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2008 Dodge Ram 2500 Adjustable Control Arms


If you need 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 adjustable control arms, you’ll want to do something to your truck.

The Function of the Adjustable Control Arms

The control arm can maintain the right steering geometry and your truck suspension.

It’s like you use stock, but you will feel better in control of your 2008 Dodge Ram.

When you make the Dodge Ram lift higher, of course, there is something that happens with the angles of the caster.

The result is that it will cause the risk of dangerous steering control.

In addition, it will be more difficult to maintain your truck wheels appropriately.

Thus your truck becomes unstable and wanders without adequate control.

Many people like a lot of lifting and tires bigger on their trucks.

Even though it looks amazing, you must still maintain good truck handling.

Therefore, you need adjustable control arms in your 2008 Dodge RAM 2500 to keep helping you to drive easily and comfortably.

As the name suggests, you can adjust the arms control completely on your truck with this product.

You can adjust up to 6 inches lifted from stock.

So, you can use it as needed, even though you will not lift your truck as high as that.

However, you will still use it later when you want to add more lift at any time.

Your truck’s average installation for adjustable control arms will take three to four hours.

The supporting equipment you need is jack stands and basic hand tools.

Tips on Adjustable Control Arms

To get the geometry of your vehicle correctly, you must adjust the length to the lift size correctly too.

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In this case, you upgraded from the factory control arm.

You will also need the longer control arms if you want a larger lift in your 2008 Dodge Ram.

Never guess the size of the lift from your truck.

Therefore, you can contact the lift kit vendor to verify that size.

The manual of the adjustable control arms will guide you through setting up each control arm to adjust to your lift of a 2008 Dodge Ram 2500.

Problems If You Don’t Use Adjustable Control Arms

Tire clearance problems can occur if you lift or level your truck without upgrading the control arms.

As a result, your axle truck will be pulled back, and this can also cause your suspension not to work properly.

When you upgrade the control arm, you can adjust and control the axle rotation well.

Thus you can eliminate the risk of caster adjustment that often fails.

Besides that, you give strength and square your axle to the place you want correctly.

Some adjustable control arms get a lot of improvement from stock.

Remember, the manufacturer’s control arms will usually only work well if you still use suspension and tires of factory size on your truck.

But sometimes, you want something bigger, and you want something that can handle it on your vehicle.

Therefore, you will need a stronger and longer control arm to achieve that goal.


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