Why 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 Goes Viral

The new Porsche 911 GT3 has an absolute blast because it upgraded the standard 992 version of the Porsche 911.

Design and Price

The Porsche 911 GT3 underwent a lot of modifications compared to the standard 911. The most noticeable change is the large rear wing which has a strange way of fitting, which I think is odd.

The wing design is called a ‘swan neck.

Porsche do this because supporting the wings over the top rather than below increases airflow.

It means that the 911 GT3 can generate decent downforce without applying too much angle of attack to the wing, which affects your top speed.

The 911 GT3 wing design will minimize air drag. That’s why this car can go at a speed of 197 mph. If you don’t like a Porsche 911 GT3 wing, don’t worry; there will be a Touring version that won’t have it.

Underneath, a small ducktail wing design looks a lot like it is built into the actual bodywork. You got 4.0 there to signify the engine capacity. You also get a GT3 badge on the back, which you can get rid of if you don’t want to.

The GT3 gets a completely redesigned rear bumper, but what’s surprising is that you get fake vents!

At least the diffuser isn’t fake. It works. The main characteristic of the GT car is that the exhaust pipe is not installed sideways as in the standard 911. From the sides, it doesn’t change much from the standard 911.

You have a front track that’s slightly wider by 48 millimeters. The side skirt with classic GT3 black central locking wheels is like the one you get on a race car.

If you have carbon-ceramic brakes, then you get yellow calipers. You can also get different colors on the wheel if you wish. You’ll have to pay extra if you want carbon fiber door mirrors, and it’s $ 2,500 if you want a cool carbon-fiber roof.

On the front, there are some significant changes. The GT3 has a completely redesigned front bumper, and the lower splitter increases airflow, downforce, and cooling of the locked radiator.

The vents are everywhere, also on the hood. According to Porsche, the 911 GT3 is the first mass-produced car in the world that awaits a carbon fiber reinforced plastic hood.

The chassis also got an upgrade, and the car sits low to the ground by 20mm compared to the standard Carrera 2S. The rate spring is twice as stiff as that of the vehicle.

But to make sure that driving on the highway isn’t too bad, you get a unique adaptive damper designed for this car to ensure that you can use it daily and who knows on the track. After all, that’s not the most exciting thing about the suspension.

The Porsche 911 GT3 shares the front suspension setup with the 911 RSR race car, and this is the first road-going 911 to have double wishbones on the front rather than the first muck and struts. The big news is that to make sure that the GT3’s new front-end suspension system doesn’t run entirely from the rear, they will have to change the rear suspension as well.

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So all around, the car is equipped with racing-style rose joints to make it more responsive and give you a better feel. Now, if you are not satisfied with the car setup, don’t worry; you can go straight to your local fitter car. They can adjust everything like camber, toe angle, and anti-roll bar stiffness. I’m sure it will be much better.

The GT3 also gets rear-wheel steering as standard. It comes with a limited-slip differential over the rear axle as standard.

You can send power to the wheels with the most excellent grip to help you get out of the corner.

GT3 has enormous brakes. As standard, you get steel discs, and at the front, they are 408mm in diameter, which is the same size as the brake discs on the Turbo, although, on the GT3, it is lighter and internally ventilated than drilled.

If you like bright and cool colors, maybe the special Shark Blue is the right choice. But you have to pay an extra $ 4,220.

Porsche 911 GT3 Price

911 GT3 will start from $161,000.

Engine and Performance

Porsche 911 GT3 got 4-liter naturally aspirated flat-six, 502 hp, 470 Nm of torque, a redline at 9000 Rpm, 197 mph with PDK automatic (199 mph by manual) of top track speed, and 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. 

Aerodynamics is a crucial part of the new 911 GT3. You have a wing, rear diffuser, and two front splitters that you can adjust manually.

As standard, it has 50% more downforce than the 991 GT3 when you put the rear wing in the most aggressive position. The gearbox also saves quite a bit of weight. You see, the PDK dual-clutch automatic gearbox has 7-speeds, while the 902 standard has 8-speeds; one less ratio equals slightly less weight. It also shifts faster too.

Additionally, you can use the gear shifter in sequential mode by moving it up and down to change gears that way instead of just using the pedals. Of course, like a GT3, you can get a manual version if you’d rather have one. Instead of the usual Porsche Normal, Sport, and Sport + modes, there are Normal and Sport.

Some traces change the amount of information on the two digital screens. So you can focus on what’s essential, the rev counter, and speed. The new GT3 may be a little bigger and perhaps more technologically advanced than the old GT3. But it weighs just over five kg and, to be precise, 1,418 kilograms.

Now their Porsche achieves it by installing certain lightweight parts. For example, this new car has light glass. That saved five kilos of glass in that old car. You also get a lightweight stainless steel exhaust system which saves another 10 kg, just like the light battery.

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The carbon hood saves 2.5 kg; The new 992 GT3 crossed the Nurburgring in 6 minutes and 59,927 seconds. So it managed to break the 7-minute barrier, which was impressive.

The Porsche GT3 911 has an optional carbon-ceramic. You have 410mm discs at the front gripped by six-piston calipers, while at the rear, the 390mm disc grips with four-piston calipers. It stops at 70 mph in 41 meters. Impressive, isn’t it?

Porsche 911 GT3 Interior

Inside, the GT3 gets a few improvements over the regular 911, so as standard, you get Alcantara on the steering wheel. There is Alcantar on the inlays, glove box, and gator gear.

By the way, instead of the little shifter, you get on the standard 992 for an automatic gearbox. You have an old-school lever. Also, you might notice this carbon-fiber seat bucket as an optional addition, but the GT3 does have sports seats as standard.

They are generally 4-way electrically adjustable, although you can upgrade those seats to 18-way electrically adjustable for $2,640. This car also has optional blue stitching, and you can have a lot of different colors. If you want to brighten up a little, and you might notice that too, take a look at the non-standard roll cage.

It’s part of the Club Sports package, including some racing harnesses and a fire extinguisher. The GT3 isn’t nearly as practical as the standard 911, but it has the same front boot. You get 132 liters, which isn’t very big. However, if you need a hardcore track car with a bigger boot, you’ll want to try the black AMG GT series.

Unlike Mercedes and some other track-focused sports cars with this GT3, you can’t change the amount of traction control you get between the different degrees. It’s ON or OFF. You can mix and match with stability control, but there’s no variation.

Unlike the Turbo X, which had massive power, upgraded from the 991 to 992 generations, this GT3 is not. It only had about ten hp more than the old car. Even though this GT3 is very expensive to start with, Porsche still wants to give you a few options.

I mean, it’s tough to believe to think that this GT3, a race car, doesn’t use the Sports Chrono as standard. Anyway, there is a button in the cabin to open the small cap that allows you to get oil and coolant.

But if you want to see the engine on this car, you have to get it up on a ramp and see it underneath.


I think it all ticks the review box. So here is my final say on the new Porsche 911 GT3. If you avoid it, should you consider it should you choose? Or should you buy it right away? I think you should avoid the 911 GT3 because if you buy one, indeed every other car you’ve driven will feel boring. So go ahead and buy it, never sell it, and all will be well.

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