Fun Corvette/Ferrari Style Watercraft

Whenever it relates to performance cars, Dubai doesn’t have a shortage of them.

When the sun shines or the moon is bright, the roadways may become their ideal car scene, presenting many of the most excellent incredible models of automobile beauty and technology straight down the asphalt.

Do you want to try driving a car on water? Well, you would not be missing the automotive plotline since a creator has designed a vehicle that can run on waters and is available for rental right now.

Due to its luxury and richness, Dubai has become an excellent hotspot, particularly among collectors and enthusiasts of high-performance automobiles.

Thus, it stands to reason that you can come across super-expensive sailboats or other high-end oceanic pleasure equipment between the lovely waterways.

However, people would not be able to get away from the automobile culture since one business has developed a watercraft that appears and operates such a car.

Somehow it’s a cross with both a Corvette and a Ferrari in appearance and functionality.

Watercraft Corvette-Ferrari

If you’re not used to operating a water-based leisure vehicle, you will be pleased to hear that somehow the structure of the whole vehicle is very similar to that of a standard car.

However, drivers might realize the most significant distinction: you don’t have a brake pedal, making it more comparable to a jet ski.

You do have an acceleration pedal and steering wheel. Also, you can set the gear.

Consequently, everything the operator requires is to depress the accelerator pedal to reduce the speed.


The controls function is similar to the adjustable toggles seen on regular Jeep, yet these are still simple to handle.

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The water vehicle is complete with a windscreen wiper, giving it the appearance of an actual automobile.

Nicki and Sergi, from the Supercar Blondie YouTube line, demonstrate just exactly the great pleasure this innocent leisure automobile could become.

Even though it has a peak performance of over 62 mph, I’m still not sure if it goes even close to that speed in the vid.

For anyone looking to buy this kind of outrageous vacation vehicle, this unique water car-boat is available for sale at between $40,000 and $50,000.

Many visitors in the region would most likely want to rent this toy instead of purchasing it and don’t be afraid because anyone can rent it.

A compact car charge of $700/hour will allow you to experience this fascinating Ferrari-Corvette watercraft vehicle.

You won’t save money by doing this. However, when you’re on vacation and want to try something completely different and take advantage of Dubai’s fantastic scenery, this is the place to go!

Trucks, Bugatti, or Aston Martin, are all planned additions if visitors don’t want to get their hands on this Ferrari/Corvette water vehicle. Keep an eye out for updates!

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