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How To Fix a Squeaky Belt With Soap [100% Works]


How to fix a squeaky belt with soap is not that complicated, this is not a severe problem, but it takes knowledge to fix it.

What is a Car Fan Belt?

It is a rubber fan to cool the car engine made of imitation rubber and steel. Fan belts serve to rotate various engine components, such as the oil pump to the alternator.

Without a fan belt, it is almost certain that the car will not be able to go on. But its service life is relatively short. The reason is that the fan belt is in an open position and is connected to the engine pulley.

Thus the belt is often exposed to various disturbances such as exposure to rainwater or passing through puddles. More critical is when the car runs on flooded road conditions because soil, mud, and even sand can damage the belt.

Any disturbance to the belt is likely to cause a loud squeaking sound, which occurs because the rubber cannot rotate the pulley ideally.

Besides, scraping by water splashes, puddles, and dirt will dry up the pulley so that you will hear squeaking noises from the belt.

How to Use Soap to Get Rid of Squeaky Belt Sounds

The first and simplest easy way to deal with squeaky belts is to spray soapy water on a noisy belt.

However, this method is less effective. The reason is that it won’t last long because gradually, the squeaking sound from the fan belt will appear again.

Of course, you can use soap on a belt that squeaks, but it is not recommended to do this method all the time. Using soap on the belt can temporarily dampen the annoying squeak sounds that suddenly appear while driving.

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Therefore, we will provide other additional tips for eliminating belt squealing noises, as below.

Here are More Ways to Deal With Squealing Belts

Use Oil

You can apply engine oil or lubricant to the belt. But do it carefully and not too much. If the oil is excessive, it can cause the belt to slip and make loud noises again.

You can also use wax sticks as an alternative to engine oil or lubricant for squeaking belts.


The way to use grease on a belt squeaks is similar to how to use oil. You only need to apply enough on the belt until the squeak is gone.

Excessive application of grease to the belt can cause slippage. It would be best if you were careful when applying it.

Use Special Fluids For the Belt

You can also deal with squeaking belts to use a special fluid for the belt. It is also known as a belt dressing or belt conditioner. You can use it on the serpentine belt.

The use of silicone fluid is the most suitable because the belt is made of rubber material.

You can buy this liquid at auto accessories or maintenance stores. You only need to start the car engine and then spray the liquid on the outside and inside the belt, and the squeaking sound will disappear.

Resetting the fan belt

If the methods above do not make the fan belt ‘silent,’ most likely, the problem is in the loose fan belt position. Therefore, you can reset the belt tension.

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However, the belt adjustment position under the hood can vary greatly depending on the engine model. For example, there is a single belt type for managing various components. But another belt model is only regulating one part. Therefore, if you are not competent to do it, you should give your trusted workshop this job.

What if all the Above Methods Can’t Fix the Squeaky Belt?

If all the methods cannot solve the squeaky fan belt problem, then the last step is to replace it with a new one.

However, you still have to pay attention to the type of fan belt used, so you don’t choose the wrong one.


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