2022 Mercedes EQS: Impressive Technology and Comfortable EV

Now we will talk about the most high-tech Mercedes ever made, the all-new 2022 Mercedes EQS. This car is a rival to the Tesla Model S.

I will give you complete information about EQS, like all technology, comfort level, some of the fantastic main features, and determine if it accelerates as fast as the Tesla Model S.

2022 Mercedes EQS Design

Like the S-Class, you have excellent pop-out door handles. The Mercedes EQS is a pretty long vehicle, but the S-Class and EQS do look very different. For example, this car does not have an extensive and long hood because there is no big engine on the front.

You also don’t have a standard but blanked-off grille like the other electric Mercedes EQAs. On the back, you have a full-length light bulb which looks incredible. You can also get a two-color paint scheme like the EQS vision concept car.



You’ll like how it looks pretty good in wheel size ranging from 19-21 inches. You get an aero design that helps increase efficiency and can upgrade to 22-inch alloy wheels.

You can get a new EQS with something called comfort doors. So when you go out to do whatever you need to do, you come back to your car. It recognizes you and even opens it for you. Then when you get in and hit the brakes, the door will close and then make that kind of crazy sound, just letting you know you’re in an electric car.

Mercedes EQS Interior

In the interior, you’ll recognize if the screens are dominating the cabin. The materials feel nice, and they are human-made materials although it looks like suede. The leather on the seats isn’t genuine. It’s human-made, and it feels expensive.

The shape of the steering wheel is excellent, and you can get two different designs. You have an AMG line car that looks a little sportier. There’s a typical layout, so you have a large center console and lots of functional storage.

Center storage with wooden slides is also excellent, and it has cup holders inside. You have two USB-Cs, a wireless charging pad, and some more storage.

Plus, you have a large bin with another charging pad, two USB-Cs, and more storage underneath. You have a glove box and some big door bins.

The controls for the door rearview mirror are great. You can press a touch-sensitive button and then switch it to whichever mirror you want to move. It’s all pretty easy to do. You’ve got frameless windows, it’s an extra bit of glass as well, but it just looks cool.

The hyper screen consists of three large screens behind all the smooth glass sections. Your main infotainment screen is in the middle, so you have the usual Mercedes infotainment system. It’s easy to navigate, and you can move through various functions to control other things.

You have excellent navigation and different climate controls, which are pretty easy to do. You will love a red flash through the LED lighting inside when you increase the temperature. You have 190 various LED lighting colors, so you can set the interior ambiance as you wish.

Going into your home settings and swipe through all the several menus is an easy job. You get various information about the car, such as battery status, motor usage, and other information.

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The digital driver display is prominent, an LCD screen, and you can control it using the buttons on the steering wheel. They are touch-sensitive and better than what you get on current Volkswagen products.

You can look through the many menus, change the dial display, get all the information, widescreen navigation, and demonstrate 3D effects like the S-Class.

Apart from that, you also have a sizeable head-up display with a lot of information in front of you.

It can superimpose like pictures and arrows on the road to help with direction. So you won’t take any wrong turns. Again it’s like an excellent S-class system. In the third view, you can shift all the functions you get on the central infotainment screen.

Apart from that, this screen has its own Mercedes system so that the passenger can talk to this screen and the driver can speak to the whole system.

Charging System

The Mercedes EQS comes standard with a 108 kWh battery pack which gives you a range of 478 miles which is quite a lot more than the 290-mile range you get from the Porsche Tycoon 4S but slightly less than the new Tesla Model S Plaid Plus, which has a range of 520 miles.

You can get this car with a slightly smaller battery which is 90 kWh, and it can cover 400 miles. You can charge it with a 200 kW charger if you can find it, and if you do it in 15 minutes, you can add up to a pretty impressive 186 miles.

For home charging, the car comes with a built-in 11 kW charger as standard. That means it takes about 10 hours to charge fully. But you can also upgrade to a 22 kW charger, and then you can charge it in half, that is five hours.

Storage Space

The main difference between the Mercedes EQS and the S-class other than its electric is its hatchback tailgate, making it more practical. You get a big boot just like on an S-class, but obviously, it’s easier to load. You got space for your charging cables and electrically operated rear-seat releases. 


As standard, the 2022 Mercedes EQS is equipped with rear-wheel steering. So when you are driving at high speed on a highway, the rear wheels will rotate slightly in the same direction as the front wheels for increased high-speed stability.

However, when you are driving at lower speeds as if you were maneuvering around the city, the rear wheels move in the opposite direction to the front wheels.

So if you turn to the right, the rear wheel turns left and vice versa. The degree of rotation is quite large, which is 10 degrees.

Well, that’s if you’re paying the Mercedes the extra money because, as standard, the rear wheels will only move 4.5 degrees. Now it has nothing to do with mechanics. Only you have to unlock those extra features.


In the rear seat of the new 2022 Mercedes EQS, you can see plenty of knee and headroom space. Plus, lots of light comes in as you have a very comfortable panoramic glass roof. The EQS is insignificantly more extended than the Mercedes S-Class.

As standard, you got a little more room for the back knee, and you can stretch out. You have stuff, storage, and a small pad where you can control the various features of the infotainment system, and you get a big screen if you want.

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So what about the comfort level of this car? Well, you get air suspension as standard. In addition, this car can see the bumps and record them in the satellite navigation system. So that when you go to that place again, you will know there are bumps, and the suspension will loosen up as you pass.

Or, if you are approaching a very steep driveway, you will know where it is, and it will raise the suspension air so you can get up to that driveway comfortably. Being electric, it is clear you don’t have an engine upfront, so this car is silent, and they have put a lot of sounds deadening in it.

So in the wheel arches, on the windshield pillars, there is double glazing. It’s super quiet, and they even use the car’s Burmester sound system as a set of noise-canceling headphones. It can record annoying sound frequencies, send out the opposite sound waves, cancel them out, and be very quiet.

However, you can adjust the various sound effects the car makes. So you can turn it off, or there are three other multiple modes. First is Silver Waves, so when you accelerate and brake, you get different noises. The other is Vivid Flux which provides sound effects that are more futuristic. The last one is Roaring Pulse which gives you sportier sounds. But you can also turn off all those modes if you want.

Mercedes EQS Versions and Performance

You’ll be able to get the EQS in two versions, the 450+, which has one motor at the rear, and the dual-motor, which is the 580 turbo motor at the front and the back, and it’s four-wheel drive.

The 450 plus has 333 hp and 568 Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the 580 4Matic has 523 hp and 855 Nm of torque.

During the test, 0-60 in 3.98 seconds, that’s fine; this is not a Tesla Model S Plaid Plus. But under four seconds is good enough. Also, you can lend it to young drivers as it has a Beginner mode which will limit the top speed to just under 75 mph. Valet Mode will disable all settings. So people don’t just go into the EQS and then mess around with your settings because that must be annoying.

The Mercedes EQS can recognize other drivers to use it. They will jump in it, the car would remember them, and it would set everything up perfectly for that person.

Aerodynamics is essential in an electric car because it allows you to get the most out of your battery. Tesla recently announced that their new Model S Plaid Plus is the most aerodynamic production car with a drag coefficient of 0.208. Everyone was amazed, and then Mercedes released the EQS, and they just beat Tesla because the drag coefficient is 0.2.

2022 Mercedes EQS Price

The EQS will go on sale for around $96,000 when it goes on sale in the summer. However, if you want the dual-motor version of the 580 4Matic you’re looking for, about $116,000, start adding options, and that’s over $130,000.

So that’s my review of the new Mercedes EQS. The technology is impressive, comfortable, feels fast, and very quiet.

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