Ram 1500 8 Speed Transmission Problems [How To Fix It]

Some people are looking for ways to solve Ram 1500 8 Speed transmission problems, and you might be one of them.

ZF 8HP is a very reliable automatic transmission. In many ways, it is pretty revolutionary.

About Ram 1500 8 Speed Transmission

By introducing extra gears to a gearbox, the goal is to make it possible for the engine to function at relatively low RPMs while running at a faster speed.

As a result, not just does fuel consumption decrease, yet in some instances, maximum speed may be increased as well.

It is possible to accomplish the quality characteristics of trucks such as Ram 1500 while maintaining the efficiency needed by vehicles with the ZF 8 speed transmission, also recognized as ZF 8HP70. 

The ZF 8HP70 gearbox, on the other hand, maybe present in vehicles such as the Dodge Charger.

Furthermore, the Chrysler Company also manufactures these in The US by license from the company.

The ZF 8HP70 gearbox was offered in kit form to car manufacturers, who will then install their respective 8HP70 microcontroller program, drive system, and various parts to fit the specific purpose.

This license agreement was the only exception. Despite the fact that such an 8-speed automatic gearbox may appear in a number of various automobiles including trucks, the method that now functions may change significantly as a result of such adjustments.

Several different auto car manufacturers use 8HP.

You want to keep your Ram 1500 for an extended period because it is a significant investment.

Maintenance is something you need to do to extend the service life of anything.

Even fluid and filter technology gets a lot better.

Still, the worn materials inside the transmission or the fluids can negatively impact the mechatronic valve bodies, and solenoids are susceptible.

Any contamination or magnetic fluid that can stick to the speed sensor will cause problems you want to avoid.

One nice thing about the 8HP transmission is that it is very modular and proves to be a revolutionary transmission.

Ram 1500 gas consumption is 20 % lower than that of the preceding 3.7 L V6 drivetrain, and it has a gas cash balance of 25 MPG, which makes it among the best fuel-efficient trucks in its category.

Most of this can be attributed to the benefits of the current ZF 8-speed auto gearbox, which includes eight gears, and 4-gearsets, with 5-shift components to offer a diverse range of options (2-brakes plus 3-clutches).

The 8HP decreases the truck’s gas mileage by increasing the space between the wheels, improving the gearset conception, and increasing the performance of the gears.

Moreover, because there are 2-shifting components accessible to each gear, the transmission’s drag losses are kept to a bare minimum while the horsepower flow is maximized.

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Ram 1500 8 Speed Transmission Problems

Still, this 8-speed transmission may have problems, but for the most part, compared to the six hp, the ZF 8’s speed is very reliable.

One more thing is that the ZF’s 8-speed transmission oil pan kits are entirely modular.

So when you buy a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission that matches the Ram 1500, literally one pan might fit like 10-different car manufacturers’ products because it is modular.

When you purchase the kit that comes with mounting screws, it also comes with a filler plug.

A ZF 8-speed auto gearbox is currently present in the current Ram 1500 in ways that align with the 5.7 L Hemi V8, and it is Chrysler’s debut utilization for the 8HP through the use of a V8 powertrain.

An 8-speed auto gearbox inside the Ram 1500 is controlled through a circular handle at the truck dash.

But the most important thing to note is that the pan is also the filter.

If you have to remove the pan or replace the mechatronics (basically the valve body), you should also replace the pan.

There are plenty of aftermarket parts out there when it comes to pan assemblies.

The most up-to-date filter media is equipped with a magnet and a pre-installed drain plug.

If you have some problems with the Ram 1500 8-speed transmissions, you may need to repair the splash shield.

But almost every 8HP, I think, except for maybe some Chrysler products, will be plastic pans.

There are a few different pan based on the ZF 8 speed transmission variants.

Leak Problem in 8-speed Transmission and How to Fix It

If you have a leak problem in 8 speed Ram 1500 transmission, you may want to look at where the oil cooler inlet and outlet hoses are.

Sometimes the o-rings fail, so you’ll drop seepage or have a problem with the cooler line.

The ZF automatic transmission has a ceiling sleeve as an electrical connector coming from the body harness to the valve body or mechatronics.

Sometimes oil can seep through the seal. If you open the connector, you will find that the electrical pins have oil in them, which could be a problem.

There is nothing mechanical about these transmissions in linkage shift; they are known as e-shift transmissions.

So it’s all electronic shifting. It’s all done by the solenoids.

Nothing is done via the shift cable when you put the drive in reverse, parked, neutral, or manual mode. It’s all electronics.

So everything communicates via the powertrain and the network.

The HIS provides a start-stop feature.

The hydraulic fluid must be supplied via this unit to function correctly for the driveline shift components.

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So this allows for rapid interaction whenever the vehicle is turned off. It is feasible to minimize fuel usage by 3.3 % just by using the start-stop functionality of the HIS.

When used in conjunction with the 5.7 L Hemi V8, the ZF eight-speed auto gearbox is also offered in the 2017 RAM 1500, marking Chrysler’s initial use of the 8HP alongside a V8.

On the truck dash, a rotational handle allows you to shift between the RAM 1500’s eight-speed auto gearbox.

You can find a very light axle on the 2013 Ram 1500 made by ZF and Chrysler for information.

Besides, you can disengage the front axle gears.

Oil Contamination Can Cause 8HP Transmission Problems on Ram 1500

Any oil contamination due to a leak in the ceiling sleeve can cause some communication problems on your Ram 1500.

As a result, the truck can’t run, and the gear shift can be erratic.

There could be many weird things going on, and it could be something as simple as I said that the ceiling sleeve is having a problem.

However, it’s an e-shift transmission. Everything goes to the mechatronic unit that sits behind the oil pan.

The ZF 8HP  has a mechanical valve body, all in one, so instead of the transmission control unit being outside the transmission, it’s built into the valve body.

So it’s a standalone unit, and maybe you haven’t seen as many solenoid-related issues as you have on the 6HP, which was the predecessor to this transmission.

The ZF 8HP is an e-shift transmission, and if your Ram 1500 won’t start or needs to be towed, you can’t electronically shift the trans to neutral.

However, there is a mechanical replacement; a small screw is installed and engages the parking release. Well, that’s how to enter the transmission into the neutral position manually.

For general essential maintenance, the only thing you should pay attention to on many transmission coolers is that they use engine coolant.

If you run into a situation where you start to find fluid or coolant contamination in the gearbox oil, it may be because the transmission coolant has failed internally.

That’s a big problem with this Ram 1500 8 speed transmission, though that’s not generally the case.

But I have heard of several cases where coolant contamination in this transmission from that type of oil cooler failure.

Unfortunately, they don’t use the more traditional air-to-air coolers, but they do use air-to-water coolers, arguably a bit more efficient.

But that’s the only thing to note; the ZF 8HP transmission is robust.

The ZF 8HP is fantastic, quite sophisticated, and revolutionized how people view automatic transmissions.

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