s roof correctly.

Installing the starlight headliner in a larger coupe, sedan, or even truck may cost more than a smaller vehicle such as a two-door coupe.

As already explained, the job of putting stars on the headliner is not easy because you need to remove your headliner first.

Even if the condition of your vehicle does not allow it, you will need special equipment to remove the seat so that the headliner can be installed on the floor of your car.

Or you have to remove the windshield to get the headliner out of your car. How about this job? Is it easy or difficult?

We recommend that you hire the services of a professional to get a beautiful view from the Bentley Coupe star roof.

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