How to Clean a Car For Spring Quickly and Easily

Do you want to clean a car for spring? Well, are there biotopes under the hood and in the back of your car? This is natural, where the fungus sprouts, rust also appears. 

Now is the right time to get rid of the dirt. You will anticipate and prepare everything before starting vehicle painting if required.

Maybe now you see the sad condition in your car. Everything looks dirty and unattractive. 

In the engine compartment, the water box is full of composted leaves. The drains are clogged, and all other corners are dirty. On the car door, there is a lot of moss and mud stuck to the rubber seal.

Drains and drainage holes on and inside the door are clogged. Or even on the body, on the strip, and the car windows are also a lot of dirt.

But don’t worry, you will make your car look impressive again. In this guide, we will tell you how to clean the dirt from every corner of your car.

When the compost builds up on the back of the truck, that’s where the mushrooms and others start to germinate. No need to wash the engine, you just need to rinse at the corner of the engine room. Also, be careful not to touch the electronic parts of the vehicle.

On the fuel filler cap, you may not be able to see the paint behind it because there is too much dirt. Even the folding mechanism is no longer smooth. Many sand and mud were trapped in the back door frame, and the dirty rubber seals were no longer properly sealed.

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At this point, you cannot use a coarse shovel and should choose a high-pressure car cleaner. First of all, clean the dirt easily separated. Then use a sharp water spray on stubborn dirt stuck to the door and back of the truck.

Remember, even if you work carefully, you will not prevent moisture from entering the interior and the seat from getting wet. Therefore, you should plan for enough time to dry the interior after you clean a car for spring.

Once the sheet metal is clean, you can move on to maintenance work.

If your car has a sunroof, you should check the drainage openings, as this is very important.

If the hatch opening is clogged, water will inevitably enter the interior.

To check this, open the sunroof and aim the water at its frame carefully. In most cars, the process ends at the front and rear wheel arches, where the water has to drip when everything is clean. At least you managed to remove rust and rot from the car.

How to Clean the Dirt from the Corners of Your Car

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner and sweep loose dirt with a brush. Start working from top to bottom, walking around the car.
  2. Don’t be too stingy; spray a lot of cleaners and leave enough time to soak. This method will make the dirt softer before you wash it.
  3. You don’t want to wash the engine but only want to clean the dirt from the corners. At this stage, the power cleaner helps loosen it.
  4. Use a high-pressure cleaner. Open the door, Spray the frame from top to bottom, as well as the back edges.
  5. A lot of dirt enters the water box through ventilation holes and can clog waterways. Preferably, loosen the plastic cover carefully.
  6. High-pressure cleaners are unlikely to reach corners and edges. So, wipe the rest of the dirt from the corner with a clean cloth.
  7. Take care of the hinges on the hood and doors. Also, spray the opening mechanism of the hood and fuel filler cover with oil.
  8. Not only outside, but the dirtbag is also in the car cabin. So, vacuum thoroughly, the upholstery cleaner will loosen any stuck dirt.
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Even though you are insensitive, your car’s dirty condition can be too bad even for yourself. It is better to take care of the car regularly to maintain its value and, ultimately, the vehicle users’ safety on the road.

Well, that’s how to clean a car for spring. Hopefully, this guide can help make your car look even better.

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