Ferrari Purosangue SUV: Love It or Hate It?

Ferrari Purosangue SUV – Ferrari has finally leaked the first teaser photo of the Purosangue confirmed as an SUV, which has been in the works for a long time, and today you finally get to see it. Even though the photo looks dark, with a little help of increasing the light and brightness, the body of the car is revealed more clearly.

I give you a front picture of the Purosangue, thanks to a darkened photograph shared on the company’s social network accounts.

The appearance displays a happy smile, a frightening perspective, plus two iconic prancing horses in clear sight.

The shot above is, of course, simply a promotional image from Ferrari Purosangue.

The image of the hotly debated SUV contains a deeper shade than brightness, even once I increased the brightness of the lighting a tiny touch in this photo.

Ferrari Purosangue
Ferrari Purosangue SUV

Apart from the minor highlights, the Ferrari Purosangue image looks dark like the one on the official Ferrari social media post.

Ferrari said in its post that people had heard some rumors about this car.

Ferrari explained that some of them were true, though not all.

Also, they will answer all those questions by the end of 2022.

To satisfy your interest, I increased the brightness of the lights to the maximum setting.

And to my shock, there is indeed a whole SUV buried in the shadows.

Ferrari Purosangue revealed SUV shape
Ferrari Purosangue reveals its SUV shape.

It was not the most visually appealing picture, and numerous essential features remain covered.

However, here’s a sneak peek at what the Ferrari Purosangue may come like if it emerges in your side mirror as you’re driving around Monaco.

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The Purosangue was initially referenced in a Ferrari project plan for the long term in 2018, which was the year people first knew about it.

Again, this was before a worldwide epidemic and a catastrophe that caused chaos in the cars sector.

However, the Purosangue has stood the test of time.

With this preview image, Ferrari includes a statement on its homepage to encourage people to buy their cars.

Keep an eye out for something truly game-changing. Everything would be exposed soon in the year.

There’s no news about what kind of engine will be used in the Purosangue.

However, I assume it to be a twin-turbo V-8 engine from the other Ferrari lineup that produces around 700 horsepower and sends torque to every 4-wheels via a dual-clutch gearbox.

Given how extensively Ferrari is already relying on hybrid technology in recent years, I will not be shocked if the Purosangue received electrical support shortly.

Another potential is that the V-6 from Ferrari’s most recent version, the 296 GTB, may also be offered.

The possibility of a V-12 becomes less realistic, although we will keep our fingers crossed unless the specifications are finalized.

Controversy Over the Ferrari Purosangue SUV

However, Ferrari’s decision to enter the SUV segment with its Purosangue is not without controversy.

How not, many fans regretted Ferrari’s decision, and they said that Ferrari was never an SUV but a genuine sports car. It was like Enzo’s soul leaving the Ferrari.

However, some people also think that Ferrari’s decision also makes sense.

With the crazy competition in the car business sector, many brands are entering other people’s segments, such as Honda with their Ridgeline pickups or Mercedes with their X-Class.

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I think Ferrari is brave enough to carry out this project.

By presenting the Ferrari Purosangue SUV, the company has made a significant breakthrough into a new segment.

It is ready to compete with the great rivals who have entered this car segment first.

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