The Importance of Car Periodic Service

Car periodic service is a vehicle repair activity that you should do at least every six months. However, the car mileage is not always a reference for servicing. Generally, new vehicles can reach 10,000 km within six months.

If the mileage of your car has not reached 10,000 km, you still have to service the vehicle because the steam oxidation process can also damage the oil fluid. Also, engine components tend to rust fast because there is no lubrication.

So, what is the right guide for you to service your car? Well, I’ll give you complete information about the regular car service.

Periodic Car Service Schedule

Understanding the routine car service schedule is very important for those of you who have a new car. Standard service will keep the car engine in a safer condition and avoid problems.

Usually, car service is carried out when the vehicle travels 1000 km, 10,000 km, 20,000 km, 30,000 km, and multiples. However, at this time, the mileage is no longer the benchmark for regular servicing.

So when the car routinely operates every day, even though it hasn’t reached the specified mileage, you are still required to do routine service at least every six months.

Checks During Car Periodic Service

There is no need to be confused; usually, the mechanic team at the official workshop already understands what components need to be checked.

For that, see what features are ticked for each service periodically on the km below:

1. Initial Service 1000 km

Periodic car service at 1000 km is low, and this is the first stage of car service.

Why does the first 1000 km need service? Before the cars are sold, the cars are usually left in the warehouse, not cleaned, and not operating. So, to avoid damage to the engine, it is highly recommended that you do service in the first 1000 km.

The first 1000 km service fee is free of charge. The components that are checked at the car service are the engine, brakes, and chassis. The first time, the importance of doing service is to find engine components that can damage in the future.

2. Service 10,000 km

Periodic service of a 10000 km car is very recommended, and a common complaint is if the car’s legs make noise, especially if you often pass through bumpy roads. This 10000 km service fee usually still gets an official service warranty. Usually, when it reaches 10000 km, the components to be repaired are as follows:

  • brake system
  • Air Filter
  • Battery condition
  • Car electrical condition
  • Engine oil and filter change.
  • Tire rotation check.

3. Service 20,000 km

Usually, a 20,000 km car service has started to show damage such as ringing feet, engine problems, and electricity. Apart from this damage, it would help if you told what obstacles you feel. Most likely a less than smooth pull or some other problem you’ve encountered.

The cost required usually depends on the type of car. But usually, if the vehicle still has an official warranty, the car service will not be charged. Small vehicles typically start at IDR 700 thousand. Usually, spare parts that are serviced include:

  • Brake system check
  • Air Filter
  • Engine tune-up
  • Spark plug cleaning
  • Battery condition check
  • car electrical
  • Change engine oil and oil filter
  • Tire rotation and performing wheel balancing check.

4. Service 30,000 km

The service fee of 30,000 km is usually not covered by the company. The checks carried out were brakes, EFI systems, air filters, battery checks,

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spark plug replacement, engine tune-up, engine oil and filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, transmission oil change, and tire rotation checking. One of the damage that starts to arise is usually the tie rod and shock absorber.

Why Should You Service Your Car Periodically?

You should carry out Periodic service to ensure that the official car warranty claim does not fall at any time the car is seriously damaged. As recommended, the car should routinely check every six months for three years.

Regular maintenance also makes the selling price of the car more maintained. Prospective buyers will feel more calm and secure with the used car to be purchased.

What Car Components Should Be Serviced?

If it has been three years and you have routinely performed periodic service based on kilometers. So, the next thing you need to pay attention to is taking care of the car regularly every six months. The following are car components that you should maintain periodically.

Car AC Service

Car AC service is carried out in the first 20,000 km or after 4,000 hours of use—usually car air conditioner service after one year.

However, if you feel the compressor is not standard or even jammed. However, if the air in your place is dirty, then the AC service time is relatively fast. Usually, large-scale car AC service by washing the evaporator and the filter contains dirt.

Car Shock Absorber Service

The main component of the suspension is a shock breaker or what is often called a shock absorber. The function of this component is to absorb shocks. This suspension component is essential to maintain driver safety.

