2022 Infiniti QX55 AWD: Worth the Price with Great Features

The all-new 2022 Infiniti QX55 is a freshly styled SUV. The Infiniti brand has been around since 1989, and it is Nissan’s premium brand. New for 2022, they bring out some of the old FX magic. If you’ve been following Infiniti’s history, you know they have a sleek, stylish SUV known as the FX. Now the QX55 is almost a descendant of that model. 

2022 Infiniti QX55 Review

Currently, there are many premium luxury SUVs, be they standard SUVs or coupes, on the market. But Infiniti is trying to bring out a fresh style with some stunning interior setups. So, is the Infiniti QX55 2022 worth its price, which stands out in the SUV automotive industry segment? Let’s find out together!

Front Exterior

On the front, you get a new headlight housing. So you’ll get LED headlights, and it’s almost a jewel setup. But what’s interesting is that you have different sizes in each type, giving it a nice overall look. You will have a daytime LED light.

I think Infiniti is doing a great job on the front exterior. There is a bit of gloss black on the bottom, and you will like the way it extends from the front fascia. You have an LED fog light, and you have an outside function for the air curtain. The way they bring some style and just a hint of black gloss are great.

The designers in Japan brought some flowing movement to the grill, with the top likened to a bridge. You’ll love the chrome trim because it works well.

You’ll also get a lovely metallic silver that looks like a wave with an Infiniti badge in the center. It looks so fresh and clean. You do have a front-facing camera at the top, which is undoubtedly one of the mandatory things you want to see on the luxury level of the Infiniti SUV QX55.

Also, there’s just a hint of gloss black, but nothing too crazy. Anyway, the lower lip area that extends downwards is exciting because it almost looks like something from a race car.  The good news is that you will get turbocharged power in all trims of the QX55. The broad low slung hood is excellent, and the grills are spot on the money.

On the hood, you’ll love the way they take the rise from the chrome trim into the hood, and then it just disappears like it never was. What is unique is the hood design. You will see the rise going into a pillar on both sides, but then there is a dip. I think it shows Infiniti’s attention to stylistic detail. While they could have opted for a flat hood design, it would look like a Nissan Murano.

Side Exterior

Around the bend, there are some black flats, nothing too crazy. But the wheels are styled, so you have a multi-spoke design with machined aluminum and some gunmetal metallic grays.

The wheels are 20 inches, 255/45. All trims are all-wheel-drive, so power flows to all four wheels from the turbocharged engine. I think the style and color match the coupe-style of this SUV.

You have gloss black on the mirror caps, some bright shiny metal on the top and bottom, and a chrome finish on the door handles. On the sill side, the way they extend it provides an excellent extra depth. Also, the gloss black on the very low roof rails is clean. There’s coupe-style, so they cut some height and lowered it. You will see a very sexy quarter window with gloss black and the body line that comes out of the passenger door into the fender.

Rear Exterior

At the tail end, you got a very low roof spoiler. The body lines come off the roof into a low spoiler, so it gives it an excellent, not only style but obviously that aerodynamic efficiency as it extends off the back.

You have a little surface area which also gives it a unique look. The new LED lighting looks excellent with a hint of gloss black elements, which are interesting. The way they took the DOT (Department of Transportation) needed a reflector and dropped it in there to give us a nice fender. Please take a look at the all-wheel-drive Infiniti and see what they do; it’s incredible!

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When you lower the QX55, you get an excellent simulated rear diffuser. I am glad that it is coated in aluminum on the exterior trim as the functional part behind the good exhaust pipe. So we agree with that.

2022 Infiniti QX55 Engine

Under the hood of Infiniti QX55, you have struts to keep the hood open. You get VC (Variable Compression) turbo power. The engine is a 2L turbocharged inline-four 268 hp, 280 lb-ft of torque. But in my opinion, the weak chain is CVT. It would be better if it had a 7-speed or a 9-speed automatic. You get all-wheel drive in all trims. 0-60 in about 6.4 s, 22/28 mpg, and the vehicle weighs is 4,150 pounds.

Infiniti QX55 Prices

Below are the prices of Infiniti’s trims: 

  • Luxe AWD: $46,500
  • Essential AWD: $51,600
  • Sensory AWD: $57,050

2022 Infiniti QX55 Interior

The door panels are great, and you’ll love the way they raise the bar on themselves on Infiniti. You’ll also get soft-touch material and white contrast stitching that is completely wood; remember, it’s not cheap plastic.

The silver trim is such great attention to detail. The optional Bose sound system with a very classy speaker cover will be a lot of fun. A soft armrest with more beautiful stitching without gloss black color looks gorgeous.

You also have a super-sized door pocket. Other than that, the soft-touch material of the dashboard is the same story, and the stitching is excellent. You will love open-pore wood.

You will almost get a fragment, which is just how natural the wood is with the soft touch of the silver trim.

