P0700 Dodge Ram 1500 [How To Fix It]

This article will discuss how to fix the P0700 Dodge Ram 1500 error code when you scan it. You’ve seen something like this on your truck as a transmission problem.

First, you must understand how things work on your transmission to fix it.

So there will be a computer that will make everything operate as it should in transmission.

The computer is called the transmission control module (TCM).

It works by obtaining information from sensors such as a motor speed sensor that measures how fast the engine is spinning and then telling the transmission control module when to change gears.

It will also use the information from the throttle position sensor. The throttle position sensor tells the transmission control module how aggressively you drive.

The more aggressively you drive, it will try to change gears at higher revs.

The transmission control module will operate the transmission by activating different solenoids and varying the various pressures in the system through several pressure regulators.

For better understanding, here is a simple view of how the transmission control module works:

Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission Control Module works diagram
Dodge Ram 1500 Transmission Control Module

In more advanced settings, you will find that the transmission control module also connects to your engine control unit and your ABS, even controlling the brakes.

You’ll notice that the transmission is actively involved in cornering, spinning the wheels, or climbing steep slopes.

So when you see an error code P0700, a problem has been detected in the transmission control module, which can be connected to things like the engine control module, ABS, solenoids.

There could be a problem with the pressure regulator and so on. It could be a short circuit or malfunctioning in the transmission control module itself.  

What steps does an auto mechanic take to analyze the P0700 error code?

A technician will start by connecting a diagnostic device to the car and scanning for any issues in the vehicle.

If the P0700 code is identified, it is almost always not by itself.

Investigate all replay information for each code to determine specific conditions, and the engine light warning was activated.

The mechanic will remove the issue and put the car through a test drive to see whether the case is still there.

Once the procedure is complete, the technician will thoroughly inspect the gearbox, including the wiring connections.

Finally, during the test drive, the code scanner will evaluate transmission data such as solenoid function and valve structure status and ensure that everything is functioning normally.

When trying to resolve the P0700 problem, one option is to remove the code then run the vehicle through its miles.

Before clearing the information, the technician will list the current codes and other details with a diagnostic check.

Following the 2nd test drive, keep an eye out for any problems.

Assuming the codes do not reappear, it is possible a fault still exists, such as unusual test data or a stuck solenoid.

Upon re-occurrence of the issues, you should thoroughly check the transmission.

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How To Check and Fix P0700 Dodge Ram 1500

I will give you the top six things you should check to resolve the error P0700 popping up on your Dodge Ram 1500. I would also say that each manufacturer has its way of dealing with code P0700.

A failed trans might cause the P0700 error code.

As a result of physical wearing, significant metal accumulation in the mechanism occurs, resulting in the gearbox requiring repair or replacement.

The P0700 code is frequently unrecognized since the assumption is made if the problem does not reappear, the vehicle has been fixed.

Nevertheless, it is possible to misdiagnose when significant fixes are advised without finding what is truly at the problem with the vehicle.

Whenever you spend thousands of dollars on pricey fixes, check for any of the guidelines and details related to any P0700 code.

It is possible that the transmission fluid quantity or wiring will also require to be changed at some point.

Sure, it is possible that perhaps the gearbox is malfunctioning, so it will also require fixing.

Metals particles elsewhere in the transmission fluid may cause the P0700 error signal to be displayed.

Particles emerge when the gear deteriorates and become blocked in the switch solenoids, causing the gearbox to malfunction.

So obviously, I don’t want to make this article too long, and even if I did, there’s probably no way I could cover every Dodge Ram model ever made out there.

Now let me give you the top six factors you should do to fix the most common causes of P0700 whenever you see it on your Dodge Ram 1500.

1. Automatic Transmission Fluid

So it would help if you started by checking the automatic transmission fluid. If it’s deficient, it’s clear you may have a problem with how the transmission works.

Remember that the way the transmission works is to work by applying pressure to the fluid. If the transmission fluid level is low, some problems may occur.

So this is the first place you need to start. If you increase the level and remove that error, that P0700 error will completely go away if that’s the case.

2. Check Wiring Connection at the Engine Control Module and Transmission Control Module

I said earlier one of the causes of the P0700 on the Dodge Ram 1500 could be a connection problem. So it would be best if you made sure that everything is connected correctly.

Sometimes you need to remove or do some wiring work or move the gearbox, and you may find that the wires are not connecting as they should. Even some connectors may be damaged entirely.

So when you check how things are connected and plug it in again correctly, it should fix error P0700.

The most common electrical problems are a broken wire or an open circuit in the wiring harness or an issue with the ECM (electronic control module).

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3. Check Fluid Hoses For Leaks and Damages

The transmission works by pressing the fluid.

So if there is a leak or damage to the hose or even the transmission case itself, the fluid will leak, which will be a problem.

If you can’t stop the leak, then consider replacing the component.

When transmission fluid leaks from the top of the transmission, it can drip down into the bell housing, running into electrical connections.

So, this will cause a P0700 code because when electricity passes through transmission fluid, it can cause damage to sensitive electronic components in your vehicle.

The most common cause for a transmission fluid leak is a failed seal or gasket in the torque converter.

If you see an apparent leak of transmission fluid from the bottom of your vehicle, this is a sign that something inside the transmission has failed.

4. Transmission Solenoids

So if you’re going to be opening the gearbox to inspect the various solenoids, I recommend letting the professionals handle it if you’re not confident about doing it yourself.

Let an auto technician who is experienced in opening automatic transmissions go through this process.

If you open it and don’t do something right, you may damage your transmission even more than before.

5. Check Power on Drive Controllers and Solenoids

You can check the drive controller power cables and valves.

So obviously, if there’s a problem with it, then power won’t go to the critical transmission components needed to make it work.

6. A failed sensor

Transmission sensors may fail for various reasons, including excessive heat, physical damage, and electrical issues.

For example, a bad torque converter clutch sensor will cause a P0700 code to set. 

Whenever resolving the P0700 issue, avoid making typical pitfalls

A problem is caused if all stages are not performed or if the process isn’t fully finished.

Stage process evaluation is necessary since the P0700 error can not permanently be fixed through usual maintenance across most cases, even if a vehicle has a standard service that addresses it.

Conclusion Regarding Error P0700 on Your Dodge Ram 1500

So basically, that’s just a top six of the go-to areas for you to fix P0700 Dodge Ram 1500. but like I said, every manufacturer had got its way of dealing with this problem. 

When you see a P0700 code, there is a problem with the transmission’s control module.

The car’s ECU (engine control unit) will look for codes to indicate the issue.

The ECU will throw out more than one code if your vehicle has multiple problems.

If you get an error code from your check engine light, it may be hard to diagnose what exactly is wrong with your car.

If this problem occurs with your pickup, you can check the transmission fluid, cable connections, hose fluid, transmission solenoid, and power on the drive controllers. I hope this article will help you deal with the P0700 on your truck.

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