Water Pump Failure Symptoms You Need To Know

Today I will talk about water pump failure symptoms on cars. Ideally, every component in your vehicle requires checking and maintenance measures to keep it durable and long-lasting. However, each maintenance step requires various appropriate steps to maintain car components that can be carried out correctly and perfectly.

One crucial aspect that is often rarely noticed by car owners is the car’s water pump. You need to understand that a problematic car water pump is generally triggered by several factors that are pretty trivial.

6 Signs of a Bad Car Water Pump

Several factors indeed characterize the condition of damage to the car water pump. Here are the signs that you need to understand.

1. Abnormal Sound Appears from the Engine Area

Generally, the easily recognizable symptom of a car water pump malfunction indicates an unusual sound coming from the hood area of ​​the car. The typical sound appears because there is damage to the water pump bearing.

But to be sure, you have to check by removing the fan belt and turning the water pump by hand.

If the damage to the water pump is too severe, then when you turn, it will usually feel like it is stuck on one side.

However, if you hold the pulley on the water pump, it feels like there is sway to the side, which indicates that the water pump will sound louder.

2. Disrupted Radiator Water Circulation Process

In addition, if the water pump condition on your car is not good, you can know it from the radiator water system.

Usually, if there is a problem with the water pump, the water in the radiator will not circulate properly. The reason is that your car’s water pump, which should work to pump radiator water, has problems operating.

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Meanwhile, you need to look at the radiator cap hole when the engine is idle to check it. If the water pump condition is in normal conditions, the radiator water will appear to be circulating.

But if the water pump fluid condition still does not move, it is a sign that the water pump is not working.

So, you can make sure that the water pump is not able to work typically. Thus, you need to check its condition or replace it with a new one.

3. Radiator Fan Doesn’t Rotate.

The condition of a damaged car water pump will usually cause the radiator fan not to rotate at all. Generally, the radiator fan system that does not turn happens in the latest Honda cars.

The reason is that the engine cooling water temperature sensor, which is still functioning to move the fan, is in the tank at the bottom of the engine radiator.

When a water pump malfunction occurs, the water in the radiator will not be able to flow. Of course, you can use this as an indicator to determine the condition of the car radiator fan.

4. Water Pump Leak

Another characteristic of water pump failure symptoms is a leak in the component. You can tell when you see water dripping from the side and front of the engine. But if the water pump leak is small, there will be no sign of dripping water.

Thus, you can see it from the radiator water volume, which has decreased drastically in a short time. I strongly recommend always check the water pump of the car. At least during routine service to find out its current condition.

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5. Engine Overheats Fast

The temperature of a car engine that suddenly increases drastically is generally caused by the radiator water not functioning.

However, it is not necessarily the radiator that is damaged.

It could be that the water pump system is damaged.

Thus, the operation of pumping radiator water does not run and cannot push the radiator fluid to cool the engine.

Therefore, I suggest you check the water pump if your engine temperature often increases significantly. Mainly if you’ve ensured that your radiator is OK, it is most likely a problem with the pump system or car water pump that is not functioning normally.

6. Radiator Fluid Leak

If you are more careful, the characteristics or signs of the water pump system are leaking, marked by the presence of water droplets that appear in the area under the car.

The radiator fluid is in the water pump but seeps out, resulting in a leak that makes it drip out.

If the indications or characteristics of water pump damage are left alone, it will trigger various problems. So, it’s best if you encounter these conditions, try always to take the car to a repair shop so that it gets treated immediately.


From the various reviews regarding the water pump failure symptoms on the car, I’m sure you can now understand it.

Thus, you can minimize severe problems with the car’s cooling system or circuit, including the radiator system closely related to the water pump.

Hopefully, the article on various causes of problems or characteristics of a damaged car water pump above can be a helpful reference for all of you.

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