Duramax RIPSAW Tanks Destroy Cars the Fun Way!

Duramax RIPSAW Tanks – Numerous automobile lovers who cannot participate in the realm of speedy sportscars believe that if they can’t play fast, they do it slowly.

It further entails off-roading, trying to crawl across the sand while testing slower automobiles to their maximum. Monster trucks or tanks are the pinnacles of such a concept. However, they may be highly costly.

The Duramax RIPSAW Tanks is the ultimate of excellent armored vehicles, taking on anything. Accepting a complex challenge that almost no machine can overcome will never dull.

Defense industries are well aware of this, and as a result, commercial vehicles are being introduced into the retail sector on revolutionary guard bases.

Duramax RIPSAW Tanks is a Dual-track and Offroad Vehicle

The dual-track and off-road vehicles are sure to put joy on anybody’s heart.

The Duramax RIPSAW Tanks, distributed by Howe & Howe, go on the marketplace as a leisurely premium tank. It is built on the same platform as the M5 combat vehicle from the same military company.

According to the company, the Duramax RIPSAW Tanks is marketed primarily as fun that you can enjoy with your buddies. You enter through the gull-wing doors and fasten your seat belt for a great experience in your time!. 

When traveling at 55 miles per hour and weighing 10,000 pounds, this vehicle gains considerable power and dynamism.

With an excellent 20″ ground clearance and 8-foot maneuverability, the tank offers a range of agility that is practically unrivaled in its class.

A PPE Duramax Diesel engine is placed within the tank’s structure and generally drives it.

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It produces somewhere from 375-550 hp and can reach 700 pound-feet of torque straight out of the box at the manufacturer.

When described by Cleetus McFarland, his model is equipped with a 700- hp engine, which allows the vehicle to reach peak speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.

Because Howe & Howe vehicles are now out of stock for an order, the only way for a customer to obtain one is through the secondary marketplace.

Those on the lookout for something like that will have to turn to the secondhand markets.

Cleetus McFarland, a famous automobile vlogger, just purchased this Duramax RIPSAW Tanks, super-duper leisure, and a multipurpose vehicle in February.

McFarland’s demonstration might have used some improvement.

The vehicle needed repairs with damaged fittings on the braking system and uncovered coil-overs.

Braking is critical on a 10-ton vehicle because of the weight effect.

Its move to the commercial sector, which includes LED light sources and a sophisticated touchscreen entertainment system, places the Duramax RIPSAW Tanks solidly in the world of genuine prestige vehicles.

Fancy elements, on the other hand, are no promise of enjoyment. Once McFarland’s vehicle is used to tow damaged Crown Victoria vehicles into position, the tank’s capabilities are unquestionably demonstrated.

With this kind of tow rating, practically every Ford F-150 buyer would be jealous.

Its simple act of reversing the back towing bar against such vintage cars is more than sufficient to cause a door to become entirely damaged, almost as if it had been in an accident.


The Crown Victorias may be mounted on the leisure tank with no difficulty. In an unusual maneuver, Ford’s top has remained undamaged, holding the enormous weight of the monster vehicle within.

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The window is shattered in the step. It takes many glides over the autos before they finally take on their more tiny shape.

According to Howe & Howe, the version doesn’t have the smashing force of tanks such as Britain’s Challenger 2. These would be 65 tons in weight.

While this illustrates the difference between a RIPSAW Duramax Tank and a combat tank, it in no way detracts from the enjoyment customers will get from driving the two-track vehicle.

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