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2012-2017 Dodge Ram Key Fob Tricks


Now we will reveal the Dodge Ram key fob tricks for 2012, 2015, 2016, and 2017 models. Here, you can partially or entirely roll down the window remotely. This guide will show you how to scroll down your Dodge Ram window with your key fob. You can lower your windows with the remote on the Dodge Ram 1500.

I tested it with a 2015 Dodge Ram, and it worked. I’m sure you can do this from 2012 Dodge Ram models and up, but I don’t have that.

I have a 2015 Ram truck, so I can only talk about what I have, but don’t worry because you can also try it on your vehicle now and see if it works for you or not.

Install AlfaOBD App

Alright, you will need to install the AlfaOBD application and connect your Bluetooth device to your phone. You can then click the Bluetooth button to connect it to the app and select your vehicle.

For example, you have Dodge Ram 1500, then select body computer, and under control unit, you will choose body computer according to the year of your vehicle. The next step is to connect the device to the application so that you will press CONNECT. Under status, it will say CONNECTED. Also, it’s an excellent idea to checklist the AUTOMATIC RECONNECT box.

Next, you will click on the car image at the bottom to SELECT PROCEDURE TO START. Once you open that menu, you can select CAR CONFIGURATION CHANGE and then click SELECT OPTION.
Then, you will go right to the middle scroll down. Right in the middle, under the DOORS section, you’ll see two things GLOBAL WINDOWS UP and GLOBAL WINDOWS DOWN.

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Now you can enable both, one or even the other option. I don’t know when you’re going to roll down the window and want to move it back up with your remote, but I guess that’s an option. I haven’t tested this all, but I have tried the windows down feature. So that’s what you will try to do with this guide.

So Windows Down is what you would choose, and then you would click SELECT VALUE and choose YES. The next thing you will do, press START. When you’re done, you’ll take the key out of the ignition, unplug your OBD connector, and open your door. Wait at least 30-60 seconds, but I usually wait longer, restart the car, and it should reboot the computer, and you’re good to go.

Use Your Dodge Ram Key Fob For the Tricks

Now the order to do this is in your unlock button. You will quickly double-press the unlock button followed by a long press. After double-clicking the unlock button, a long press is what will start your window.

As soon as you release it, the window will stop. So if you want to open the Ram truck window, double press, long press, and then once it’s down, releases the button.

If you want, double press, long press until the window completes thoroughly.

Now, this sequence of pressing the keys on your key fob is a little finicky. I guess you need a little practice on how fast you double press and how quickly you long press after that.

It’s just going to take some playing with it. Anyways, feel free to comments below, and stay tuned for the next post.

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