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2021 Toyota Tundra Platinum Is Excellent and Reliable


The 4WD 2021 Toyota Tundra Platinum trim with aspirated 5.7 L V8 engine and six-speed automatic transmission is looks excellent and reliable.

Credit: Toyota

The fuel economy is 13 around town and 17 on the highway. Power outputs are 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque @3600 rpm.

Tundra Platinum Body Exterior

The front end of the 2021 Toyota Tundra Platinum edition 4×4 is painted to match the body color of the truck. Then you’ll notice the bright LED lights are very cool.


The hood scoop right across the front Toyota emblem doubles as a sensor, and all body painted its part of the platinum package.

You’ve got the lovely fog lights and the tow hooks at the bottom. 

The Toyota Tundra Platinum wheels got 275 mm tires on 20-inch at the front and rear.


You’ve got a nice dark gray in the center rim.

Also, kind of like the aluminum on the outside, which pretty neat.

You got a nice emblem on the door side, and it says Tundra Platinum.

At the back of the Tundra Platinum, you’ve got the spray in bed liner.

Also, you’ll find the letters, and it says Tundra in the back. 

You got the cargo light at the top of the tundra platinum, and you’ve got rails on the bedside.

Besides, you’ve got a couple of hooks, which is good. But this is a pretty usable and standard truck bed, and nothing too crazy is happening.

On the back end of the Toyota Tundra Platinum, you still got the old-school style tail lights and a chrome 4×4 badging on the left side.


Then you’ve got the Tundra badge on the right side.

The Toyota Tundra Platinum towing capacity is 9400 pounds with the 5.7 V8 and 5.5 ft short bed.

The bumpers are body painted, and you got little parking sensors in it as kind of like the Platinum part.

2021 Toyota Tundra Platinum Price

The MSRP is $52,945. So is the interior of the Tundra Platinum worth the money? Let’s find out what you will get inside!

Toyota Tundra Platinum Interior 2021

The following is a review of the interior of the Tundra Platinum.


At the door panel, you’ve got the softer touch. As critical parts of the Platinum, you got a cool little strip of material and kind of like the quilted type design.


The leather on the door panel is nice with high-quality materials.  The seats are super soft in leather, and you get a cool quilted design.

You can pick the little handle up to lift the seats and go underneath it. Besides, you got the platinum logo on the floor and a 12-volt.

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If you are wondering about the head and knee room for people over 5 feet tall, then you still have enough for that.

Also, you’ve got a couple of cupholders, and on the sill, it says Tundra, which is good.

Front interior

The door panel at the front is identical to what’s in the rear. On the side, you got blind-spot monitoring on the mirror. Also, you do have adjustments for the window and memory seats.


You got a little platinum logo with a quilted type designed with the leather on the seat.

The adjustments for the seat are excellent. You can press it to move the seat forward.  Again, on the pedal layout, the Tundra Platinum should show everyone.


Behind the Wheel

The steering wheel has cruise control on the back.

You got the center stack with the pages button, collision assistance, and lane departure assistance.

Also, you’ve got little voice command, volume, and foam controls. All of that is a pretty standard setup for a steering wheel.

Then you have a black stitch type that looks great with everything. There’s also a little stock light and windshield wipers on the other side.

You got RPMs on the left side of the gauge cluster and the speed on the right side.

Then you’ve got a couple of other gauges and a little center stack, which is essential. It shows you the miles per hour, the range, compass, audio, and safety tech. So it’s pretty straightforward and neat looking.


You do have a little center screen and a backup camera with a pretty typical setup. But the trajectory lines do not turn with the steering wheel.

The infotainment system has a good response time when you press the buttons.

You can put your phone onto the screen, and we think it’s a pretty good infotainment system.

You’ve got a dual-zone climate in the Toyota Tundra Platinum 2021 and heated/cooled seats as well. Also, you can press a little button to show you on the screen about seat setting.

Then you’ve got an easy driveline for 2WD, 4H, PUSH, and 4L.

You do have an engine start/stop button and your tow-haul mode. Your trailer brake output is integrated into the truck, which is a useful feature.

You got a little parking sensor, 12 volts, and a couple of USBs.

The shifter for six-speed automatic transmission looks nice.

You got a couple of cup holders, and at the center console, it says Platinum. When you are lifting the center console, you have a decent amount of storage space. Inside, you got 12 volts so you can charge a device and a little cable thread through.

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At the dash, you a little storage space and circular vents. Also, you have a wider variety of quilted type designs with leather. In the glove box, you do have a storage space, which is pretty decent.

Up top, you got the sunglass holder and a sunroof.

Drive The Toyota Tundra Platinum

The visibility is pretty good, and remembers the Tundra Platinum does come with blind-spot monitoring.

Your visibility through the rear is clear because there are no lines and the whole window goes down.

It’s relatively quiet in the cabin. The sound engine you get from the V8, but it’s not like uncomfortable noises.

When you go over bumps, it doesn’t upset the truck.

Regarding the overall quality of driving the truck with how smooth it is, we would say that is about average with other trucks.

In terms of acceleration, the place we expect is the same as other trucks on the market.

We put it a little below average and quite close to the Chevy 5.3 L V8 in terms of acceleration.

The downshifts do take a second, and the upshifts are smooth enough.

However, they take a second to take effect. Overall, it is only slightly below average from an acceleration point compared to other trucks in the segment.

Yes, the transmission is smooth, but the shifting speed is slower for this truck.


You’ll love platinum as a package on the Tundra for a more loaded truck because the 1794 edition is more of a western cowboy theme.

Now, if you want a more excellent truck interior with the Tundra but aren’t a fan of the cowboy theme, then the Platinum trim is the way to go.

From an exterior point of view, we love the painted bumpers, the LED lights’ style, and the overall look of this package is the improved appearance of the Tundra.

From an interior and exterior perspective, we think it’s excellent for the Toyota Tundra.

The transmission engine is reliable but less robust than its competitors. However, the crane capacity is almost the same as all other trucks in this segment.

So if you want something a little more old-school but reliable, that’s the way to go with Toyota.

At a price point of $ 52,495 for a fully loaded truck, compared to the Laramie RAM or the Ford F-150 Lariat, it’s even cheaper than many of them. We think it’s pretty good value for a truck with everything it has.

This truck isn’t the most modern, but it’s a good value that sums up a lot for our full review of the Toyota Tundra Platinum 2021.


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