How to Program 2016 Ram Key Fob

Hello guys, I will tell you how to program 2016 Ram key fob in this guide. In this example, I applied it to Dodge Ram 3500, 2016,  with an excellent immobilizer-key programming device MaxiIM508 from Autel. Programming the key fob is not difficult as you think, but you still need a blank Dodge key.

Steps to Program 2016 Ram Key Fob

Following is a step-by-step guide to program the new key fob of your 2016 Ram. I use a good code scanner, MaxiIM508, to do all this quickly.

  1. Turn off the ignition.
  2. Choose Smart Selection and wait for system data initializing
  3. Turn on only the ignition and then click OK. At this step, the vehicle’s communication system will be established automatically. It will take time but usually less than 30 seconds. You can also choose SMART MODE by select the correct vehicle brand. But if your vehicle is pre-2006 models, you can give priority to MANUAL SELECTION or SYSTEM SELECTION.
  4. Prepare your new Dodge Ram key fob. Now, you need to turn off the ignition and turn on the emergency flashers. Click OK. Then it will establish a communication system again.
  5. You can see the read password on the monitor. Click OK.
  6. Choose Immobilizer/Smart System and click ESC.
  7. Choose Immo Status Scan and wait for the vehicle to establish the system.
  8. After that, you’ll see the pop-up windows to confirm and make sure that the ignition is ON and the engine is OFF. Click OK. Next, the scanner will automatically scan trouble codes, VIN original, VIN current, ECU part number, Remote start present, Remote Start enabled, Remote start programmed, etc. Wait till all is completed.
  9. Next, choose Add Key. Make sure the ignition is OFF. Also, all wireless devices like smartphones, laptops, and others are not close to the proximity key is programmed. The current number of keys is 1, and click OK to continue to learn the key. Wait for the system to establish the communication.
  10. After that, you need to hold the proximity key near the center console. You also need to complete the process within 60 seconds. Click OK. The system will establish communication again. Press and release the unlock button twice on the proximity key within 60 s. Next, the communication system in the vehicle will be established in a short time.
  11. Choose NO, when the system asks to learn the new key. Now the process to program the key fob of 2016 Dodge Ram is completed.
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Well, hopefully, this programming guide, the Dodge Ram 2016 key fob, provides many benefits for you. Please share this information with friends or people who need it.

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