P1524 Dodge Ram 1500 [How To Fix It]

Today we are going to talk about P1524 Dodge Ram 1500. Maybe you got this error code on your truck, and you want to fix it like P0700. First, you need to scan the vehicle’s computer to find out what the code is about.

So on the Ram 1500, your OBD port for scanning is at the bottom right next to the hood release latch. You can also use the blue driver Bluetooth scan tool for more convenience in doing this job.

So you’re going to pull the code to find out exactly what’s going on with the surface engine light that comes on for you. Now, when you get the code P1524, it must be the current problem code, and the described way is:

  • Oil pressure out of range
  • Camshaft advance/Retards Disabled

Indeed, this is something you need to investigate further. You will notice when driving and at a certain rpm, maybe between 1500-2000 rpm. You will hear something strange like vibration at engine idle or engine speed at such rpm.

Now you want to find out what it is that causes it. But anyway, of course, there is something to be concerned about. So the next step is you want to check the oil pressure and find out if you have adequate pressure.

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Detection of the P1524 Dodge Ram 1500

1. Look for a DTC that is currently operating.

Before continuing this check, ensure that every system voltages DTCs have been resolved.

Such check will not proceed until you have diagnosed and repaired any DTCs related to the oil temperature, pressure, or camshaft position sensor.

Drivers should test drive or use the truck in line with the circumstances that have been established and observed. Recognize and store diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) using the scanning device.

2. Engine oil and mechanical components of the engine

Before proceeding with this operation, switch off the ignition and ensure that the following things are in working order. Misdiagnosis can occur if this step is not taken correctly.

Factors that might play a role in P1524 error

  • Engine oil volume is too low
  • oil is aerated or polluted
  • oil filter is unsuitable.
  • There is inadequate oil pressure because of a mechanical breakdown in the oiling mechanism.
  • Problem with an oil pressure sensor or PCM

Did you find any one or more of the above conditions?

If yes, you have to fix it, for example, if there is a problem with the engine oil or the oiling mechanism. Some of the causes are damage to your oil pump, improper oil filter, dirty oil and sludge, damaged seals, and others.

If you do not find such a problem, continue to step no. 3

3. Verify that the oil pressure is adequate and that the mechanical status is satisfactory in Dodge Ram 1500

The engine oil sensor will be on the passenger side at the front of the engine. So, it has a port with a small clip, and you can press on the back close to where the cable is on to release it. You can slide it and then use the socket to loosen that sensor.

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Therefore, you need socket no.27, a deep well, to remove it. After you get it, you can use the ratchet on the back. Watch for a little oil to come out as you remove it. So you’ll want to throw a drip pan under it.

Once you have removed the oil pressure sensor, you can take the appropriate adapter for the Dodge Ram 1500 and install it there.

You may see a small rubber o-ring on the oil pressure test adapter. You want to make sure that the O-rings are there and in good condition so that when you start the engine using this tool, you don’t have any oil leaks everywhere. So an oil pressure test kit gives you lots of extra o-rings to spare in case they get damaged over time.

Based on the manual oil pressure test kit, the following are the steps:

  • Remove the oil pressure sending unit and install gauge assembly
  • Run the engine until the thermostat opens
  • Oil pressure:
    Curb idle-25 kPa (4 psi) minimum
    3000 rpm-170 – 758 kPa (25-110 psi)
  • If oil pressure is 0 at idle, you need to shut off your engine. Check for a clogged oil pick-up screen, or a pressure relief valve stuck open.

Your warm engine is revved up to 3000 rpm when the thermostat opens. You should have 25-110 psi for an acceptable oil pressure range.

I hope the article on fixing error P1524 on the Dodge Ram 1500 can help you get your vehicle back to normal.

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