Ram TRX 1500 Is A Modern Truck With V8 And 702 HP

If you’ve been following the headlines about the many never-ending horsepower pickup competitions, you could be in with a chance to win a 702 hp Ram pickup vehicle. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you everything about the truck. The Ram TRX engine is a V8 Hellcat with a massive 2380 cc TWIN-SCREW IHI supercharger that boosts up to 11 psi and produces 702 hp.

Power and Top Speed

Furthermore, Ram 1500 TRX is 4×4, so you won’t get stuck in the snow because your tire pattern is likewise very aggressive.  You may be wondering how somebody could handle that much horsepower at high speeds on a pickup truck so expertly? The speedometer reads a final 120 mph because  TRX’s speed is electronically limited to 119 miles per hour. Since the TRX isn’t a race vehicle, Ram engineers weren’t dumb when they designed it.

When we talk, don’t want to drive 200 mph in a pickup truck, it’s electronically limited to 119 mph, which I think is a good idea. Simply about clearance, I believe that with all of the workspaces inside the TRX, it will be easier for them to put a massive Hellcat V8 into the body of a pickup truck. The fantastic thing about this large pickup truck is its extended workspace and a stunning engine supercharger.

The air comes from a scoop in the air intake system, so it’s not only for the TRX’s aesthetic.

The air will be sucked in, and your goal is to generate 702 horsepower. As a result, a lot of air is required, and the supercharger Rams, of course, need additional air input. In comparison, the supercharged 2013 Shelby Cobra produces 662 hp.

The Ram TRX doesn’t even have a front grille, and it’s just a big hole like a shark’s mouth because it has to suck in so much air when the speed isn’t limited and is capable of 202 mph. Its top speed is only 119 mph, so TRX got a vast opening to take in enough air. It wasn’t an issue; if there weren’t a speed limit, they’d want a much larger one. But do you want to go 200 mph in a pickup truck? I don’t think so unless you’re driving in a straight line on a racetrack, which isn’t a good idea.

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Ram TRX Fuel Consumption

Are you concerned about your gas mileage? If this is the case, avoid purchasing the Ram TRX because it consumes a lot of petrol. The entire vehicle is designed to handle that kind of power.

Fuel consumption is in the single digits if you drive it in the city, and if you go it hard, you get around 5 MPG in the city. So be prepared to spend money on gas if you want one of these beasts. The Ram TRX is probably the last of the big V8s with a 702 horsepower supercharger.

Ram TRX Suspension

You get a thick, strong-arm control and a plush TRX Active Terrain Dynamic support system underneath. The shock breaker is a very appealing mechanism with a solid appearance on the line that fits the Bilstein shock. You may not like the Chrysler Dodge Ram. However, the TRX appears to be an exception, and even its four-wheel-drive system is appealing. Okay, you’ve got 702 hp, you understand what’s under the rear tires, they’ll burn all the time, you can set it high-low, but it’ll always be in four-wheel drive.

Modes in 4WD of Ram TRX

You have so much power you don’t have to worry about not having it run four-wheel drive, and there’s no denying that. You do have four 4WD modes, they are:

  • Auto
  • High
  • Low
  • Axle Lock

TRX is technologically advanced, and the audio and visuals are appealing. The supercharged Hellcat V8 engine makes a lot of noise, but it’s an excellent result, and it’s absolutely symphony to your ears. It isn’t as loud as the maddening Ferrari backfiring. Three adults might easily fit in the back of a TRX pickup. Also,  you have such an ample sunroof space, don’t be surprised if the 702 special TRX sells out in a matter of hours.

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Towing Ability

With 702 horsepower, the TRX can tow many things, and it’s rated at 8,100 pounds. But I’m sure you can do a lot more than that. The Ram TRX’s got one fancy military shock in the back, and of course, if you want to win a pickup or battle, be aware you’re going to lose mileage. 


You might want to have this big truck in your garage with all the modern conveniences of a big old screen so you can look around. You’ll love the super cool overhead view. Of course, it’s a typical big pickup, especially with a 4×4; you’re way up in the air.

The Ram TRX is a modern truck with all the luxury suspension systems from Bilstein, the best shock and strut manufacturer that handles a reliable 4WD pickup truck and rear axle well. You can hear it’s supercharged, and it has a very comfortable ride.

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