2019 Ram 1500 Towing Capacity Chart and Graph

The 2019 Ram 1500 towing capacity chart is information that is often sought after by truck owners. Therefore, I will give you a complete 2019 Ram 1500 towing chart that will make it easier for you to make comparisons or, if you want to know, which include:

  • V6, 3.6 L
  • V8, 5.7 L Hemi
  • 5.7L V8 Hemi eTorque
  • Quad cab
  • Crew Cab

In the following table, the estimated values ​​apply to the maximum trailer weight and payload. The unit used for all weights listed is the pound unless otherwise noted.

2019 Ram 1500 Towing Capacity Chart Table and Graph

ModelEngineTransmissionAxle RatioGVWRPayloadTotalFrontRearFrontRearGCWRTrailer Max Rating Weight
QUAD CAB: 6-ft. 4-in. BOX, 4x2 HFE3.6L V-6A8 850RE3.21601011804825.002805.582019.4237004100119006710
QUAD CAB: 6-ft. 4-in. BOX, 4x23.6L V-6A8 850RE3.21680019104891.012843.962047.0537004100119006640
3.6L V-6A8 850RE3.55680019104891.012843.962047.0537004100129007640
3.6L V-6A8 850RE3.55710023204782.012780.582001.4337004100129007750
5.7L V-8 HEMI®A8 8HP753.21690019804925.002863.722061.2837004100139008590
5.7L V-8 HEMIA8 8HP753.92690019804925.002863.722061.28370041001700011690
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.21690018905009.002912.572096.4337004100139008540
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.92690018905009.002912.572096.43370041001700011640
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.92690018905009.002912.572096.43370041001820012750
QUAD CAB: 6-ft. 4-in. BOX, 4x43.6L V-6A8 850RE3.21680018104988.992900.932088.0639004100119006460
3.6L V-6A8 850RE3.55680018104988.992900.932088.0639004100129007460
3.6L V-6A8 850RE3.92680015605237.993045.722192.2739004100129007290
5.7L V-8 HEMI®A8 8HP753.21710019505147.002992.812154.1939004100139008360
5.7L V-8 HEMIA8 8HP753.92710019505147.002992.812154.19390041001700011460
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.21710018705231.993042.232189.7639004100139008270
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.92710018705231.993042.232189.76390041001700011370
CREW CAB: 5-ft. 7-in. BOX, 4x23.6L V-6A8 850RE3.21690020004903.002850.932052.0737004100119006590
3.6L V-6A8 850RE3.55690020004903.002850.932052.0737004100129007590
3.6L V-6A8 850RE3.92690017605141.002989.332151.6737004100129007390
5.7L V-8 HEMI®A8 8HP753.21690018405065.002945.132119.8737004100139008430
5.7L V-8 HEMIA8 8HP753.92690018405065.002945.132119.87370041001700011530
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.21690017505149.002993.972155.0337004100139008340
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.92690017505149.002993.972155.03370041001700011440
CREW CAB: 5-ft. 7-in. BOX, 4x43.6L V-6A8 850RE3.21690016705231.993042.232189.7639004100119006280
3.6L V-6A8 850RE3.55690016705231.993042.232189.7639004100129007280
3.6L V-6A8 850RE3.92690015305372.003123.642248.3639004100129007160
5.7L V-8 HEMIA8 8HP753.21710018005302.013082.942219.0739004100139008190
5.7L V-8 HEMIA8 8HP753.92710018005302.013082.942219.07390041001700011290
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.21710017205380.013128.302251.7139004100139008090
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.92710017205380.013128.302251.71390041001700011190
CREW CAB: 6-ft. 4-in. BOX, 4x23.6L V-6A8 850RE3.21690019404964.012886.412077.6037004100119006550
3.6L V-6A8 850RE3.55690019404964.012886.412077.6037004100129007550
5.7L V-8 HEMI®A8 8HP753.21690018205076.992952.102124.8937004100139008420
5.7L V-8 HEMIA8 8HP753.92690018205076.992952.102124.89370041001700011520
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.21690017405163.013002.122160.8937004100139008330
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.92690017405163.013002.122160.89370041001700011430
CREW CAB: 6-ft. 4-in. BOX, 4x43.6L V-6A8 850RE3.21690017405160.013000.372159.6439004100119006320
3.6L V-6A8 850RE3.55690017405160.013000.372159.6439004100129007320
5.7L V-8 HEMIA8 8HP753.21710018305268.903063.652205.2539004100139008220
5.7L V-8 HEMIA8 8HP753.92710018305268.903063.652205.25390041001700011320
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.21710017505354.013113.182240.8339004100139008080
5.7L V-8 HEMI eTorqueA8 8HP753.92710017505354.013113.182240.83390041001700011180
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Rounded values ​​to the nearest 10 lb also apply to the maximum load and trailer weight values. The payload value is the result of subtracting the GVWR with the base weight. SAE J2807 is the reference standard for calculating vehicle trailer weights and trailer weight ratings. Here the passenger weight is set at 300 lb. Meanwhile, content options of more than 33% of sales will be weighted options.

If option weights are not included, then for a Class IV receiver hitch, it is 3.9 lb, which will be the trailer equipment’s weight. For a TWR value equal to or less than 5,000 lb, the trailer hitch is 10 lb. But if the TWR is more than 5000 lb, then the trailer hitch value is 65 lb.

In addition, trailer weight rating and payload are also mutually exclusive. Remember not to exceed the truck’s GCWR, GVWR, and GAWR. You can specify the recommended tongue weight for conventional hitches as 10% of the trailer’s gross weight. As a guide, 1275 lb is the maximum tongue weight limit for a Class IV hitch receiver, and the recommended weight distribution hitch is only for trailers over 5,000 lb.

Graph of Towing Capacity

2019 dodge rame quad cab 6-ft. 4-in. box, 4x2 hfe towing capacity

2019 dodge rame quad cab 6-ft. 4-in. box, 4x2 towing capacity chart


QUAD CAB 6-ft. 4-in. BOX, 4x4 towing capacity ram 2019

CREW CAB: 5-ft. 7-in. BOX, 4x2 towing capacity ram 1500 2019

CREW CAB 5-ft. 7-in. BOX, 4x4 towing chart


CREW CAB 6-ft. 4-in. BOX, 4x2 towing capacity

CREW CAB 6-ft. 4-in. BOX, 4x4 towing graph ram 1500

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