2021 BMW X7: Luxury SUV With Outstanding Performance

2021 BMW X7 is no ordinary brand. This luxury SUV from BMW does not present a cheap character or average performance but provides an impressive assessment of these two factors.

The three-row kidney grille is quite large, but behind it is a turbocharged engine opt-in with a performance that you can’t underestimate.

You can get 523 hp or 612 hp via V8. However, you won’t be short on power by the standard straight-six because you will get 335 hp which I think is sufficient.


If you don’t like engines with low output, you can choose Alpina XB7. Even though not everyone can afford it because the price is almost double the basic model, you will get the advantages you want.

Also, with BMW X7, you have a cabin that is quiet and comfortable.

Besides that, you will also enjoy high-class facilities and the latest BMW technology that will not disappoint. Among the high-end SUVs out there, the BMW X7 still tops the list.

The power rear seats’ operation is not fast, and the interior is not as vast as you think when you look at the exterior.

2021 BMW X7: xDrive40i, M50i, and Alpina XB7

In 2021, the BMW X7 presents the core models xDrive40i with 335 HP power, 24 MPG consumption, and 0-60 MPH acceleration in 5.8 s.

Credit: BMW

More power comes through the X7 M50i with 4.4 L TwinPower Turbo V-8, which produces 523 HP, 21 MPG consumption, and 0-60 MPH acceleration in 4.5 s.


If you think it still lacks power, you can go with the Alpina XB7 with a 4.4 L Bi-Turbo V-8 engine that produces 612 HP power, 21 MPG consumption, and 0-60 MPH acceleration in 4.0s.

But there are things you need to know and may not calm you down. As a result of the 48 V starter generator on the xDrive40i powertrain, you will get a higher fuel consumption figure for cities and highways by 1 MPG.

BMW also no longer offers customers the Off-Road package.

Do you remember that there is protection for the underbody of the car in the package, which helps drive comfort? Besides, previously, an electronic limited-slip rear differential is also available. But now I think you can’t get it.

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However, BMW now has Android Auto compatibility that you may have waited patiently for a long time; those features now come standard in the new X7.

I do like the V8 twin turbo’s fast acceleration and more power, but I think the X7 xDrive40i is better for you. The six-cylinder engine is neither rugged nor slow. At a more affordable price, you also get the best standard features such as a lovely panoramic sunroof, a power tailgate, heated front seats, and excellent 4-zone climate control.

Now, you can also add the $ 3,850 Executive package to your BMW X7; thus, you will get eight additional features.

Those features are:

  1. Gesture control
  2. head-up display
  3. panoramic sky lounge LED roof
  4. heated and cooled cupholders
  5. soft-close automatic doors
  6. rear electric side window shades
  7. Harman Kardon audio system
  8. Glass controls. 

But if that package is too expensive, you can choose the Premium package for $ 2,550 with five features included in the Executive package.

If you want to increase maneuverability around corners at various low or high speeds, I suggest you choose the Dynamic Handling Package for $ 3,850. That way, you won’t complain about the body roll on your X7 when cornering, and you will ride more comfortably. You can also choose M Sport Brakes with blue or black calipers according to your taste in this package. The integral active steering will help the X7 remain stable when speeding and continuously agile at low speeds.

2021 BMW X7 Interior

The BMW X7 doesn’t mess with the interior. You will get parts of the BMW X5 and BMW 7-series as top-class sedans are known for their cutting-edge technology and ample space. All of that will complement the interior of the X7 with luxury and greatness.

When it comes to luxury, you will be rewarded with features that usually appear on expensive SUVs, such as a lovely panoramic sunroof, a comfortable power-adjustable steering wheel, and incredible interior ambient lighting.


Apart from all the interior’s luxury, you might be a little disappointed with the captain’s seat in the second row, which operates quite slowly. It will take your patience to wait as people come and go on the third row.

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The rear seat is also not the right choice for adults when they are in the back seat of the X7 for long trips due to its less roomy size. Even so, you have quite a lot of storage space, especially when all the back seats are folded. However, otherwise, there isn’t much storage space behind the third row.

Engine and Performance

The 3.0 L inline 6-cylinder TwinTurbo engine delivers 335 hp for the X7 xDrive420i and the 4.4 L V-8 for 523 hp for the X7 M50i. Meanwhile, the Alpina XB7, which comes with outstanding performance and impressive styling, has a 4.4 L Bi-Turbo V-8 engine that delivers 612 hp.

All the power from the BMW engine is channeled to the all-wheel-drive drivetrain with 8-speed automatic transmission. You will feel smooth and quiet acceleration with the 6-cylinder type. But the V8 engine provides an explosive yet impressive acceleration sensation. If you choose the Comfort mode, you will experience smooth driving thanks to effective adaptive damping and an outstanding standard air suspension.

However, cornering maneuvers is a challenge for the BMW X7 because of the body roll that criticizes its athletic appearance. The strong impact is quite pronounced when choosing Sport mode, which disrupts the interior when maneuvering.

If you have enough money and want the X7 in its most potent version, then the Alpina XB7 is the right choice. BMW shows calm and excellent acceleration on the racetrack.

Fuel Consumptions

The estimated xDrive40i consumption is 24/19 MPG on highways and cities. Meanwhile, the M50i’s V8 engine delivers a higher consumption of 21/15 MPG for the city and highway. The estimated fuel consumption for the Alpina XB7 with the highest performance is 17 MPG (combine).

BMW X7 Prices

The following is the MSRP of the 2021 BMW X7 for your reference.

  • X7 xDrive40i: $74,900
  • X7 M50i: $99,800
  • ALPINA XB7: $141,300


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