The Causes of Oil Leak In Car and How to Fix It

One of the most common automotive problems is an oil leak in car. I’ll tell you what the cause is and how to fix it easily. Engine oil in vehicles is undoubtedly one of the most critical aspects always to be maintained. Of course, the presence of car engine oil will significantly affect the condition of the car’s engine system.

Oil is a fluid that functions as a lubricant while maintaining the temperature in the engine. Therefore, every car owner should check the oil regularly, considering its essential role in running the engine operating system. If not treated, many problems will arise, such as car engine oil running out quickly, which the owner often does not realize.

Causes of Your Car’s Engine Oil Runs Out Quickly

If you ignore it, it will trigger various consequences of running out of car engine oil, such as a car system on an easily damaged car and worn out. You should understand the causes of engine oil that make it run out quickly even though you just changed it. Thus, you can minimize the problem of running out of car oil with maximum preventive efforts. The following are various reasons why your car’s engine oil runs out.

  • Leaks in Oil Drain Area
  • Leaks in the carter area or oil pan
  • Evaporating Oil
  • Poor Oil Quality
  • You haven’t changed the oil for too long

In some circumstances, the oil in the automobile will decrease slowly. However, if suddenly the volume of oil reduces drastically, of course, some factors cause it. Among others are as follows.

Oil Leak in Car, Check Your Oil Drain System

It is possible if the problem with the oil running out rapidly is because the drain plug that functions to drain the car engine oil leaks. 

Usually, leaks occur because the rubber seal that prevents seepage out is brittle or worn. So, it would be best if you first replaced the rubber seal. However, if you have not solved this problem, you can immediately replace the drain plug component if the condition is no longer suitable for use.

Or, if it is an urgent situation, you can coat the seal tip on the threaded part of the engine block with a drain plug as a temporary measure to prevent oil from seeping. It is logical if the oil in the car runs out quickly because it seeps out where the rubber seal or drain plug is damaged.

Leaks In the Carter Area or Oil Pan

Another cause of reduced car engine oil can also occur in the leaking oil pan component. Pan or charter oil acts as a reservoir for engine oil supplied throughout the engine block area for lubrication.

The shape of the oil pan is like a tub with bolts to the engine block with a layer of sealant glue. Usually, the connection part is often the primary cause.

To overcome this problem, of course, you must reinstall the oil pan by using a sealant glue coating. In addition, you also have to make sure when you are going to coat the charter with new glue.

You should clean all the old glue residue and use a good quality one. To minimize the condition that causes the oil volume to decrease, you should always check the charter or oil pan periodically or during routine service. Thus, you can do maximum prevention of oil leaks or seepage that can occur at any time.

Evaporating Oil

The cause of engine oil in a car that suddenly drops drastically is evaporation. Especially if the weather is hot, engine oil can evaporate in very high engine temperature conditions, although cases like this are relatively rare.

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Usually, problems happen simultaneously when the engine cooling system does not run optimally and overheats. If this is the case, one solution is to keep the temperature inside the engine in a stable condition. That way, the engine heat will not make the oil in the car engine evaporate.

Poor Oil Quality

Meanwhile, other factors that cause the oil capacity to decrease or run out quickly could be unsatisfactory oil conditions or quality. Not without reason, considering that the oil is of poor quality, of course, the content in the oil easily triggers the evaporation process, which makes the oil run out quickly.

Therefore, it is highly recommended always to use car engine oil with superior quality even though the price is relatively high. The impact of poor oil quality is not only a matter of rapidly decreasing volume capacity; instead, it will also significantly affect its lubrication performance in the engine area.

It is undeniable that selecting quality engine oil is an absolute must to prevent or minimize the evaporation process due to low oil quality.

On the other hand, in terms of the quality of the oil, it is highly recommended always to maintain how the oil is still maintaining temperature stability and preventing friction between components. So, always make sure that the car engine oil is always in top condition and ready to function as a reliable lubricant.

You Don’t Change Engine Oil for a Long Time

When you do not change the oil regularly, the volume of oil in the engine system quickly decreases or runs out.

