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2021 Dodge Charger: Modern Functional Muscle Car


Are you the old-school generation who knows precisely how full-size sedans run the streets? Yes, they drive confidently with a noisy V8 engine and also a loud rear-wheel drive system. That’s what the 2021 Dodge Charger looks like today. In more modern times, of course, Dodge also adapts to the needs of the community.

Therefore, they also provide options that make sense within your criteria; some of them are cutting-edge technology innovation and all-wheel drive. If you want a reliable infotainment arrangement, the 2021 Charger can also fulfill your wishes and full driver support, which is, of course, very useful.

New dodge charger
Credit: Dodge

Now you won’t be bothered by buying a car because Dodge Charger offers you affordable prices to make you happy. So, is the performance worse at this price? Of course not.

Even the new Dodge Charger now has a performance that will amaze you with its excellent appearance. However, the drawbacks are evident in the interior because you will see the use of materials that are not of high quality. Besides, the harsher ride will also be more pronounced.

However, Dodge Charger also shows you that muscle cars are not only about power because you also have a broad and satisfying trunk to store items and a comfortable cabin. So the Dodge Charger prepares to apply the concept of a functional muscle car.

Now the choice of the Hemi V-8 will attract your attention with its power and great sound. We know that the standard V6 is a less muscular engine, so it all comes down to its customer wants.

What’s new with Dodge Charger 2021?

If you want an excellent update to the latest Charger lineup, you won’t get it because they only provide minor updates.

If you go for the SXT AWD model, you can get 20-inch wheels as a new option, but this is standard if you go with the GT AWD.

Is your goal a balance between driving features and horsepower? All right, then I think it would not hurt if you went with the 370-hp, 5.7L V8 R / T Charger. Besides, the AWD options are still limited to the V6, so there are no further developments.

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dodge charger 2021 body design image

Now, if you want even more powerful acceleration kicks, you need to spend at least another $ 5000 on the Scat Pack; the 485 hp power from the V8 engine makes it all possible.

Don’t worry about the connectivity support in the new Dodge Charger. You will have Android Auto + Apple CarPlay, which is integrated into the 8.4-inch Uconnect 4C touch screen. On the lowest SXT model, you can also get a smaller 7-inch screen.

Interesting choices are all-season tires, excellent Brembo 6-Piston, and leather-wrapped wheel (flat bottom) in the Dynamics Package.

Apart from that, the Blind Spot Indicator, Cross Path detection, HID projector headlamps, and several others in the Driver Convenience Group are also worth considering.

Engine and Performance

The performance of the V8 engine is unquestionable. The new Charger has that great engine, and the set up ready to give you lots of potential and significant noise.

But if you thought every new Charger has a Hemi V8 engine under the hood, you are wrong. Nonetheless, the RWD and 8-speed transmission provided outstanding performance.

There is a unique appeal to V6 engines in that they offer an AWD option. For those of you who need a manual gearbox type, forget it.

The Dodge Charger won’t provide it for you at this time. But I think it would be cool if Dodge would do it. Now the Charger R / T Scat Pack takes 3.8 s from 0-60 mph.

The results are impressive with 485 hp, and indeed the trim is more powerful. Then what about the 370 hp Charger? Well, at least it can still outrun most of the family cars sedan roaming the streets these days.

The TorRed colors on the Dodge Charger look aggressive and bold, and the 20-inch wheels manage to provide peace of mind on most road surfaces.

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2021 dodge charger wheels

Even so, your calm will be a little disturbed when crossing obstacles such as potholes or train crossings. Maneuvering around corners is okay with the Dodge Charger.

You will ride with confidence when you strike an excellent balance through the sedan’s significant width body. Daytona’s great power will give you a more satisfying experience even though the V6 Charger version already has an excellent grip around the bends.

Regarding safety purposes, the excellent summer performance tires combined with the enhanced braking function provide the best safety performance for emergency braking situations, rising from the upper-performance trim.
Sometimes you will find the feedback a little sluggish and heavy on the controls, resulting from the electric-assisted power steering.

2021 Dodge Charger Interior

If you are looking for a luxurious car interior then the Dodge Charger is not the right choice. Indeed the cabin and trunk are very functional but the materials used in the cabin have a lot of rubber.

Passengers have enough legroom in the rear seats but they must be willing to allow below average passenger space. like most muscle cars with a simple cabin design, but the Charger also offers many options for you.

Now storage space does not differ much from its competitors at 17 cu ft. However, the Charger can still beat Kia Stinger or Maxima when it comes to storage.

The center console design is very practical because you can use it to store items that are not too large. In fact, you can put your cellphone next to the shifter because there is enough slot size.


When you go with the Dodge Charger it means you prefer a large car with significant weight. The V86 AWD version with a consumption of 26 mpg and a V8 485 HP with a consumption of 25 mpg doesn’t seem much different. That’s a pretty attractive number with a very competitive highway ranking.


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