2023 Acura Integra A-Spec: Buy If You Want A Honda Civic Si Hatchback

2023 Acura Integra A-Spec – More than 35 years ago, Honda launched its first luxury brand here in America, Acura. Acura also launched a premium subcompact economy car called the Integra.

In 2023, Acura is finally ready to bring back the name Integra, which is willing to share some detailed specifications regarding this car.

Integra has always been built on Honda Civic, and that tradition continues for all these new generations.

2023 Acura Integra A-Spec Powertrain

So I’d like to start with the powertrain. If you have looked at the new Civic Si, it’s the same powertrain.

It was the first-ever Integra turbocharged, 1.5-liter direct injection, double overhead, VTEC cam, turbo engine. It produces about 200 horsepower, the same power as the Si, and 192 pound-feet of torque.

Everything is channeled through the front wheels, and indeed this car is still only front-wheel drive.

Transmission and Weight of Acura Integra A-Spec

It is unique with a six-speed manual transmission because it is the only manual transmission hatchback you can get in the premium, subcompact luxury car segment.

Those of you who prefer automatic Acura will also offer it with CVT.

The CVT is technically a standard transmission, this model has specifications with a technology package that includes manual or automatic, and there is no charge.

Both manuals also include a limited-slip differential. So if you’ve been looking for Si with a hatch, this is the car.

Now Acura doesn’t mention fuel economy performance or weight figures just yet. But we know that the Si is suitable at around 2,900 pounds and roughly gets about 27-37 mpg, and I would expect it to be similar.

Acura says they have tuned the transmission and exhaust specifically for the Integra. Acura also hinted at the possibility of a Type S model. Of course, there would be a Civic R type coming out.

The Type S model should have the exact powertrain specifications.

But I still don’t know if Acura will offer super all-wheel drive. Or if the type S will only come with a manual or even if they develop a new automatic transmission for it.

New Acura Integra A-Spec Color Option, Headlights, and Body Design

The Apex Blue Pearl color looks good on this 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec.

There is also a red performance available in the car.

The front fascia is practically the same as the prototype they showed us. You have a new Acura diamond pentagon hill with an excellent frameless design.

Also, you can see the Acura logo on the front and center. Now the headlights are also slightly different from other Acura models.

The headlights are a bit upside down. You have Daylight and excellent Jewel eyes.

You still have the Chicane-style LED daytime running lights.

But now, the daytime running lights and turn signals are on top of the actual lamp module, which is upside down for other Acura versions.

It certainly gives the car a more distinctive look at the front.

It also includes gloss black accents on the lower front fascia and grille.

The A-spec model includes the full-LED fog lamps you get with the A-spec package and actual air intakes that create a functional air curtain over the wheels.

Front Design

You have the legacy Integra stamped on the actual front bumper just below the driver’s side lamp, and it gives a unique look to this car.

But I also think some people might get confused with the Acura TLX because the Acura design language looks very similar in most of their vehicles.

The rest of the vehicle’s profile is based on the current 11th generation Civic. Remember, this replaces the Acura ILX in the lineup.

So the Acura does make them significantly more extensive, but they also give it a more superior coupe-like appearance.


Acura will offer this car with 17.18, or 19-inch wheels, with 235/45 series tires about the same size as the current generation Si.

You might wish Acura had offered painted calipers for use with the prototype version because it would have looked so much better.

The company also says that they won’t be offering a summer tire option on this vehicle which is a pretty easy swap if you prefer that.

You can see the a-spec badge, which is striking, and the A-spec tech model also includes LED turn signals in the side mirrors.

If you look at the remaining proportions compared to the current generation ILX, this car now has a length of 185.6 inches.

It’s about two or four and a half inches longer than the old ILX and about two inches longer overall than the current generation Civic.

It’s also about an inch wider than the Civic.

The wheelbase of this vehicle is equal to a length of 107.7 inches.

So about two inches longer than the current generation ILX.

You can see the rearview on this car, which gives it a coupe-like profile.


