Car AC Filter and Evaporator Maintenance Guide

Car AC filter and evaporator are important components in your car to support driving comfort. Therefore, I will tell you how to maintain it.

A car air conditioner has many components in it. One of them is the evaporator that serves to blow cold air into the cabin. So that the car’s cabin will feel cool while you are driving.

The evaporator is box-shaped and has a chamber shape that is not straight but curved. These twists and turns often make the dirt on the evaporator stuck. As a result, the dirt will settle so that the car AC performance is no longer optimal. As a result, your AC temperature is not cold.

More Information about Car AC Evaporators

In general, the AC evaporator is located at the bottom of the car dashboard. Its location is low enough to make the evaporator often exposed to dust and dirt.

Many cars are equipped with AC filters to overcome dust and dirt into the evaporator. However, installing an AC filter is sometimes not optimal because micro dust particles can pass it and easily enter the evaporator.

The Functions of the Car AC Evaporator

  • To provide cool circulation throughout the car cabin
  • Changing the liquid form of freon into a cold gas so that the cabin circulation becomes cold
  • Make sure whether the AC is still working well or not

As a car owner, you are required to clean the evaporator section regularly. So you can feel the benefits. The advantages of cleaning a car AC evaporator include:

  • Car AC circulation becomes smooth, so the air temperature in the cabin stays cool
  • The evaporator is durable and long-lasting, as well as other AC components
  • It saves costs because the evaporator does not need to be replaced constantly

Consequences if the Car AC Evaporator is Dirty

  • AC circulation is not smooth, so the air temperature in the cabin will feel hot.
  • Car AC filter and evaporator will be damaged quickly, as well as other components
  • AC evaporator is frozen so that the gusts of wind can’t get out because the ice lumps stick it in the evaporator section
  • The car AC pipe will be covered with ice, especially when the pressure is low
  • The temperature sensor or the thermistor cooler AC becomes unstable. Where the temperature can fluctuate is not clear. For example, the wind gusts are low in the air conditioner turned on to the maximum temperature. However, it can suddenly become cold, even if only for a moment.
  • Excessive heat in the car AC compressor due to increased workload because the evaporator is not functioning optimally

10 Steps to Clean Car AC Evaporator

If you don’t want the evaporator to be damaged quickly, clean the car AC evaporator regularly. The steps to clean it, among others:

1. Turn off your car engine

Before cleaning the evaporator, make sure your car engine is off. Because you will disassemble the engine when cleaning the evaporator. Prepare all the necessary cleaning equipment, such as a brush or toothbrush, and others.

2. Knowing the Location of the Evaporator

In general, the evaporator is located at the bottom or back of the dashboard. However, the location of this evaporator adjusts to the type and brand of your car. If you can’t find the evaporator, it’s a good idea to read the manual carefully, and it will tell you all information related to the car engine.

3. Open the Evaporator or AC Filter

Next, open the AC filter slowly. You can also use this manual as a guide. Well, if your car’s AC filter is dirty, you should replace the AC filter with a new filter so that the performance of the AC is also maximized. You also don’t have to complain about hot air while driving a car.

If there is still a little dirt on the AC filter, use a brush or toothbrush to clean the dirty part. Do it slowly so as not to injure other AC components.

4. Use the Spray cans

Spray cans are equipment that needs to be prepared before the evaporator cleaning process is carried out. Shake the spray can, then insert the spray can to go near the car AC blower. The goal is for the spray to hit the target, which is right under the blower.

5. Open Air Conditioning Vents and Car Glass

After that, open the AC vents and windshield so that air circulation from outside the cabin enters the car. Make sure you do this in a place that is not too dusty to avoid a lot of it sucked in.

6. Start the Car Engine

Next, start the car engine. When the engine is turned on, the car AC will also turn on automatically. Turn your car AC temperature to the highest temperature and set your blower to the maximum. The goal is that you can feel the blower rotation, whether it is maximum or not. If the wind gusts are still slow, then check the car AC filter again. Turn off your car engine again, and check which part is the problem.

7. Spray Cleaning Liquid Thoroughly

If there are no problems, spray the cleaning fluid right into the bottom of the blower. Spray this liquid until it runs out so that the AC filter is clean immediately. The sprayed liquid will form foam or foam. Let all the foam remove the water from the car AC ventilator.

8. Idle Car Engine

Stop your car engine when the foam starts to come out of the AC ventilator. You can leave the car for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure there is no water remaining on the ventilator.

9. Cleaning Water from Ventilator Hole

Clean the water that comes out of the ventilation holes. You can sweep the water into a ditch or ditch.

10. The air conditioner is in good condition

After leaving the car for 15 minutes, you can enter the cabin. Feel whether the air temperature is cold or not. If you do steps 1 – 9 correctly, you can ensure that the air conditioning temperature works as usual.

