A Teen Driver Survives After Tornado Hits His Chevy Pickup

What do you think when you are in your car and are suddenly hit by a violent tornado? That’s what happened to the driver of the red Chevy Silverado recorded in this video.


Luckily the driver survived, and he was about to get a new pickup. Chevrolet responded to this extraordinary event on its official Facebook page, and they said that they would be donating the 2022 Silverado to the Leon family.

At that time, Riley Leon, a 16-year-old teenager, planned to head to a job interview driving a Chevy Silverado. However, on the way, a terrible tornado blew the truck away.

Via Chevrolet Fort Worth in Texas, the Leon family will receive the 2022 LT All-Star Edition model in a lovely cherry red color on March 26.

Chevy is grateful that Riley survived the horrific tornado incident, and they praise his driving skills despite the dire circumstances.

Not only that, to support the victims of the storm, Chevy also donated $50,000 through the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

This video circulating on the internet records a massive tornado passing through Elgin, Texas. Then, the tornado crossed the road and swallowed a red pickup.

You will also see how sparks emerge from a faulty power cord, making the situation even tenser. Incredibly, the truck seemed to disappear and reappear on the side after the tornado’s force sent the pickup spinning.

The truck flipped on the side once, and then the tornado turned the pickup back into its normal position.

It is unknown how much damage the truck suffered after being hit by a powerful tornado.

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However, if you look at the video at a glance, it seems like the truck’s side glass is broken.

You might also hope that the damage isn’t too severe so that he can escape as quickly as possible from the destructive tornado.

Riley knew that the weather on the trip would be bad, like what he said on KHOU11.

However, the Whataburger job interview also seemed essential to him. Sometimes what’s terrible doesn’t last forever. Riley will be getting a new truck from Chevrolet and working at Whataburger next week.

Source: Youtube KHOU 11

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