It is undeniable that the oil will experience gradual evaporation due to a high engine temperature. So I recommend always maintaining the engine oil capacity by doing regular oil changes according to the procedure. Don’t forget always to use quality oil to minimize car engine circuit problems.

Consequences If the Engine Oil Runs Out

From the several factors above, it seems that leaks in some systems and evaporation are the primary triggers that make the oil capacity in your car engine always decrease drastically. However, from some of these main factors, choosing quality oil is something you can’t just ignore because it will significantly affect engine performance, and low-quality oil can cause more severe problems in the car engine system.

How to Deal With Car Oil Leaks

If your car’s oil leaks or seeps, then you can’t just ignore it. If leaks in the oil reservoir occur frequently, the volume of oil decreases rapidly. With a decrease in oil capacity, the performance of your car engine components is at risk of a lack of lubricant.

You can fix it with various simple steps if the damage or your oil leak is not too severe. I will provide the latest information about the causes and solutions for dealing with leaking car oil that you need to understand in depth.

Causes of Car Oil Leaking

The following are some of the factors that trigger oil seepage in the car:

Broken gearbox seal

One of the most potent reasons for car oil leaks is a torn gearbox seal or a leaking crankshaft seal. Usually, damage to the gearbox seal indicates that the car engine sounds louder and very rough. If so, then you need to address the issue.

Leak at the exhaust tip

It turns out that car oil dripping can also occur due to a damaged engine valve seal. Generally, it also causes reduced engine power. Engine performance is not optimal since the RPM is low, which indicates an oil leak seeping out of the oil chamber of the car itself.

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Axle Oil Leaks

Axle oil leaks are indicated by dripping oil on the bottom of the car engine in the rear sector, and you should fix it immediately. If you ignore it, it will harm your vehicle’s transmission system. If the leak is severe, the repair costs will be expensive.

Problem with steering gear

Car oil leaks also occur due to problems with the steering gears. The cause is a leak in the compressor seal, which impacts the movement of the steering wheel, which feels heavy. This condition can trigger more severe damage to the gear’s bearing or surface if you let this condition.

How to Overcome Oil Leak in Car

The best solution to overcome or at least prevent car oil from seeping is as follows.

Repairing Oil Pan Gasket Parts

You can deal with leaking car oil by fixing the gasket of the oil pan. Even though it’s cheap, it will take a long time. You will have to unscrew or remove some components to get to the point of the problem. You can do this yourself, but if you find it very complicated, you can use the services of a professional mechanic to fix it.

Replacing Damaged or Worn Packing

Each connection between parts or engine components has a different gasket so that the oil in the engine has a seal. If the car engine is running, then there are several moving components, including the rotating shaft. Damaged packing will make it easy for oil to seep out and decrease the car engine’s performance. At the same time, it will damage the sealant and gasket.

The oil starts to leak slowly, but over time the leak hole becomes big enough to make it look like a puddle. It would be better to replace the packing that has started to wear out to prevent oil seepage from overcoming this issue.

Use Engine Oil Stop Leak

If the oil leak is small, you can use a liquid mixed with oil as a leak stopper. The way it works is unique; the liquid will close the leak from the inside and act as a seal and packing conditioner. It’s easier to clog some of the points that cause leaks. Additives like an oil leak stopper will make closing holes or gaps in car components easier without any side effects.

Tighten Loose Bolts

Engine oil leaks can occur because of some loose bolts, and it causes a small gap so that oil seeps when the car engine is running. The solution is to tighten the bolts with a torque wrench. However, different car models have other pattern specifications and tolerances when tightening their bolts. So, this is a straightforward step to ensure that the bolts on the parts related to engine oil are in the proper condition, precise and tight.

Conclusion of Car Oil Leaks

If you look at some of the causal factors and solutions to the oil leak problem above, it can be a reference source for you in fixing the problem. The causes that I mentioned are common which are often experienced by some cars. The solution is also a simple way to deal with leaking oil. However, for more severe or more specific oil leak problems, it would be better if you take your car to a repair shop for a proper repair by a professional technician. Hopefully, the tips on dealing with leaking car oil can be a reference source for all of you.

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