How to Clean AC Evaporator Yourself

  1. Prepare special cleaning fluid for the evaporator.
  2. Prepare a new AC filter to replace the old AC filter
  3. Open your car’s AC cabin filter, then spray the cleaning liquid on the car AC blower. However, make sure that the connecting hose to the AC blower is installed correctly
  4. When the evaporator cleaning fluid runs out, wait 15 to 20 minutes for the cleaning fluid to seep into the evaporator
  5. While waiting for the liquid to dry, you can clean the area around the evaporator. For example car AC ventilator
  6. After 20 minutes, clean your car’s AC evaporator. Use water so that all the dirt is removed.
  7. Dry the evaporator using a soft textured cloth
  8. Install a new car AC evaporator
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If you are too busy and don’t have time to clean the car AC filter and evaporator yourself, take your car to the nearest repair shop. The amount of costs incurred depends on the workshop itself because each workshop sets a different repair fee. Trust the handling of all your complaints regarding mobile air conditioners at a trusted repair shop in your area. Also, the price of each component and the cost of repairs they offer are quite affordable.

Car AC Filter and Evaporator Problems

Owning a car is a dream of many people and a matter of pride. Nowadays, people don’t think of cars as expensive. But in the past, only certain people had cars.

The number of cars is increasing from year to year. Why? Because more and more people need vehicles. You need to pay attention to design issues and engine toughness when buying a car.

Driving the car is comfortable and protected from both heat and rain. However, there is also a negative side that emerges. What’s that? Cars require intense maintenance. You have to be willing to spend a lot of money when your car is under repair. You also have to regularly take your car to the garage for washing and checking. You may also experience frequent damage to the car air conditioner, cabin filter, and evaporator.

Currently, air conditioning is a must-have facility in a car. The benefits of using a car air conditioner include:

  • There is air circulation in the car so that the air can rotate to the back of the cabin.
  • AC can remove moisture.
  • The presence of AC makes the driver feel comfortable when driving a car.
  • AC can also give you freshness, especially when you are stuck in traffic. 

AC is currently the most appropriate, safe, easy, and practical solution. However, AC parts are very easily damaged, which is different from other more durable parts. When your car’s air conditioner is broken, air circulation and the car cabin no longer feels cold. Therefore, you need to know the type of air conditioner and carry out routine maintenance.

Why is the Car Air Conditioner Not Cold?

If you want cold cabin air, you need to set the AC to the maximum. But what happens if it doesn’t work? Your driving atmosphere must be uncomfortable. A large number of passengers affects the level of cold air in the car. Too many passengers reduce the circulation of the car’s air conditioner. Because the number of people who need AC becomes more, while the AC capacity is limited.

A car AC filter and evaporator often experience the common problem. Some of the factors that cause the car air conditioner not to work are:

1. Broken Coil

If the temperature of the car air conditioner is not cold, there is something wrong with the coil. A broken or dead coil makes the AC unable to function properly. You can know the damage when you start the car engine. One of the characteristics of coil damage is that the AC compressor does not rotate when the engine is started; immediately take it to a repair shop for repairs.

2. AC Freon is Running Out

Have you followed the driving rules properly? Do you drive regularly? Some may have, but the rest have not. Did you know, the habit of lowering the car window when the AC is on makes it break quickly. Car AC that is often turned on while driving also causes the freon to run out quickly.

Why does AC freon run out fast? Alright, it’s either a long service life or a leak. To find out if the AC freon has run out is not difficult. If the AC is ON but not cold, then the freon has run out. But, it can also happen because the compressor is damaged, so the air conditioner doesn’t work properly.

3. Worn AC Compressor

The compressor is one of the most important components in a car. If the compressor is damaged, then most parts of the car cannot function properly. To overcome this, you need to do routine maintenance on the car. A worn-out AC compressor is usually experienced by older cars. The signs are a loud noise when the car is being driven.

4. Cooling Fan Problem

A problematic cooling fan will make the condenser unable to dissipate heat properly and causes the AC is not to work. If the cooling fan is OFF or ON, but the rotation is weak, you can immediately take your car to the repair shop.

5. Broken Drive Belt

Drive belts are often referred to as fan belts. If this is broken, then the AC cannot function properly. As a result, the air produced is also not cold. The main function of the fan belt itself is to channel the engine speed to the car compressor.

6. Damage to the Thermostat

If the AC is ON, but the car cabin is not cold enough, you need to suspect a malfunction in the thermostat.

7. AC Engine Overheated

AC that is too hot can make the cold released not optimal. The pressure that is too large can make the electric current to the field coil cut off. It will directly affect the compressor, so it does not work optimally.

8. Engine Temperature Too High

Driving for hundreds of kilometers makes the temperature of the car hot quickly. If the engine is hot, this will affect the car’s air conditioner. Overheating will make the air conditioner unable to produce the same cold as when you first started the car.

9. Dirty Evaporator

Every car air conditioner evaporator has a blower. This blower is used to suck up dust and dirt. Continuous vacuuming will allow dust to accumulate on the surface. As a result, the evaporator cannot function properly. The worst impact is the interruption of airflow so that the air conditioner’s performance is not optimal. If your car’s evaporator is clogged, try to clean it slowly.

