Dodge Durango Won’t Start [Check These Parts!]

2015 Dodge Durango won’t start, but the battery is in good shape. You have no crank in a push-button system. Suppose you get a report after you scan using a tool if the problem exists on the antilock brakes system.

Check The Fuses of ABS Module

The fuse box is on the passenger side of the car engine section. Check the fuse 6 for Antilock Brakes. It’s supposed to be a 40 amp fuse. The best choice is to use a multimeter to check continuity from the tab without removing the fuse cover. Check also fuse 26, it is a 30 amp, and fuse 76, and it is a 10 amp. You need to change the fuse if one or all of them is broken.

Check The Starter Relay

When there is no communication with ABS, it is something else and quite tricky to figure out. First, you should check all the car’s operating descriptions to see if the ABS is off and PCM receives the brake pedal signal. Then, you need to press the brake to start the car. If the ABS is entirely dead, does the signal reach the ECM or not? You don’t know for sure yet. So you need to connect the scanner to check the two signals from PCM.

You will have a starter control signal going to the relay for the solenoid. You have to find the starter relay, and it can be accessed to check K07 as the starter solenoid.

The easiest way to tell if the starter solenoid is still working is to remove the fuse 7 (40-amp) that’s under the hood as well; this will supply power for the solenoid to work. You will need to check that too. So you know you have the necessary power for the relay to operate. Now, you can use the relay tester to check the condition of the starter solenoid relay to make sure it has a power of 40. You can use a light tester for that purpose.

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To find out if you have relay ground side activation, you need to set the scanner in place. The tricky part is that you don’t know which one is not in power; this is due to the two control wires for the relay, one area controlled by the BCM and the other controlled by the PCM. So you don’t know which is positive and negative, but both are controlled by computer.

So the time consuming is to test the stuff on a car that is so electrically controlled. In some cases, you should erase all the codes and do a full scan. But if it doesn’t work to fix the problem, you need to recheck the ABS.

Check the ABS Module When Dodge Durango won’t Start.

Make sure the ignition is off because you want to plug up the ABS. It’s under the filter, and you can always do a visual inspection first before doing anything. You will have to look at the connector and remove it to perform further tests. You want to check for corrosion on the terminal abs module.

If you don’t see corrosion, it could be a bad ABS module because you have power and ground. You want to do a triple check. You have to be sure because the module will probably be a thousand bucks. Even if everything points to it because there is no communication going through the different modules, you have a data bus communicating, so only the ABS module is the source of the problem.

So since the BCM doesn’t receive the signal from the brake pedal position sensor, it doesn’t let the actual starter work. I hope you like this article and thank you very much for reading it.

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