Some might say the infotainment look is old-fashioned, but some might say they like it. I like that it is integrated, and what I don’t like about it is the dual-screen setup. It feels like too much.

You have navigation at the top to show the AC temperature, and that is the touch screen which is also good news. I know many of you will like it.

As you drop down, you have your second screen. So what is this screen size when it comes to this infotainment? You have 8 inches above and 7 inches below, which is also a touch screen. You will get Apple Carplay and excellent Android Auto. So it’s nice to have all those easy-to-use features, which is another great thing about the Infiniti QX55.

You have AC control, dual climate control, heated and ventilated seats, a CD player, two cup holders, USB-C, USB, and 12 volts. The Infiniti key fob is standard, still looks good, and weighs great.

Direct drive control buttons for the infotainment screen and navigation are suitable. You have a front-facing camera, 360s, and a backup camera with excellent trajectory. It’s on the grainy side, which is a bit a bummer but fun to have. You have mode D, which stands for Drive. You can customize everything to your taste! Sport, Standard, and ECO.

You will love the leather upholstery style with a bit of microfiber suede Alcantara which supports electric-assist passengers and drivers. You also have a standard-size sunroof which is a nice touch.

Behind the Wheel of 2022 Infiniti QX55

You have two memory seat settings. The Infiniti badge on its aluminum sill panel looks great. You have seat controls that are easy to reach, and the lower lumbar feels very comfortable. The thickness of the steering wheel is excellent, and the leather gets nice cross-contrast stitching.

A little silver flat black on the buttons is good. It is electric tilting and telescoping. You have paddles on the back of the steering wheel to go through simulated gears.

Even though you have a CVT, you have simulated gears. The dashboard is a kind of mixed bag.

So you have a digital display in the middle which is great. But it would be better if it was a full TFT screen. Your Variable Compression Turbo with boost, so you get a boost gauge, chassis control gauge, engine oil when servicing is due, analog speedometer, tachometer, fuel, and coolant gauges are all great.

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The good news is easy to see and understand. I hope you don’t mind analog gauges. You do have a head-up look that is a nice extra on top of it.

Back Seats

You have great skin, but then you have the plastic. You’ll love the way they provide great leather pockets for the back of the boat seats. There’s some pretty good stretch on a lovely fabric with two rear AC vents, 12 volts, and a USB.

The digital thermometer on the back is excellent, so your passengers can set their own AC. If you are six feet tall, you have a lot of room upfront.

Surprisingly, you also have a lot of space in the back seat.

You have sliding and reclining seats, and they lean at a pretty good angle in the smaller SUV. Then you get nice leather armrests and two cup holders with pencil holders.

Cargo Area

Infiniti QX55 did a great job hiding the button to open up the rear hatch. Just hit right at the tip of the Infiniti badging, and you’ll see the amount of room.

What’s interesting is that you’re only losing some height, but other than that, you’re getting a nice tall and wide area. You have a 12 volt on the driver’s side.

So you got 27 cubic feet of space with the seats up. But if you fold the seats down, it’s 54.1 cubic feet of space.

Performance of Infiniti QX55

The simulated gears do a pretty good job of keeping that loud CVT drone to a minimum. The exciting thing is that you get sound pumped through the speaker when you’re in Sport mode.

Even though it doesn’t sound 100% real, but the good news is it doesn’t sound like a one-car shape, you know, like other luxury SUVs that simulate its sound. What you might notice is that there is no wheel spin at all. It gets the power to the ground very efficiently and effectively from launch.

Visibility is excellent, and the side mirrors look super-sized even though they don’t look that way from the outside. You get nice peaks on the side of each hood to give you an excellent visual reference point. When you enter Sport mode or any other mode, it will adjust the suspension and steering feel.

In Sport mode, you’ll feel a little more bumps. Even though the infotainment system is a split-screen, but the setup is straightforward to do. With the split-screen, your navigation is always up even though you might be looking for something else.

The Infiniti QX55 is neither very fast nor slow. So it will be interesting to see it with a seven-speed or nine-speed automatic. Standard Mode will be a more comfortable setting. Overall that mode adjusts everything to bring you a little more comfort while you’re behind the wheel. You will be impressed by the convenience of the front seat as well as the plenty of headroom.

Another thing you’ll notice when driving one of the QX55 is that it has a pretty quiet atmosphere.

There is a bit of road noise as you are on 20-inch wheels, but wind and road noise does not issue.

There is a little gear indicator or simulated gear indicator at the bottom of the screen.

So, with the paddle, you’re going through the simulated gears to gives you a little more engagement and control as you shift and whatnot. Overall the Infiniti QX55 gives you a pleasant surprise.


As the crossover coupe, the new QX55 is well worth the price. It features some beautiful styling, great features, and an all-wheel-drive that will keep you safe no matter the climate.

But if you’re looking for this type of SUV, you’ll want to add the Infiniti QX55 to your vehicle list for a bit of test drive and spin.

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