2003 Dodge Neon Won’t Start and No Crank (Check and Fix It)

2003 Dodge Neon won’t start, and no crank is annoying issues. You know that the battery is good and the starter is fine, or even it’s new. 

Check These Parts To Fix 2003 Dodge Neon Won’t Start.

Here I am working with a 2003 Dodge Neon 2.0. Ok, straight to the point, open the hood. You will need at least a light tester, a multimeter, a relay and a wiring diagram.

Check The Starter Fuses and Relay

Open the fuse box and find out the 30 amp starter fuse. If it blows, then your car won’t start. So, check the condition is good or not.

After that, you want to see the starter relay. Just pull out the relay to check it.

Dodge neon starter relay

But, the first thing to do is that you need to check the power at 30. You can do a light test at 12, if it’s nice and bright, it means no problem, you can also use a meter to do this.

After that, check the 12 volts coming from the ignition. To do this, you need to turn the key. If the tester is on, it means you will get power from the ignition.

Dodge Neon Relay Diagram

Next, you need to check the wires going to the starter. You want to unplug it from the starter, check it with an ohmmeter, and look for the hole. If there are no holes, the cable is OK.

But, since the wires go to the solenoids, you can take the jumper wires from the hot ones to those wires. If the solenoid clicks and cranks, you know the starter is in good condition. If you get 12 V, it starts to crank; that’s okay.

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Check PCM and Neutral Safety Switch

The only thing that turns the starter relay on is a small ground from the PCM, number 85.

The PCM is looking for a ground that will complete the circuit for the relay and safety neutral switch. It’s part of the transmission valve body.

To change it, you have to drop the valve body and replace the switch. So that’s the only thing left, which is related to the ground.

The PCM needs to know that the switch is in Park or neutral. Otherwise, you cannot start the car.

If the switch is good, then your PCM is not good. So since the 2003 Dodge Neon is a pretty old car, you know how much the PCM costs. Next, you have to program it as well. You know how much a new switch will cost because you have a Troyer valve body.

So, to make sure it starts, and that’s the case, what you can do is you can put ground on the 85 contactor relay and then it will stop. So, the problem here may be that the PCM or neutral safety switch is not good. You can check to see if you have open wires from 85 to PCM. If it turns out good, then it’s not a broken wire.

Another thing you can do is that you need to read the wiring diagram from the neutral safety switch to the PCM while in the Park or the neutral position. But there are 16 different combinations of all kinds of styles, so it’s going to be pretty tough. But, so far, the problem is quite clear. You don’t have ground to relay to allow crank it and then turn to power to solenoid to start.

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