I want to mention that this model does have a sunroof, which is standard on all Integra models.

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But it’s a shame that Acura doesn’t offer a panoramic roof. That’s something people hope that they will present in the 2023 Acura model.

There’s also tinted window trim included with the A-spec package.

The red rear of the vehicle has a very lovely black spoiler, which contrasts sharply with the red.


The taillights are almost identical to the previous generation Hyundai genesis coupe.

Also, the taillights have the kind of three-dimensional display that’s unique to full LED.


You also have the Integra stamped on the back of the taillights, on the passenger side, and slightly opposite the driver’s side.

Tech models also include integrated parking sensors both at the front and rear.

You also have a more aggressive rear diffuser and a dual-outlet exhaust which looks good, and Acura says they tuned the exhaust specifically for the Integra.

The beauty of the new Integra is that it is a lift-back. So if you want a Civic Si hatchback, this is the car you will buy.

Storage Space

Unfortunately, you wish they would give you a power liftgate, but you can see it once you open it.

You only have a ton of space, and I don’t have the official figures for the Si hatchback, which again has a similar cargo area, having about 25 cubic feet of space.

There’s some underfloor storage and then a Fix a Flat Kit. Acura said they would not offer an actual spare tire.

The only thing I’ve noticed versus the Civic is that the liftover is slightly higher as the Civic hatch has removed part of the bumper for design purposes.

Of course, the Integra can’t do that, but overall, let me know what you think of the style.

I think it looks good, especially when you consider the practicality of this hatchback. So it’s time to talk about the all-new Integra 2023 interior.

Keyfob and Infotainment System

The automatic model keyfob includes a remote engine start with the technology package. But in manual transmission models, it is a slightly different key fob compared to what other Honda vehicles use.

So the keys are a little different from the Civic. It’s a friendly key, and it feels nice in the hand when you want to get in the vehicle and turn everything on.

The infotainment system in the precision cockpit features a standard 10.2-inch screen.


The nine-inch screen you get on this touchscreen or this tech pack comes straight from the Civic Touring or Sport-touring version.


Acura did make some changes to this interior to give it a bit more edge.

The seats are a little different compared to Civic.


It looks different from the tech package model that carries the good Alcantara with the two-tone.

The ivory-white interior also looks great with black accents.

The contrast and French stitching on the driver’s seat is a 12-way power adjustment with four-way adjustable lumbar support.

You’ll want to complain about it in the Civic because it doesn’t offer an adjustable lumbar.

You also have a two-position memory seat on the driver’s side which you can’t get on the Civic.

Remember, this seat is also three-way heated.

Acura does not offer ventilated seats.

The passenger side is a four-way power adjustment.

Again I don’t think it’s something you can get on a Civic.

Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is a manual tilt and telescopic design that offers fine adjustment.


But a heated steering wheel is available as a dealer accessory.

So Acura doesn’t offer it from the factory, but you can get heated wheels.

The 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec steering wheel is the same as the Civic, which is disappointing.

But above the airbag cover, it just replaces the Acura logo.

There’s an A-spec badge; that’s a nice steering wheel. So Acura doesn’t need to change it.

It has nine and three perfect grips. Maybe you want it to look like a flat bottom design, but contrasting stitches look great.


All controls in the 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec are pretty much the same in terms of material.

The door panels have a soft touch of injection-molded plastic that feels nice.

There is some nice padded leather on which you will rest your elbows.

The front is a one-touch automatic on the window control, but not the rear.

So you only get one touch on the front.

Many of the controls have the newer gear switches you have seen from the Civic.

You might want the dash to have a little more stitching.


At the top of the dashboard is a soft touch injection molded plastic. You also have an almost textured carbon fiber metal-look trim.

While the center console does have some black piano plastic that will scratch, show dust, and whatnot.

An excellent manual transmission model feels precisely like the Si Civic from a few years ago with a clutch that’s also very light.

So, this is a car that you will enjoy as a gearshift enthusiast.

