P0123 Dodge Ram 1500 [How To Fix It]

P0123 Dodge Ram 1500 codes are generated via onboard diagnostics when the powertrain computer system gets a signal through the throttle position sensor above the highest threshold for a certain length of time.

Whenever the vehicle’s computer gets input through the throttle position sensor that surpasses the maximal point during a certain length of time, the message P0123 could be displayed.

P0123 is a typical code that can frequently occur in onboard diagnostics, like P1524 or P0700.

It’s a general term; therefore, it will have a similar definition for Dodge Ram 1500 because it would be for every different type of motor vehicle.

What is the Voltage Signal Range of the Throttle?

TPS-related problems are referenced by this OBDII code, which is generated by the throttle position sensor. As a result, the car may become stuck or significantly limited, a critical situation.

The TPS measures the angle at which the accelerator blade is turned.

Once the accelerator is shut, the delivered signal returned to the Engine Control Module is approximately .45 V.

The output will be approximately 5 V whenever the accelerator is fully opened.

P0123 is triggered if the V value of the RAM’s throttle position sensor is greater than the standard operating limit.

Considering how vital the throttle state is to engines operation, the TPS’s usual operational voltage outputs are around a specific range of the grounding and standard 5 V voltage levels.

For instance, between about 0.5 V up to approx 4.5 V.

Common Symptoms of P0123 Dodge Ram 1500

The signs of P0123 will vary depending on the production year and type of the Dodge Ram.

However, it will almost likely create noticeable abnormalities if the vehicle operates.

You may notice several warning symptoms on dodge Ram 1500 if the TPS does not get a proper signal.

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Problems With Throttle Response

You may notice that something is wrong with the Dodge Ram 1500 where your vehicle does not give any response related to throttle.

Your Dodge Ram has very little power and is just a failsafe.

So you’ve got the power to keep your Dodge Ram going, but you know it’s not fast enough.

What happens is that your ECM can’t measure how much of an actual throttle response the vehicle is accelerating.

Problems With Idle Speed

When your Dodge Ram 1500 computer cannot correctly detect the actual throttle position, it is not easy to know the exact idle speed of the vehicle.

However, the make, model, and year of production of different vehicles and engine setups may experience different signs from each other.

How to diagnose P0123 Dodge Ram 1500  replace the Throttle Position Sensor

Having an issue with the P0123 Dodge Ram 1500 is a significant concern that deserves an immediate solution.

It might be difficult to diagnose if you lack the use of a decent code scanner and a complete understanding of everything you are doing.

The following guide video is an example of replacing the throttle position sensor on the Dodge Ram 1500.

A competent car mechanic will use a code scanner to find out the problem by diagnosing the codes that appear from the tool and doing a reset after it is set.

The mechanic will also check if the problem occurs again.

If the P0123 code still appears, the mechanic will continue to replace your vehicle’s TPS sensor.

In most cases, P0123 occurs because your TPS sensor cannot detect how hard the driver is pressing the acceleration pedal.

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Causes of P0123 Dodge Ram 1500

The following are some of the leading causes of P0123 that you need to know:

Poor Wiring

As you know, the throttle position sensor is not a problematic component for you to access.

Therefore, you can start by doing a manual visual check to see if the cable or harness to the engine computer is connected correctly.

You can tell when there is a breakdown, and it could cause an annoying short-circuit.

Problematic TPS

If you have trouble diagnosing your vehicle’s TPS, the following video will help you.

Your Vehicle’s TPS is Not Installed Properly

Although this problem is rare, it can cause P0123 if not installed correctly.

Say you just replaced your TPS with a new one, but you still see code P0123.

What you can do is you can re-check the steps of TPS replacement from the manual.

Sometimes installation errors can occur, and you can re-follow the correct instructions.

Conclusion of P0123 Code

Sometimes to solve the P0123 Dodge Ram 1500, you don’t always need to change your throttle position sensor.

Therefore, you need to use a proper code scanner to diagnose the real problem.

However, if you are inexperienced or don’t feel confident doing it yourself, you can ask an experienced mechanic to do all that.

Proper diagnosis of your vehicle can save you money because you may not need to buy a new TPS. After all, you don’t have to replace your old TPS.

If you have any experience regarding P0123 on your Dodge Ram, please leave a comment; I’d love to read it.

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