Do You Need to Buy a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning?

Do you expect to purchase a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning? Well, this truck goes above any other electric car, a version that will encourage anyone to adopt electricity. Although it looks not much different from the conventional F-150, its strength lies in its environmental friendliness and cost benefits.

As an EV, the Ford F-150 Lighting creates no pollutants. Furthermore, recharging it is cheap; therefore, the additional weight is insignificant. Sure, it relies on where you got your electricity, which is a whole other subject.

2022 Ford F-150 Lighting is Faster With Excellent Mileage

The torque that arises from the electric engine also ensures that the Ford F-150 Lightning is speedy. Ford Lightning will go 0-60 in 4.4 secs, quicker than the provided Raptor variant. You also get an independent rear suspension for a smoother ride too.

Storage space is acceptable considering the lack of a sizeable V8 up front. You’ve got cargo space with electrical outlets and 400 lbs of space.


At least,  you can put two sets of golf equipment, an excellent weekly shopping, or even a few luggage. Having a truck bed is only a plus for hauling bulky stuff; either with a lockable cover, it’s a gigantic trunk.

The anticipation for the amazing and one-of-a-kind 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is nearly over. The new Ford F-150 Lightning will be a full-electric car that takes its moniker from one of the company’s most popular pickups, the F-150.

Let’s look into several innovations and changes added to this appealing automobile from Ford.

Ford states that the smaller regular package will have a top mileage of 230 miles on a single battery charge, with the higher extended package having a most excellent mileage of 370.15 km.


With the extra extended package, this performance may be increased to 300 miles. The charging possibilities on the brand-new Ford F-150 Lightning will be even handier for drivers. Charging the car at your home is possible using standard 110V/220V plugs on your electrical circuit. 

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Aside from that, you may charge it at another open fast-charging facility that has a DC power source. According to the top vehicle manufacturer, the truck will hit 15%-80% in slightly more than 40 minutes.

Batteries Capacity

Whenever Ford introduces new vehicles, it frequently misses out on critical details, including those of the output power of the engine, price information, and, in the case of the upcoming F-150 Lightning electrical truck, battery capacity.


According to the first charging time figures, we anticipated that. However, a Ford official verified that the useable specifications of both accessible power packs have the same capacity. The future electric pickups will be equipped with two Li-ion batteries; they are a Standard Range package with 98.0 kWh and an Extended Range package with a capacity of 131.0 kWh.

F-150 Lightning Prices and Rivals

As a result, once the F-150 Lightning goes on sale in 2022, it will start competing vs. the GMC Hummer Electric truck, which is powered by 200 kWh Ultium batteries and has mobility of approximately up to 350 miles, as well as the Rivian R1T, with Environmental Protection Agency estimates to hit 314 miles.

Reservations will be accepted starting January 2022, while Ford notes that those who have reserved this truck will get a mail welcoming them to make an order. In addition, further information about the Ford F-150 Lightning will be released next month, including a complete list of price options that are expected to begin at roughly $42,000.

Microchip Shortage Affects the Production of the F-150 Lightning

As a result of a lack of supply of microchips that impacted the whole car sector, Ford was pressured to execute several productivity reductions.

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After numerous F-150 pickup trucks were assembled but without essential chips in springtime, Ford was maintained and controlled vehicles in a parking area across Detroit till the microchip could be received and placed.

The manufacturer has confirmed multiple declines in production of the much-sought-after Bronco Crossover. Among the newest, it was experiencing more technical difficulties with the standard hardtop, which they found to have been damaged after heavy rains last month.

In any case, it’s clear why Ford is anticipating a gradual positive trend in manufacturing the F-150 Lightning rather than a massive influx of inventory into the supply chain.

According to the company, they expect to produce 15,000 Ford Lightnings trucks for the 2022 version year.

Yes, it is a pretty exciting idea, mainly because Ford sold almost 13,000 Mustang Mach-E electric vehicles during the first half of 2021.

Also, Ford plans to create 55,000 Ford Lightnings in 2023, followed by 80,000 in 2024.

The Ford Lightning will be redesigned in 2025, according to Ford. Following that, Ford wants to sell over 150,000 electric pickup trucks per year.

As a result, it is expected to contribute about 18% of F-series pickups shipments in the coming year.

I believe it is a reasonable percentage, especially considering that electric vehicles now account for only a tiny portion of the latest car segment in the United States.

Ford will focus on demand from commercial buyers to boost the number of F-150 Ford Lightning on the road by 2020.

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