Cheap Auto Body Repair Shops [Tips To Get Quality Service]

Many people look for cheap auto body repair shops near their area to fix the appearance of their car, and they commonly need repairs for car bodies that are dented due to collisions, accidents, or age factors. There’s nothing wrong with looking for low prices, but unfortunately, sometimes they ignore the quality of work even though not all workshops are like that. In the end, customers often get disappointing or low-quality results.

You probably spent a lot of money on a car and want to use it for as long as possible. Sometimes fate is not on your side, and your vehicle is damaged. Of course, you want to fix it and get your car like it was before. You can get what you want if you use cheap body repair services, but still, you need to check the quality. 

Alternative Inexpensive Auto Body Repair Shops

You have more than one body repair option when there is an appearance issue with your car. You can opt to replace it with a new car body, but you have to spend more because the price of the car body is higher. I think this option is not the right solution for those who are limited in budget. Therefore you can consider going with body repair services.

Unfortunately, alternative body repair is not simple, mainly because repair shops competence strongly influences body repair quality. Finding cheap, quality body repair service is quite tricky, even in big cities where you live. Therefore, if you want to use this alternative, you must first find a repair shop to provide quality body repairs.

Car Body Repair Process

For those of you who are still new to car body repair, it never hurts to understand the processes carried out in repair shop employees’ efforts to repair your car body. It will also be helpful for you later when you want to use body repair services, and you can assess whether the repair process carried out is optimal or not. Generally, here are the steps in the cheap auto body repair shops:

Knocking and Car Body Surface Preparation

In principle, this stage wants to return the car body to its original condition before dented.

The car’s body will be tapped so that later it can return to its original shape, but with a surface that is already different in color and texture. After that, the workshop technician will coat the body with a base layer.

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Preparation Before Painting Car Body

After the surface is ready, putty is carried out to make it more even on the other body surfaces. You need to pay attention when using Cheap Body Repair services at this stage because often, cheap services provide putty that is not suitable for the type. A quality workshop should know which putty is ideal for each context of the damage experienced because this part is very influential on the smoothness of the surface.

After puttying, the surface is smoothed by sanding. After that, the surface is washed with a degreaser.

Filler Coating

This step will repair all the holes in the surface after it has been puttied, and it differentiates a quality body repair from one that doesn’t.

If done correctly, there should not be many holes left at this stage, and the surface of the car body should be smooth after the putty process.

As in the putty process, after this step is done, the surface is sanded and washed with a degreaser.

Base Coating

This process aims to coat the surface of the car’s body before painting.

Back Wash

This process is carried out to ensure that nothing is left on the surface which can affect the quality of the paint.

Washing using a degreaser will remove oil, fine dust, or other debris. This stage also distinguishes between cheap quality body repairs and those that are not because at this stage, sometimes customers get results that are not optimal.


Before coating with varnish, the surface of the car body is first wiped with a tack cloth. It aims to remove all the fine dust that sticks. Thus, coating with varnish can cover and smooth the surface of the car body optimally.

Cheap Auto Body Repair Shops Results Check

Checking this process is essential because you want to get optimal results from your costs on body repairs.

Moreover, if you use a repair shop that offers cheap body repair services, you need to ensure that the results are still high quality.

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If you are satisfied, you can recommend it to your closest people or relatives. Otherwise, if it’s not good, it can be an experience.

The surface of the car body that is initially dented is the first thing you should check. You have to make sure that the shape is entirely back to the way it was before, the curve, so that the surface can be as smooth as any other normal part.

After that, you also need to check whether the color is the same as the repaired parts. Because, of course, it would be weird if the colors were different.

Even though you use cheap body repair services, that doesn’t mean you can understand every flaw in the work because they should continue to provide quality work. The surface should be exactly as smooth as the repaired part with the rest of the original factory.

Tips for Choosing a Body Repair Workshop

This point is also important to review because the quality of the body repair you get will undoubtedly be influenced by the workshop you choose. Because not all cheap auto body repair shops can give the same good results, sometimes there are workshops whose results are not good. Here are some critical points for you to consider before accepting the offer of Cheap Body Repair:

Equipment used

Any work will be of better quality if supported by more sophisticated technology, including this body repair. You need to check that the selected workshop is equipped with a variety of adequate supporting technologies to provide good body repair results. For example, it is better for painting for a workshop with a specific oven, which is a characteristic and closed room to carry out the painting process.

Searching more information about cheap auto body repair shops

The information you find from customers of cheap body repair services can give you a more objective conclusion. That way, you will get a reference for the best and most trusted car body repair service. You will know whether the results are quality or not. Like the trusted car workshop, which is well known for its competent technicians because they are also supported with adequate equipment, they have it, even like an oven paint room.

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