2000-2002 Dodge Neon Cranks But Won’t Start [Fix It Now!]

Do you have problems with 2000-2002 Dodge Neon cranks but won’t start? Well, the symptom is that your car cranks for a long time before starting. While your vehicle never leaves you stranded, it cranks longer than usual, and that isn’t very pleasant. There are several possibilities for the cause.

But two common causes are problems with the fuel pressure regulator or gas cap. Usually, when the gas cap is poor, it will throw an engine light error code for a minor EVAP leak.

If the fuel pressure regulator is the cause, you need to replace it. You may need to spend around $45 to buy a new fuel pressure regulator.

An easy way to check the cause in your vehicle is to turn it ON and OFF three times in succession to run all the codes.

Dodge Neon fuel pressure regulator

An excellent way to test this is every time you turn on the key, and it will lift the pump in your tank. So, if your car cranks a long time before starting, try turning on the ignition, and you can hear the pump lift noise, then turn it off.

Recycle the key in the ON and OFF positions a few times, and then try starting your car. So if starting gets more manageable, you most likely have a bad fuel pressure regulator (recommended part for replacement is number 2-19736, NAPA).

Replacement of the Dodge Neon Fuel Pressure Regulator to Solve Engine Starting Problems

You need to jack up the car with the rear cross member for better access across the ground. Always make sure to use a jack stand if the jack fails. It’s not a bad idea to check the front wheels as well to keep them from rolling.

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The fuel tank is on the car’s passenger side, and you will see the fuel pressure regulator. Next, unplug the wires, pull them slowly, it may be a bit difficult, but the important thing is that you don’t damage the cables.

After that, you will get the whole fuel pump assembly.

You want to unscrew the white ring counterclockwise so the entire assembly would come out. Also, you’d probably have to drop the gas tank to change it, though.

When you install the fuel pressure regulator, you must turn it counterclockwise. When you do this, you have to press a tab on the side to turn it because it catches the piece of plastic in the tank to which it is attached. If you don’t push that tab down, you won’t be able to unscrew it.

Also, when you remove the old fuel pressure regulator, make sure you don’t damage the blue part because your new regulator didn’t come with it. You can slowly stretch the blue pin and pull it off the regulator. But I find it easiest to use a pin or something, maybe a screwdriver to pry that blue-collar off the regulator slowly. Also, make sure you remove the old regulator gasket from the tank before using the new regulator.

Before installing the new regulator, you must attach the blue-collar until it clicks in the same position as on the old regulator and insert the new regulator and turn it clockwise until it clicks in.

Then grab your line, pushing it until it clicks. You have to make parts line up correctly. So you have to make the blue tabs line up in the same direction as the plug pieces and then reattach the wires correctly.

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Each vehicle takes a different amount of time for how long the lift pump is running. On Dodge Neon, it doesn’t take very long, so what you’re going to do is you’re going to press the ON button wait a minute, and turn it OFF.

Do this about five times, just adding up all the pressure loss you did to the regulator. If you have done everything right, you will be able to fix the problem Dodge Neon cranks but won’t start.

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