Problems With the Dodge 6 Speed Automatic 68RFE Transmission

Today we’ll talk about problems with the dodge 6-speed automatic 68RFE transmission and how to fix it.

With 68 RFE transmissions, you can get confused if you have a problem with them as there are many different codes you can get.

Some of them are catastrophic codes where you will need to get a new transmission, but some are not.

I’ll address the issue both electronically and with the hard part.

Also, as a truck owner, would you notice that you know what kind of code is showing up.

In that case, you can clear it and keep driving. While other codes mean you have to stop driving and need to get a new valve body, pump, or a new transmission.

So there will be a lot of information about the 68RFE transmission.

I know you’ve been looking for articles like this for your third and fifth-generation truck.

There are lots of truck owners out there looking for solutions if their vehicle’s transmission fails.

As a truck owner with a 68RFE transmission, one of your biggest questions is your truck goes into fail-safe; what exactly is that? 

You also think your transmission went out, but you are unsure and have no idea what to look for.

What Is 68RFE transmission?

So let’s get started and talk about 68RFE transmission.

The reason why it is suitable for everyone is that it is an intelligent transmission.

68RFE knew everything about what it was doing inside, whereas its predecessor knew nothing about what was happening.

Also, there are quite a few, almost other than a few valve body components or solenoids at 47 or 40 degrees internally.

The other transmission doesn’t know what it’s doing, but 68RFE does.

It’s got an input-output speed sensor, and it’s constantly watching the speed sensor, solenoid, or amp change.

There’s so much going on, and it’s constantly testing itself to make sure it’s working correctly adaptively.

The 68RFE is also constantly adapting to maintain the same shift, as it would from day one until the day it fails.

So with all that going on, you can get some weird changes or things that come along the way, but that doesn’t mean your transmission is poor.

68RFE Transmission Problems

Some people will complain about the weird gearshift on their truck.

Behind the scenes, something else might be a more significant issue: your truck’s tuning.

If the tune is a bit off, you’ll have a significant transmission complaint that doesn’t necessarily fail.

But if it’s not checked and there’s nothing you do, it will continue transmission failure.

Codes P2701, P2702, P2703, and P2704

Technicians often get some common problems with vehicle owners about codes 2701, 2702, 2703, and 2704.

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Those codes are caused by insufficient clutch volume or index volume.

It means that the computer is looking for the time of the shift.

So at a particular time, this shift must happen.

If it doesn’t see that it is trying to adapt or once the adaptation has gone this far to one side, it can no longer adapt.

So it will throw one of these failure codes.

There’s nothing to worry about for codes from 2701 to 2704, especially if you have tuned in your transmission or aftermarket valve bodies.

The code is thrown because the shifts happen so fast that the computer can’t slow it down.

However, these codes are widespread.

It happens to a built transmission, whether from a stock transmission with a tuned volume valve or something else.

About 30%-40% of trucks will sometimes throw one of those codes.

P0871 Code

Another very problematic code indicates a failure, either that has occurred or is about to occur.

The most common code is P0871. So P0871 is an overdrive solenoid switch valve in the valve body, and if you see that code, you have a problem.

That doesn’t mean clean code and keep driving. You have code P0871, which means stop driving your truck park at home well.

If you’re towing a trailer, pull the trailer off of it, and take the truck home.

You need to replace your valve body, which is the only code the valve body will help with.

If you have a code other than P0871, throwing the valve body at your transmission won’t solve the problem.

P0740 Code

So if you get a code P0740 for converter clutch slippage, P0933, P0934, and P0935 for line pressure issues, or any gear ratio code from P0731-P0735, the valve body won’t help you.

It’s too late, and you’ll most likely have to replace your transmission.

So you need to understand that if you’re going to be pulling heavy, you’re going to turn on the power-up.

You’re doing at least a valve body if you want to keep your transmission alive.

So that’s the phone call misunderstanding that technicians get all the time.

Truck owners say they need a transmission valve body.

Yes, that’s great, they did need a valve body, but now they need a transmission.

So do yourself a favor; you better get the valve body first and don’t wait for more extensive problems.

Get Suggestions and Solutions From Trusted Sources To Troubleshoot Your 68RFE Transmission.

We now think about truck owners who might have 47re or 48re, and then get a newer truck.

Older trucks may exhibit similar symptoms, and you think you can fix this by simply replacing the valve body inside the newer truck.

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Or maybe you know you can almost drive it unless you broke the axle or something.

But it turns out that what will fix it can be completely different.

When you have a problem with your 68RFE transmission, you may immediately look for information online.

You want to know some transmission symptoms, and you end up on some Dodge Ram forums.

You read the post if someone who has a truck with a 48re fixed it by replacing the valve body.

But the 68RFE’s transmission is entirely different and very electronically intelligent.

With the code you read, you can tell what’s going on.

I think the first time someone plugged a code reader into their truck and saw a transmission code error, there would be panic.

So it’s best if you have to know when you need to stop driving before it becomes a more expensive repair.

What I care about for consumers out there today is how people buy parts for their trucks.

How they find out about the product turns out to be a lot of harm to consumers.

Many people like to buy auto parts through posts on Instagram and Facebook.

The people who commented think they know a lot about truck parts products.

But basically, they know nothing about what they are talking about.

You will also get the same service when you call such places and say if you got these codes on your truck.

But these people don’t know because there are only a few companies around 68RFE from day one that honestly know what the code means and the solution. Everyone is just guessing and learning as they go along.

You may get good advice one day and get poor advice another time.

If you want to seek advice regarding your transmission, the last place is on the Facebook forum page or the internet.

If you need help and are trying to find out if you have a problem with your 68RFE transmission, you can call reputable persons that build it.

But when you go to the Facebook forums and ask for advice there, you may get the wrong information regarding your transmission problem and spend a lot of money.

So it’s a good idea to have reasonable control over the people who build the units and verify that they’ve been doing 68RFE transmissions for years. So, they do the testing-checking, and they are experts on the unit.

After that, you can solve your 68RFE transmission problems cheaper and more confidently by buying spare parts and using their trustable services; there is nothing wrong with that.

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