Shock breaker service life is usually 4 to 5 years. However, if you go through a smooth road, the use of shock breakers can reach ten years. If you look at the mileage, replacing the shock absorber takes 50,000 miles or about 80,000 km.

Other signs that the shock breaker needs to be replaced are when it swings harder when passing through bumpy or potholed roads, noise in the rear suspension, the car level is not balanced, shock breaker oil leaks, and tires wear unevenly.

Car Speedometer Service

Car speedometer maintenance after using the car for a long time is mandatory. You can identify a faulty speedometer from a defective sensor or speedometer cable. Pay attention to the speedometer needle if it repeatedly drops when driving slowly and when it vibrates at high speed until the speedometer beeps. If the check engine light indicator is on, then this is a sign that you need to replace the speedometer.

Car Radiator Service

Car radiator is better checked and serviced every 40,000 km. If you often use the car to travel, do it every six months and once a year. If the car radiator is damaged and the engine temperature is hot or overheated, a car that has already overheated will certainly decrease performance.

Car Components You Need to Check Periodically

Traveling long distances or in the city is just daily mobility, don’t neglect the function of this vital component:


Signs of low oil can cause the engine not to run smoothly or not work correctly. Insufficient car oil can also cause air pollution, and the engine sounds rough when turned on. If the car engine lacks oil, the car will wear out more quickly.


The battery is a crucial component to support the performance of the car, especially in electrical functions. If there is damage to the battery, the car’s electricity will likely be disrupted. In addition, cars tend to break down more often and are difficult to start.

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A flat car tire will undoubtedly be an obstacle for your vehicle. Besides being able to cause more waste of gasoline, a flat car tire can also endanger the safety of passengers. When the tire is flat, pay attention to the balance of the car’s steering and don’t panic; patch the tire immediately at the nearest place.

Brake and Brake Fluid

Car brakes should always be checked whether they are gripped or not. Another thing that affects is brake fluid. If the car brakes feel loose, then you need to replace the brake fluid. Routine regular checks and at 40,000 km or at least checking every six months.


The filter function is critical to filter dirt. You need to check the oil filter, air filter, gasoline filter to the AC filter so that your trip remains comfortable and safe. It’s a good idea to check regularly to keep the air quality in the cabin clean and cool.

Difference between Periodic Service and Tune-Up

Tune-up is a car engine repair in-depth and a more detailed process. If at regular car service, what is usually done is general checking and cleaning of car engines. In terms of cost, tune-up has a higher service fee than when you do regular service. However, this is usually based on the needs of the machine.

Tune-up usually needs to be done when the car has stepped on 20,000 km, while car periodic service must be carried out starting from 1000 km, 5000 km, 10,000 km, and multiples thereof.

The difference in service coverage carried out for regular service on your car usually follows what has been implemented by the showroom.

The technician will check the spark plugs, injectors, combustion chamber cleaning, and other things according to your car’s needs for a car tune-up.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Periodic Service at an Authorized Workshop?

Car service at an official workshop is much more secure because the workshop equipment and spare parts are complete and guaranteed. However, some drawbacks usually occur frequently, such as the time and hours of job service that you can’t change.

Trained Technician

Car service at authorized workshops is more guaranteed in terms of technical safety, and they can ensure the quality of your car maintenance and repair.

All authorized workshop mechanics usually have long experience in the automotive world. So the tendency of work errors on your vehicle is relatively small.

Guaranteed Parts

If you service your car in a repair shop, the safety of spare parts is guaranteed. So you don’t have to worry about any damage later. In contrast to car service in general workshops, usually spare parts are not necessarily appropriately guaranteed. So, it would be best if you made sure well its availability.

Periodic Service Reminder System

Car periodic service at an official workshop does make your car have a good track record for resale later. A distinct advantage for you is that your vehicle will be more well-maintained in the engine and car oil. Regular car service every kilometer is essential to do so that the function of the brakes and other engine components runs better. Apart from that, you can have a complete car maintenance history.

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