Noco Genius1 Battery Charger Review

Are you tired of buying expensive batteries for your car? Alright, the Noco Genius1 battery charger is a new way to charge all your vehicles. 

Although the Noco Genius1 and the G750 are almost identical, the Noco Genius1 is superior to the G750. It is 35 percent smaller, yet it can produce greater power. It’s no surprise that the Noco Genius1 is a one-stop shop for charging devices, batteries maintainers, and battery desulfation, among other things.

In addition to Li-ion, the Noco Genius1 is specifically intended for auto, marine, and deep-cycle lead-acid 6 and 12 V batteries, covering submerged gels, Absorbent Glass Mat, and maintenance-free batteries.

Genius1 can detect The heat of the surrounding environment, thanks to accurate charging and an inbuilt thermal sensor. Additionally, it can alter charging to prevent overvoltage in hot areas and undercharging in cooler environments.  Charge batteries that are dead or have a voltage as low as 1 V. You may also utilize a current style mode, which allows you to take command and directly charge a dead battery down to 0V if it is not already charging.

To recover battery performance that has been lost due to sulfation, Noco Genius1 immediately recognizes these conditions. You will have a quicker engine startup and a better battery life due to this.

The Genius1 is more than simply a trickle charger; it is also a sophisticated battery maintainer. A completely automated rechargeable battery pack for regular usage, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even without the risk of overcharging.

Surprisingly, Genius1 is functional with all makes and models of automobiles. You may charge and manage various vehicles, including automobiles, motorbikes,  ATVs, tractors, pickups, SUVs, sailboats, lawnmowers, and much more.

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Noco Genius1 is a 12V Genius Series Battery Charger, and it has an exclusive four-stage charging program to ensure your batteries are always in top condition.

The battery charger is a device used to charge the battery of a vehicle or a motorcycle. Every vehicle owner needs to own at least one car battery charger because you cannot use a vehicle without it.

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A car battery charger is an electrical device that you can be plug into the socket or the port of a car to charge the car’s battery when it is not in use.

You can use A car battery charger to recharge any lead-acid battery, such as those found in cars, motorcycles, boats, and ATVs. Some models can even recharge deep-cycle batteries.

NOCO GENIUS1 is the world’s first fully automatic 12V battery charger and maintainer. It charges and maintains all types of lead-acid batteries for:

  • 6V
  • 7.2V
  • 8.4V
  • 9.6V
  • 12V

You will find it in cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, trucks, and boats (including large marine batteries up to 130Ah).

Noco Genius1 also features a patented hybrid charging mode for quick charging applications such as electric vehicles or other high-power applications.

So, this allows the unit to charge batteries at a rate of up to 5 amps. The Noco Genius1 also features an easy-to-read LCD and remote control for convenient operation.

The Noco Genius1 Battery Charger is a Great Innovation

For those looking for a new battery charger, Noco Genius1 is one of the best options you may consider. This product is compatible with various types of rechargeable batteries.

There are several reasons why this product has become a hit in the market, such as the fact that it’s very easy to use. And because it’s portable, you can bring it anywhere without any problem.

It can charge different types of batteries simultaneously, and it does so fast. It also comes with an LCD that shows you your battery charging process status.

Some of the Features of the Noco Genius1 Battery Charger

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your vehicle is keeping the battery charged. A car battery can lose its charge quickly, especially during cold weather. The Noco Genius1 Car Battery Charger can help you extend the life of your battery and avoid sudden, unexpected breakdowns.

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Noco Genius1 car battery charger features are:

  • 1 Amps output allows for quick charging
  • Automatically senses and selects between 6 or 12 volts for most vehicles
  • LED display indicates power status and makes it easy to read in the dark
  • Universal alligator clips allow easy installation, and this battery charger is compatible with all 12-volt lead-acid batteries.
  • Able to charge a 12-volt battery in 4 hours or less, you may utilize this convenient charger for car, truck, motorcycle, and marine batteries.
  • It features a built-in battery desulfator to extend the life of your battery.

How to Use the Noco Genius1 Battery Charger Correctly

If you’ve ever used a car battery charger before, then you know that they can be pretty complicated to use. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be hard to figure out how to charge your car battery.

Luckily, the Noco Genius1 Car Battery Charger has advanced safety features designed with the average user in mind. In this review, we will look at the many features of this product and see just how easy it is to use.

The Noco Genius1 Battery Charger is an affordable and effective way to keep your 12V batteries fully charged. The Genius1 can charge a wide variety of batteries from a car, boat, or RV.

Before utilizing a charger, risks and suggested charging rates for a particular battery should be closely examined. You should determine the voltage and chemical of the batteries by checking the battery owner’s handbook.

The Noco Genius1 Battery Charger is a smart charger that automatically adjusts to each battery’s proper charging power. In this article, we will discuss how to use the Noco Genius1 Battery Charger by detailing the following steps:

  1. Check the battery’s voltage and chemistry to ensure it’s in good working order.
  2. Double-check that the battery grips or eyelet terminal fittings are properly hooked up and that the AC power plug is appropriately inserted into a power outlet.
  3. When the charger is turned on for the first time, it will enter Standby mode, demonstrated by an orange LED. When the charger is in Standby mode, it is not supplying any power.
  4. Press and hold the mode button for 3 seconds to reach the proper charge option for the voltage and chemistry of your battery (push and keep for 3 seconds to access an advanced charging option).
  5. When the charging process takes place, the configuration LED will glow to indicate the desired charging option. The Charging LEDs will glow (according to the current battery condition) to indicate that the charging process is happening.
  6. It is now possible to leave the battery charger plugged into the battery at all periods to continue to charge the battery.
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Whenever the charger is plugged in, it remembers the previous charge mode and automatically resumes it. Just after initial use, push the mode button to switch modes.

How Long Should I Charge My Battery?

The time required to recharge the batteries depends largely on its capacity (in Ah) and depth of discharge (in DOD). The charging duration is calculated using a mean discharge capacity to a completely charged battery.


Because of the limitations of the battery, actual results may vary. Battery charging time is dependent on a 50% DOD, or the amount of time it takes to recharge the battery. Influence of temperature on charging times as well. The GENIUS1 has heat compensation that synchronizes charge profile information for maximum charging effectiveness.

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