10. Car Radiator Is Very Dirty

When driving, you can’t avoid the dust that is scattered everywhere. Not only dangerous for breathing, however, dust is also not good for car radiators and condensers. Sticky dirt makes the air conditioner rusty. As a result, the AC system cannot function properly. If it’s like this, the car air conditioner doesn’t feel cold either.

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If the car air conditioner is not optimal, you need to check its components. There could be a problem with the car AC filter and evaporator.

How to fix a Car Air Conditioner That Isn’t Cold?

How to fix a car air conditioner that isn’t cold?
After finding the cause of the problem with your car’s air conditioner, you also need to know how to solve it.

The goal is that the car air conditioner can function properly again.

Here’s how to care for a car air conditioner evaporator:

1. Clean the Car Cab Routinely

The most important first step is cleaning your car cabin. Dust that accumulates in the evaporator, making it unable to work optimally. If you find a dirty car cabin, let’s clean it immediately. Use a vacuum cleaner as a tool to clean the cabin. Dashboard, front carpet, and car seats are parts that are often dirty, so cleaning them can extend the life of your vehicle.

If your car’s AC cabin filter is damaged, you can buy it at various online stores that provide complete car spare parts at competitive prices. The price of a car air conditioner filter depends on the brand of your car.

2. Clean the Evaporator Regularly

Don’t just pay attention to the cleanliness of the cabin, but you also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the AC evaporator. Car evaporators often come into contact with dust and dirt so that dust can accumulate on the surface. As a result, there is a blockage in the AC filter, which causes the AC not to cool.  Cleaning the evaporator can minimize damage to the AC. 

3. Checking the Expansion Valve.

Have you looked at the expansion valve? Do you know what the benefits are? An expansion valve is a device to change the high temperature to a lower temperature in liquid freon. This temperature change occurs before the freon enters the evaporator. If you have problems with the AC temperature, you can check the expansion valve section to ensure no damage.

4. Check AC Freon

If the freon runs out, the air conditioner will not work optimally, and this causes the air is not cold. Do you want this to happen all the time? If not, do a check on your car’s AC freon. Checking the condition of freon is not only on cars that are often used but also if they are rarely used. Freon that rarely circulates will usually settle in the evaporator and then expa, and this process can make it porous quickly.

5. Check the Condition of the Thermostat Periodically

Do you know what the function of the thermostat is? Yes, the thermostat functions to pump freon. It works by sending a code to the compressor so that the freon can stop temporarily. Pengiriman kode bergantung pada pembacaan suhu. Proses pengukuran salah akan menyebabkan proses transmisi kode yang buruk. An evaporator that does not get the flow of freon will make it often have problems. For that, you need to check the thermostat regularly.

6. Do not open the car window when the air conditioner is on

To save gas, you often open the window to get fresh air. Indirectly, this habit is bad for your car’s air conditioner. Even if the air conditioner is on or off, you are advised not to open the window too often. Dust and dirt that is outside can enter freely into your car. As a result, the car becomes dirty. When the AC is turned on, the evaporator will absorb the sticky dust in the car cabin. Dust deposits in the evaporator make the car air conditioner not durable.

7. Replacing the Dirty Air Conditioner Cabin Filter and Evaporator

The final step is to replace the AC cabin and the Evaporator. You can replace your car spare parts in online shops. You can also visit the nearest place to sell spare parts. The price of a car AC filter and evaporator depends on the brand of the car.

Want Your Car’s AC to Work Well? Avoid These Activities!

The AC that is not cold is annoying, especially if the weather is hot. Do you want to know how to solve it? Don’t do this in your car

1. Don’t smoke in the car

For heavy smokers, usually driving long distances makes you bored quickly. To relieve boredom, you often choose to smoke in the car. That’s not good, though. The smell of smoke will stick in the cabin and not to mention if you open the window. The amount of dust and dirt that enters will continue to accumulate. Cigarette smoke that has been settling for a long time will be difficult to clean on the evaporator.

2. Do not use fragrances that are too strong

Traveling somewhere feels incomplete without a spray of perfume. Most of the use of perfume is also not good—the same thing with using a car freshener. Indeed, the car cabin will smell good, but using too much fragrance can make you feel claustrophobic. In addition, the chemicals contained in the ingredients for making fragrances are also not good for the evaporator. Chemicals that stick to the evaporator are very difficult to clean. As a result, these chemicals accumulate and settle in the evaporator. Be, the car air conditioner is not cold.

3. Avoid Eating and Drinking in the Car

The car is like a second home for its owner. When you eat or drink in the car, has it ever spilled? If you are a careless person, this may happen several times. As a result, your car becomes dirty. If you leave this and don’t clean it immediately, the working life of the evaporator will be short. So, if you take your child for a ride, tell him to eat and drink carefully.

After reading the problems that often occur in a car AC filter and evaporator, I hope you can avoid small mistakes that quickly damage your AC.So take care of your car like you would take care of yourself. In this way, you can also save on expenses.

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