Technology pack models also include a wireless phone charging pad. You have USB A, B, and C, including the wireless Apple Carplay.

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When you place in the traverse, there is a backup camera with front and rear parking sensors, but no 360 camera is offered.

However, the Acura does offer a few different sights, and it also has a rear-traffic warning and rear-traffic braking.

When you switch to the dynamic mode selector, you can see if it looks different from the Si.

The graphics also look a lot better when you enter Sports mode. But there’s also an individual mode with this model as the tech package includes adaptive dampers.

That’s something you can’t get on specific Si models, but they look pretty good.

You’ll also love the touch screen. Remember, another Acura system is their virtual touchpad interface.

You don’t get it on the Integra to save costs, and they want to bring us what the Si has, which isn’t a bad idea.

A feature that the Civic doesn’t offer is the initial look at the model’s good tech package.

This model also has 16 premium ELS speakers and a great-sounding 3D surround sound system.

You also get some metal speaker covers.

Additionally, there’s also some ambient interior lighting, and the theme isn’t the same as some of the larger Acura models.

It’s just white, but at least it adds a bit of a premium feel.

In the center console area, you can see some cup holders and pretty decent storage.

There’s a padded armrest, and inside you’ve got a relatively small center console. Although there is no power outlet, the size is quite deep.

You wish Acura would offer a panoramic roof but remember they are trying to keep costs down.

There are some nice touches here, like the glove box, which is a relatively lovely size.

You’ll also love the frameless style auto-dimming mirrors that look better than the last Civic.

Unfortunately, the 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec doesn’t come as a two-door.

The back seat is the same as the civic, and there is quite a lot of space.

If you’ve ever spent some time in the back seat of a new Civic, it’s very similar.

The legroom is like the Civic, roughly around 36-37 inches.

The car floor is not entirely flat, but you can feel quite comfortable.

There are two USB-C charging ports but no rear-seat air vents.

You get one storage pocket, and there is a folding armrest with two cup holders.

The headroom has excellent space for a 5’7″ person, but I imagine people over six feet, but the sunroof does some space.

The LED room lighting is good, but sadly you have no heated rear seats.

People would like to have the rear and rear-seat air vents heated.

However, the rear seats do have a pretty good amount of space.

So like the previous Integra, all new versions of this car follow the same formula that the Integra is as good a car as the Honda Civic.

The current generation of Civic is outstanding.

So no surprise that the new 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec has a great place to start.

The car’s design is controversial, as many of you are pretty disappointed that Acura doesn’t offer a two-door version of this car.

But let’s try it and remember the two-doors model doesn’t sell.

Acura makes this car look pretty sleek, especially with the A-spec package.

But I’m also a little disappointed, and I want Acura to offer super all-wheel-drive handling.

I also want them to use the 10-speed auto or the 8-speed dual-clutch from the ILX.

I would also like to see them offer something like a ventilated seat.

Prices of 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec

But remember, everything has a price, and this is where Integra, I think, will be the winner.

For many of you who have seen the Si car, it will start at around $30,000 for the base version.

The cool thing about this car is that Acura says this version is no more than the mid $30,000 range, so roughly around $35,000-$36,000.

That’s great because the current generation Civic Si starts at around slightly more than $27,300.

So you can get Integra for just $2,000 more.

That sounds like a steal, considering all the goodies you get, and for an extra $5,000 on top of a fully-loaded touring-sports hatchback, it offers a ton of added stuff.

So remember, everything comes with a price. But right now, I have no specifics on when the Type S model will come, and Acura is still very tight-lipped about it.

I imagine we’ll hear more about it later this year. But then again, if Acura puts all-wheel-drive super-handling on this 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec, I think it will continue to be a winner.

It’s a great entry point as a gateway to the Acura brand.

If you want to buy this car reservation, it’s open today.

You can go to the Acura website and put down a deposit to be first.

Acura also said shipments began later this spring.

So, this car will start showing up at Acura dealerships in late spring, maybe in May-June.

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